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Reference Manual
35mm Film Scanner
Safety Precautions
If You Notice Anything Abnormal
Installation and Storage
Parts and Accessories
What’s in the Box
Optional Accessories
System Requirements
Parts of the LS-30
Status LED
Connecting the Power Cable
Connecting the SCSI Cable
Setting the SCSI ID
Using the Scanner
Turning the Scanner On
Inserting and Removing Adapters
Using the MA-20 Slide Mount Adapter
Using the SA-20 Strip Film Adapter
Using the IX240 Film Adapter (IA-20)
Turning the Scanner Off
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Seite 1 - Contents

- 1 -Reference Manual35mm Film ScannerLS-30ContentsCautionsSafety PrecautionsIf You Notice Anything AbnormalInstallation and StorageOverviewParts and

Seite 2 - Specifications

- 10 -Safety Precautions• the scanner may be subject to excessive vibration or physicalshockNote that the scanner contains glass parts; if the scanner

Seite 3 - ✔ Symbol

- 11 -Notice concerning prohibition of copying orreproductionNote that simply being in possession of material which has beencopied or reproduced by me

Seite 4 - CAUTIONS

- 12 -OverviewOverviewThank you for your purchase of a Nikon LS-30 scanner for 35mm and IX240 film. The LS-30 film scanner offers high speedand high

Seite 5 - Safety Precautions

- 13 -Parts and Accessories: What’s in the BoxParts and AccessoriesThis chapter introduces the parts of the LS-30 and lists theitems packaged with th

Seite 6 - * The shape of the cable

- 14 -Parts and Accessories: OptionsOptional AccessoriesAt the time of writing, the following optional adapter wasavailable for the LS-30:IA-20 adapt

Seite 7

- 15 -Parts and Accessories: PartsParts of the LS-30Poweron/offswitchVentsMADE IN JAPAN100098SCSI SCSISCSI NBTERMINATOROFF ON65432107100–240V~0.3–0.2

Seite 8 - O NOT attempt

- 16 -Parts and Accessories: Status LEDStatus LEDThe scanner’s status is shown by the LED on the front panel.When the status LED is on and glowing st

Seite 9 - Installation and Storage

- 17 -SetupSetupThis chapter explains how to set up your scanner and connectit to a computer. Before using your scanner, you will need tocomplete the

Seite 10

- 18 -Setup: InstallationThe scanner has feet both on its base and on one side, makingit possible to place the scanner either on its base or on its s

Seite 11

- 19 -Setup: InstallationOnce the scanner is installed, slide the front cover open. Usinga coin, remove the transport locking screws from the adapte

Seite 12 - Overview

- 2 -ContentsTroubleshootingSpecifications

Seite 13 - Parts and Accessories

- 20 -Setup: Connecting the Power CableConnecting the Power CableBefore connecting the power cable, confirm that the scanner isoff and that the trans

Seite 14 - System Requirements

- 21 -Setup: Connecting the SCSI CableConnecting the SCSI CableCommunication between your computer and the LS-30 relieson the Small Computer System I

Seite 15 - Parts of the LS-30

- 22 -Setup: Connecting the SCSI CableSCSI devices are connected to the computer in a “daisy chain.”Up to eight devices, including the computer and a

Seite 16 - Status LED

- 23 -Setup: Connecting the SCSI CableSCSI devices cannot be connected while the power is on.Before connecting the scanner to the SCSI chain, be sure

Seite 17 - Installation

- 24 -Setup: Connecting the SCSI CableConnect a second SCSI cable to the other of the two connec-tors on the rear of the scanner, then connect the ot

Seite 18

- 25 -Setup: Connecting the SCSI Cable✔SCSI Connection Checklist• Turn off the computer, the LS-30, and all SCSI devicesbefore connecting the scanner

Seite 19 - Holes for locking screws

- 26 -Setup: Setting the SCSI IDTo change the scanner’s ID, turn the scanner off. Then, using ascrewdriver, turn the dial on the back of the scanner

Seite 20 - Shape of plug depends

- 27 -Using the Scanner: Turning the Scanner OnUsing the ScannerThis chapter covers basic scanner operations, from turning thescanner on to replacing

Seite 21 - Connecting the SCSI Cable

- 28 -Using the Scanner: Inserting and Removing Adapters✔Cautions• Wait until the status LED glows steadily or the scanner is offbefore inserting or

Seite 22 - To LS-30➜

- 29 -Using the Scanner: Using the MA-20 SLIDE MOUNT ADAPTERWhen the scanner is installed on its side, insert the slides withthe base up and the shor

Seite 23 - ✔Caution: Do not touch the

- 3 -CautionsCautions• The reproduction of this manual in whole or in part is pro-hibited save in cases in which Nikon’s prior permission hasbeen obta


- 30 -Using the Scanner: Using the MA-20 SLIDE MOUNT ADAPTERLandscape (wide) slideDo not insert slides with the longer side of the aperture facingthe

Seite 25 - ✔SCSI Connection Checklist

- 31 -Using the Scanner: Using the MA-20 SLIDE MOUNT ADAPTERSlides can be removed from the scanner by pressing the ejectbutton to eject the slide fro

Seite 26 - MADE IN JAPAN

- 32 -Using the Scanner: Using the MA-20 SLIDE MOUNT ADAPTERUsing the FH-2 to scan strip-filmThe SA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTER is provided to scan 35 mm f

Seite 27 - Using the Scanner

- 33 -Using the Scanner: Using the MA-20 SLIDE MOUNT ADAPTERStep 3—Close the FH-2Close the FH-2, keeping the ends of the black lower and upperholders


- 34 -Using the Scanner: Using the MA-20 SLIDE MOUNT ADAPTERSlide the film holder into the slide adapter until the holdertouches the back of the film

Seite 29

- 35 -Using the Scanner: Using the SA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTERUsing the SA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTER35 mm film-strips of from two to six frames in length ca

Seite 30

- 36 -Using the Scanner: Using the SA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTERInserting filmTo scan a film strip, grasp the film gently by the sides and slide itinto th

Seite 31

- 37 -Using the Scanner: Using the SA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTER✔Cautions• Do not attempt to insert film while scanning is in progress.• Do not remove the

Seite 32 - Aperture

- 38 -Using the Scanner: Using the SA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTERStep 3—Remove the filmThe jammed film will be visible in the feed mechanism at therear of

Seite 33

- 39 -Using the Scanner: Using the SA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTERCleaning the strip-film adapterIt is strongly recommended that you clean the SA-20 periodi

Seite 34

- 4 -CautionsFederal Communications Commission (FCC)Radio Frequency Interference StatementThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with thel


- 40 -Using the Scanner: Using the IX240 Film AdapterInserting filmIX240 film must be developed before it can be scanned. Todetermine whether a roll

Seite 36 - < 3 mm

- 41 -Using the Scanner: Using the IX240 Film Adapter✔Cautions•The latch button will lock when film is fed from the cartridgeinto the scanner. Do no

Seite 37 - 2. Open adapter

- 42 -Maintenance: CleaningMaintenanceThis chapter describes how to clean, store, and transport theLS-30.CleaningBefore cleaning the scanner, turn it

Seite 38

- 43 -Maintenance: TransportTransportThe LS-30 is for use only in the country of sale. Nikon will notbe held responsible for consequences resulting

Seite 39

- 44 -TroubleshootingTroubleshootingIf you should encounter problems with your scanner, check thefollowing before contacting your retailer or Nikon re

Seite 40 - Direction of insertion

- 45 -Troubleshooting• If you are using an IBM PC/AT compatible computer, hasyour SCSI board or PCMCIA card been tested and approvedby Nikon?A list of

Seite 41 - ✔Cautions:

- 46 -TroubleshootingProblem: the scan window controls are grayed out ora “no adapter” or “no media” error appears whenyou attempt to scan an image u

Seite 42

- 47 -SpecificationsSpecificationsLS-30Film: 35 mm filmPositive and negative film, both color andmonochrome, may be used. Film may bemounted as 35 mm

Seite 43 - Transport

- 48 -SpecificationsSA-20 STRIP FILM ADAPTERFilm: 35 mm film strips of two to six frames (filmmust be flat or curl towards the emulsionsurface not mor

Seite 44

- 49 -EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITYWeName: Nikon Europe BVAddress:Schipholweg 321, 1171 PL Badhoevedorp, The Netherlandsdeclare that the productProduct

Seite 45

- 5 -Safety PrecautionsSafety PrecautionsObserve the following safety precautions when installing andoperating the LS-30:• Do not allow your fingers,

Seite 46

- 6 -Safety Precautions• When handling the power and SCSI cablesUnplug the power cable by pulling on the plug, not on thecable itself. Pulling direct

Seite 47

- 7 -Safety Precautions• Do not disassembleThe interior of the scanner contains areas of high voltage.Removing the scanner’s cover could result in fir

Seite 48

- 8 -Safety Precautions• Keep cleanUse a dry cloth to remove any dirt from metal sections ofthe scanner and their surroundings. Using the equipmentwh


- 9 -Safety PrecautionsInstallation and StorageTo prevent fire or malfunction, follow the precautions givenbelow when operating or storing the scanner

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