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Seite 1 - LS-4500AF

NikonFilm ScannerLS-4500AFUser’s ManualNikon CorporationElectronic Imaging Division4-25, Nishi-Ohi 1-chome,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140, Japan6ME 5

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viiiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual• Do not connect or remove peripheral equipment while the power is on.• Do not unplug the power cord wh

Seite 3

ixNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual• Do not subject the unit to any strong shocks. This can cause breakageand failure.• Do not place heavy

Seite 4

xNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualIf You Notice Anything AbnormalIf you notice any unusual noise, odor or smoke, switch the unit off immedi-

Seite 5 - Indication

xiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual• The Unit is exposed to direct sunlight.• The atmosphere is excessively dusty.

Seite 6

xiiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual• The Unit may be subjected to excessive vibration or physical shocks.• The Unit is exposed to noise fro

Seite 7

xiiiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualPrecautions When Inserting the Film HolderCautionOn no account put your fingers inside the door of the

Seite 8 - Safety Precautions

xivNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualWhen Taking the Unit Out of The CountryThe use of this product may violate local laws and restrictions i

Seite 9

xvNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualNotice concerning prohibition of copying or reproductionNote that simply being in possession of material

Seite 10

xviNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualContentsFederal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Frequency Interference Statement ...

Seite 11

xviiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual3. Parts Identification... 83.1 Main Unit ...

Seite 12

NikonFilm ScannerLS-4500AFUser’s ManualNikon CorporationElectronic Imaging Division4-25, Nishi-Ohi 1-chome,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140, Japan6ME 5

Seite 13

xviiiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual7. Replacing the Lamp ... 378. Transportation ...

Seite 14

1Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual1. Overview1. OverviewThank you for purchasing the Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF. Thismanual describ

Seite 15

2Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual1.1 FeaturesThe LS-4500AF is an advanced type of film scanner capable of scanning 4x 5 inch and 120/2

Seite 16

3Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual1.2 Operating EnvironmentWhen installing the unit, leave space around and above it to ensure smoothop

Seite 17

4Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual2. Before Operation2.1 InspectionInspect the package to see whether any damage has occurred duringshi

Seite 18 - Contents

5Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual SCSI cable (1)(50pin full pitch Dsub 25pin)Power cord (1)*The shape of the plug dependson the countr

Seite 19

6Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualA set of film holders for 35mm mounted filmFilm holder for 35mm mounted film (FH-351)Tray for 4 frame

Seite 20

7Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual2.3 Cleaning the UnitWhen carrying out routine maintenance and cleaning, ensure that novolatile liqui

Seite 21 - 1. Overview

8Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual3. Parts Identification3.1 Main UnitFront panelLamp Replacement CoverERROR LEDBUSY LEDPOWER LEDVentil

Seite 22 - 1.1 Features

9Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualPower Switch: Directly turns the AC power on/off.Eject Button: Functions include ejecting film, movin

Seite 23 - 1.2 Operating Environment

iNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual1. E2 Browser FunctionsFilm ScannerLS-4500AFUser’s Manual

Seite 24 - 2. Before Operation

10Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualVentilationSlotsSCSI ID SwitchSCSI ConnectorAC InletLoching ScrewRear panelFan3. Parts Identificati

Seite 25 - 2. Before Operation

11Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualSCSI Connector: For SCSI cable connection. (No differencebetween IN and OUT.)SCSI ID Switch: Sets t

Seite 26

12Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual3.2 Film Holder FH-45Mask Positioning Holesslightly raised barsMaskUpper Glass PlateHolding SectionM

Seite 27 - 2.3 Cleaning the Unit

13Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual3.3 Film Holder FH-351Fixed SpringHingeSliding Spring CatchApertureMount Holding Plate3. Parts Iden

Seite 28 - 3. Parts Identification

14Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual3.4 Film Holder FH-356CatchFrameFolding HandlesCatch Film Holding Section3. Parts Identification

Seite 29 - 3. Parts Identification

15Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual4. Connecting the LS-4500AF4.1 Before ConnectionBefore connecting the cables, confirm that the power

Seite 30

16Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual4.2 Connecting the Power CordBefore connecting the power cord, confirm that the unit's power sw

Seite 31

17Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual4.3 Connecting the SCSI CableBefore connecting the SCSI cable, confirm that every SCSI device, inclu

Seite 32 - 3.2 Film Holder FH-45

18Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualIf the unit is the only connected SCSI device, or if the unit is connected atthe end of the SCSI cha

Seite 33 - 3.3 Film Holder FH-351

19Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualSCSI Chain Connection with Other DevicesIf LS-4500AF is connected at the end of the SCSI chain;• Con

Seite 34 - 3.4 Film Holder FH-356

iiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualCautions• The reproduction of all or part of this manual without our permission isprohibited.• The inform

Seite 35 - 4. Connecting the LS-4500AF

20Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualRemarks• The maximum number of SCSI devices that can be connected to onecomputer is eight. In the c

Seite 36 - 4.2 Connecting the Power Cord

21Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual4.4 Setting the SCSI IDThe SCSI ID for the LS-4500AF is set at “5” when the unit is shipped. Ifothe

Seite 37 - 4.3 Connecting the SCSI Cable

22Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual5. Operation5.1 Turning on the PowerBefore turning on the power, confirm that the locking screw is l

Seite 38 - 4. Connecting the LS-4500AF

23Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualRemarks• When turning the power off, first turn off the host computer, then theperipheral SCSI devic

Seite 39

24Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual5.2 Inserting and Ejecting the Film HolderInserting the Film Holder• Insert the film holder, in whic

Seite 40

25Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualEjecting the Film Holder• When the Eject button on the front panel of the unit is pressed, the filmh

Seite 41 - 4.4 Setting the SCSI ID

26Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual6. Using the Film Holder6.1 Usable Film• Transparent film of both negative and positive types can be

Seite 42 - 5. Operation

27Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 1Slide the sliding spring catch forward, and carefully raise the frame holdingthe upper glass p

Seite 43 - 5. Operation

28Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 2If the mask needs to be replaced, remove the mask from the mask position-ing pins on the turnt

Seite 44

29Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 3Place the film on the upper side of the mask, with the emulsion sidedownward. Slightly raised

Seite 45

iiiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualIndicationThe indications in this manual signify important safety precautions.In order to use this pro

Seite 46 - 6. Using the Film Holder

30Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 4The arrow indicates the scanning direction. Set the image angle by rotatingthe turntable.For

Seite 47 - 6. Using the Film Holder

31Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual6.3 Using the FH-351 for Mounted FilmWhen scanning a mounted film, the FH-351 can be used.• The maxi

Seite 48

32Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualTo replace a tray, pull the sliding spring catch forward to release the tray,remove it, replace with

Seite 49

33Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualWhen a mount is set in the tray for four frames, first slide the sliding springcatch and carefully o

Seite 50

34Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual6.4 Using the FH-356 for Strip FilmWhen scanning a 35mm strip film, the FH-356 can be used.• The max

Seite 51

35Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 2Set the film in the film compartment with the emulsion side downward.The four frames aligned w

Seite 52

36Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 3Carefully close the lid after positioning the images in the apertures at thefront of the film

Seite 53

37Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual7. Replacing the LampNote the following before replacing the lamp in case that the lamp is out oford

Seite 54

38Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 2Pull the knob on the inner cover to open the inner cover.Step 3Remove the metal clip securing

Seite 55

39Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 4Take the lamp out of the holder and remove the electrodes. The electrodesare only pushed in.R

Seite 56

ivNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualFederal Communications Commission (FCC) RadioFrequency Interference StatementThis equipment has been test

Seite 57 - 7. Replacing the Lamp

40Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualStep 6Close the inner cover. Push the inner cover closed until it clicks, then closethe outer cover

Seite 58 - 7. Replacing the Lamp

41Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual8. TransportationWhen transporting the unit, first remove the film holder following theprocedure bel

Seite 59

42Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual9. Technical Tips on the LS-4500AFWhen operating the LS-4500AF, knowing the mechanism and operation

Seite 60

43Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualThe film is inserted from the front, moved in sequence and scanned.The LS-4500AF is a scanner of lig

Seite 61 - 8. Transportation

44Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual04096256InputOutput04096256InputOutputWhite is being skippedBlack is being lostCCD signalblackA chan

Seite 62 - Halogen lamp

45Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualPrescanning and absolute light energyPrescanning is the function which sets the light energy by scan

Seite 63

46Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual50505080 80504450868086=50*(-0.2)+80*(1.4)+80*(-0.2)44=50*(-0.2)+50*(1.4)+80*(-0.2)Such action, as d

Seite 64

47Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualThree scanning modesThe LS-4500AF has three scanning modes.• Fast mode: Keeps scanning without stop

Seite 65 - Sharpness

48Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualASCII commandsThe LS-4500AF has a function which interprets and executes ASCIIcommands. This functi

Seite 66

49Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's Manual10. TroubleshootingIf something unusual should occur during operation of the scanner, refer tothe so

Seite 67 - Three scanning modes

vNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualNotice for customers in CanadaThis class B digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadianinterfe

Seite 68 - ASCII commands

50Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualThe recognition operation has been performed, but the result-ing images are totally dark or complete

Seite 69 - 10. Troubleshooting

51Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualAppendix: SpecificationsFilm used: Transparent filmScanning method: Planar scanning, film moving ty

Seite 70 - 10. Troubleshooting

52Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualScanning times for reference:Standard film (maximum transparent densityabout 0.2), 3 colors, landsca

Seite 71 - Appendix: Specifications

53Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualIndexAA/D 43AC Inlet 10, 11Accessories 4Angle index 12ASCII commands 48BBefore Operation 4BUSY

Seite 72

54Nikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User's ManualPParts Identification 8POWER LED 8, 9Power Switch 8, 9Prescanning and absolute light energy 45Pr

Seite 73

viNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s ManualSafety PrecautionsTo ensure safe and proper use of the LS-4500AF, and to prevent problems,please take spe

Seite 74

viiNikon Film Scanner LS-4500AF User’s Manual• When plugging in or unplugging the power cord, be sure to touch onlythe plug.• Do not pull or bend the

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