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Seite 1 - Reference Manual

EnReference ManualDIGITAL CAMERA

Seite 2

viiiFor Your SafetyIntroduction• Do not handle the plug or Battery Charger with wet hands. Failure to observe this precaution could result in electric

Seite 3

82Features That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslyShooting FeaturesAF area modeFocus mode (A67)• When a setting other than Subject tracking is selected and

Seite 4 - Read This First

83Features That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslyShooting FeaturesThe Control Range of the Shutter Speed (A, B, C, D Modes)The control range of the shutte

Seite 5 - About This Manual

84Features That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslyShooting FeaturesOperation of Flash during Continuous ModeThe operation of the built-in flash and the Spe

Seite 6 - Information and Precautions

85Shooting FeaturesUsing Face DetectionIn the following shooting modes, the camera uses face detection to automatically focus on human faces. If the c

Seite 7

86Shooting FeaturesUsing Skin SofteningIn the following shooting modes, the camera detects up to three human faces when the shutter is released, and p

Seite 8

87Playback FeaturesPlayback FeaturesThis chapter describes how to select certain types of images for playback as well as some of the features availabl

Seite 9

88Playback FeaturesPlayback FeaturesSelecting Pictures for Playback by Date (List by Date Mode)In list by date mode, pictures taken on the same date c

Seite 10 - For Your Safety

89Playback FeaturesFeatures Available in Playback Mode (Playback Menu)When viewing images in full-frame playback mode or thumbnail playback mode, you

Seite 11 - Notices for Customers in the

90Features Available in Playback Mode (Playback Menu)Playback Features1This function is applied to edit the image currently selected and store it as s

Seite 12 - Introduction

91Playback FeaturesConnecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or PrinterYou can enhance your enjoyment of images and movies by connecting the camera to

Seite 13 - Table of Contents


Seite 14

92Playback FeaturesUsing ViewNX 2ViewNX 2 is an all-in-one software package which enables you to transfer, view, edit and share images.Install ViewNX

Seite 15

93Using ViewNX 2Playback Features2 Select a language in the language selection dialog to open the installation window.• If the desired language is not

Seite 16

94Using ViewNX 2Playback FeaturesTransferring Images to the Computer1 Choose how images will be copied to the computer.Choose one of the following met

Seite 17

95Using ViewNX 2Playback Features2 Transfer images to the computer.• Confirm that the name of the connected camera or removable disk is displayed in t

Seite 18

96Using ViewNX 2Playback FeaturesRetouching PhotographsClick Edit in the ViewNX 2 toolbar.Image editing functions include tone compensation, sharpness

Seite 19 - Basic Operations

97Recording and Playing Back MoviesRecording and Playing Back MoviesSet the mode dial to D to display the movie recording screen. Press the shutter- r

Seite 20 - Parts of the Camera

98Recording and Playing Back MoviesRecording and Playing Back MoviesRecording MoviesMovies can be recorded with sound.1 Rotate the mode dial to D.• Th

Seite 21

99Recording MoviesRecording and Playing Back MoviesB Notes on Movie Recording• When recording a movie onto a memory card, a memory card with an SD spe

Seite 22

100Recording MoviesRecording and Playing Back MoviesC Maximum Movie LengthAll figures are approximate. The maximum movie length varies with the make o

Seite 23

101Recording MoviesRecording and Playing Back MoviesChanging Movie Mode SettingsUse the following operation controls to change the setting.• See “Feat

Seite 24

xNoticesIntroductionNotice for Customers in the State of CaliforniaWARNINGHandling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known

Seite 25 - B Notes on Monitor

102Recording and Playing Back MoviesPlaying Back Movies1 Press the c (playback) button to select playback mode.• Press the multi selector to select a

Seite 26 - The Monitor

103General Camera SetupGeneral Camera SetupThis chapter describes the various settings that can be adjusted in the z setup menu.• See “Using Menus (th

Seite 27

104General Camera SetupGeneral Camera SetupThe Setup MenuFrom the menu screen, select the z tab to display the setup menu, and then you can change the

Seite 28 - Playback Mode

105The Setup MenuGeneral Camera SetupVibration reductionReduce blurring caused by camera shake when shooting. The default setting is On.• When using a

Seite 29

106The Setup MenuGeneral Camera SetupZoom speedSet the zoom operation speed.When set to Auto (default setting), the zoom is operated at Normal speed d

Seite 30 - When Displaying Menus

107The Setup MenuGeneral Camera SetupTV settingsSelect this option if no image is displayed on a TV even when the audio/video cable or HDMI cable is c

Seite 31 - Using Menus (the d Button)

108The Setup MenuGeneral Camera SetupFn1 + command dialSet the function to be performed when the command dial is rotated while pressing the w1 (FUNC1)

Seite 32 - Selecting Menu Items

E1Reference SectionE Reference SectionThe Reference Section provides detailed information and hints for using the camera.ShootingTaking Pictures with

Seite 33 - Shooting Mode

E2Reference SectionReference SectionTaking Pictures with Manual FocusAvailable when the shooting mode is A, B, C, D, E, F, N, O (low noise night), u (

Seite 34 - B Notes on the Viewfinder

E3Reference SectionUsing Panorama AssistUsing a tripod makes the composition easier. When using a tripod to stabilize the camera, set Vibration reduct

Seite 35 - Playback

xiIntroductionTable of ContentsIntroduction ...

Seite 36

E4Using Panorama AssistReference Section5 Shoot the next picture.• Match the outline of the next picture so that 1/3 of the frame overlaps the previou

Seite 37 - C AC Power Supply

E5Reference SectionA, B, C, D ModesA (Programmed Auto), B (Shutter-Priority Auto) or C (Aperture-Priority Auto)1 Rotate the mode dial to A, B or C.2 R

Seite 38 - 2 Insert the battery

E6A, B, C, D ModesReference SectionB Notes on Shooting• When zooming is performed after the exposure is set, exposure combinations or aperture value m

Seite 39 - B High Temperature Caution

E7A, B, C, D ModesReference SectionD (Manual) ModeThe user controls both the shutter speed and aperture value.•The shutter speed can be set in a range

Seite 40 - 2 Insert the memory card

E8A, B, C, D ModesReference SectionB Note on ShootingWhen zooming is performed after the exposure is set, aperture value may be changed.B Note on ISO

Seite 41

E9Reference SectionEditing Still ImagesEditing FeaturesImages can be easily edited with this camera using the functions below. Edited images are store

Seite 42 - Step 1 Turn the Camera On

E10Editing Still ImagesReference SectionC Restrictions on Image EditingThe following restrictions apply when editing pictures that were created by edi

Seite 43 - Turning the Camera On and Off

E11Editing Still ImagesReference Sectionk Quick Retouch: Enhancing Contrast and SaturationPress the multi selector H or I to choose the setting level,

Seite 44

E12Editing Still ImagesReference Sectione Skin Softening: Softening Skin Tones1 Press the multi selector H or I to choose the setting level, and press

Seite 45 - C The Clock Battery

E13Editing Still ImagesReference Sectionp Filter Effects: Applying Digital Filter Effects1 Press the multi selector H or I to choose the filter effect

Seite 46 - Auto mode

xiiTable of ContentsIntroductionStep 5 Play Back Images ...

Seite 47 - C Note on the Flash

E14Editing Still ImagesReference Section3 Check the effect and press the k button.• A new, edited copy is created.• To cancel, press J.• Copies create

Seite 48 - 2 Frame the picture

E15Editing Still ImagesReference Sectionj Black Border: Adding a Black Border to Pictures1 Press the multi selector H or I to choose the desired frame

Seite 49

E16Editing Still ImagesReference SectionR Straighten: Compensating for Picture SlantingUse the multi selector to compensate for slanting.• Press J to

Seite 50 - Step 4 Focus and Shoot

E17Editing Still ImagesReference SectionF NRW (RAW) Processing: Creating JPEG Images from NRW Images1 Use the multi selector to choose the picture to

Seite 51 - C Focus Lock

E18Editing Still ImagesReference SectionB Notes on NRW (RAW) Processing• The COOLPIX P7100 can only create JPEG-format copies of NRW (RAW) images take

Seite 52 - Step 5 Play Back Images

E19Editing Still ImagesReference Sectiona Crop: Creating a Cropped CopyCreate a copy containing only the portion visible on the monitor when u is disp

Seite 53 - Playback Zoom

E20Reference SectionConnecting the Camera to a TV (Viewing Images on a TV)Connect the camera to a television to play back pictures on the television.I

Seite 54 - Step 6 Delete Unwanted Images

E21Connecting the Camera to a TV (Viewing Images on a TV)Reference Section3 Tune the television to the video channel.• See the instruction manual prov

Seite 55 - Shooting Features

E22Reference SectionConnecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)Users of PictBridge-compatible (F16) printers can connect the camera directly to

Seite 56 - A (Auto) Mode

E23Connecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)Reference SectionConnecting the Camera to a Printer1 Turn off the camera.2 Turn on the printer.• C

Seite 57 - Changing Scene Mode Settings

xiiiTable of ContentsIntroductionPlayback Features...

Seite 58 - Characteristics of Each Scene

E24Connecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)Reference SectionPrinting Individual ImagesAfter connecting the camera to the printer correctly (E

Seite 59

E25Connecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)Reference Section5 Choose the desired paper size and press the k button.• To specify the paper siz

Seite 60

E26Connecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)Reference Section3 Choose the desired paper size and press the k button.• To specify the paper siz

Seite 61

E27Connecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)Reference Section5 Printing starts.• The monitor display returns to that shown in step 2 when prin

Seite 62

E28Reference SectionEditing MoviesExtracting Only the Desired Portions of the MovieThe desired portions of a recorded movie can be saved as a separate

Seite 63

E29Editing MoviesReference SectionB Notes on Editing Movies• Once a movie is created through editing, it cannot be used again for extracting a movie.

Seite 64

E30Reference SectionQuick Menua Image Quality and Image SizeTo set the image quality and image size, see “Changing the Image Quality and Image Size” (

Seite 65

E31Quick MenuReference SectionTypes of ISO SensitivityThe icon for the current setting is displayed on the monitor (A8).• When Auto is selected, the E

Seite 66

E32Quick MenuReference Sectionc White Balance (Matching Image Colors with Colors as Seen with the Naked Eye)The color of light reflected from an objec

Seite 67 - C Built-in ND Filter

E33Quick MenuReference SectionTypes of White BalanceThe icon for the current setting other than Auto (normal) is displayed on the monitor (A8).B Notes

Seite 68 - Low noise night mode

xivTable of ContentsIntroductionConnecting the Camera to a Printer (Direct Print)... E22Connec

Seite 69

E34Quick MenuReference SectionC Color TemperatureThe perceived color of a light source varies with the viewer and other conditions. Color temperature

Seite 70 - C Aperture and zoom

E35Quick MenuReference SectionUsing Preset ManualUse when you want to make pictures taken under unusual lighting conditions (such as lamps with reddis

Seite 71 - D (Manual) (E7)

E36Quick MenuReference Sectiond Bracketing (Continuous Shooting While Changing the Shutter Speed, ISO Sensitivity and White Balance)Continuous shootin

Seite 72 - Changing A, B, C, D Modes

E37Quick MenuReference SectionTypes of Auto BracketingThe icon for the current setting other than OFF is displayed on the monitor (A8).B Notes on Auto

Seite 73

E38Quick MenuReference Sectiona Picture Control (COOLPIX Picture Control) (Changing the Settings for Image Recording )Change the settings for image re

Seite 74

E39Quick MenuReference SectionCustomizing Existing COOLPIX Picture Controls: Quick Adjust and Manual AdjustCOOLPIX Picture Control can be customized u

Seite 75

E40Quick MenuReference SectionTypes of Quick Adjust and Manual AdjustOption DescriptionQuick adjust 1Adjust the sharpness, contrast and saturation lev

Seite 76

E41Quick MenuReference Section1 Quick adjust is not available in Neutral, Monochrome, Custom 1 and Custom 2. The values set manually are disabled if q

Seite 77

E42Quick MenuReference Sectiona Movie Options (Changing the Type of Movie to Shoot)You can choose the type of movie to shoot. The higher the image siz

Seite 78 - Available Functions

E43Reference SectionShooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Custom Picture Control (COOLPIX Custom Picture Control)The picture editing options created by cus

Seite 79 - Flash mode

xvTable of ContentsIntroductionThe Playback Menu ...

Seite 80 - C Flash Mode Setting

E44Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionMeteringThe process of measuring the brightness of the subject to determine the exposure is known

Seite 81 - C External Flash Unit

E45Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionContinuous ShootingChange the settings for continuous shooting and BSS (Best Shot Selector).The i

Seite 82

E46Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionB Notes on Continuous Shooting• Focus, exposure and white balance are fixed at the values determi

Seite 83 - 4 Shooting ends

E47Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference Section2 Choose the interval between each shot and press the k button.• The maximum amount of frames tha

Seite 84 - B Notes on Smile Timer

E48Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionAF Area ModeYou can set how the camera selects the focus area for autofocus. • The AF area mode c

Seite 85 - Autofocus

E49Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionB Notes on AF Area Mode• When the digital zoom is in effect, the camera focuses on the subject at

Seite 86 - C Infinity

E50Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionSubject Tracking Mode (Focusing on a Moving Subject)Choose this mode to shoot moving subjects. Su

Seite 87 - List of the Default Settings

E51Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionB Notes on Subject Tracking• The digital zoom is not available.• Set the zoom position, flash mod

Seite 88

E52Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionAutofocus ModeChoose how the camera focuses.C Autofocus Mode for Movie RecordingAutofocus mode fo

Seite 89 - C Exposure Compensation Value

E53Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionNoise Reduction FilterSet the strength of the noise reduction function that is normally performed

Seite 90

xviTable of ContentsIntroductionBuilt-in ND Filter...

Seite 91 - Available Quick Menu

E54Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionDistortion ControlChoose whether to correct the peripheral distortion that occurs due to the intr

Seite 92 - 3648×2736

E55Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionB Notes on the Wide-angle Converter for Shooting• Set Wide-angle converter to On before shooting.

Seite 93 - Available Image Quality

E56Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionActive D-Lighting“Active D-Lighting” preserves details in highlights and shadows, creating photog

Seite 94 - C Image Quality Setting

E57Shooting Menu (A, B, C or D Mode)Reference SectionZoom MemoryWhen the zoom control is operated while pressing the w1 button, the camera changes in

Seite 95 - C Image Size Setting

E58Reference SectionSpecialized Menu for E, F or NThe following describes how to use Save user settings and Reset user settings. See “E, F and N (User

Seite 96 - Number of Exposures Remaining

E59Specialized Menu for E, F or NReference SectionB Clock batteryIf the internal clock battery (A27) is exhausted, the settings saved in E, F or N wil

Seite 97 - C Printing Images of Size 1:1

E60Reference SectionThe Playback MenuFor more information about image editing function; Quick retouch, D-Lighting, Skin softening, Filter effects, Sma

Seite 98

E61The Playback MenuReference Section3 Choose whether or not to also print shooting date and shooting information.• Choose Date and press the k button

Seite 99

E62The Playback MenuReference SectionB Notes on Print Order• When setting a print order in list by date mode and pictures other than those on the chos

Seite 100

E63The Playback MenuReference Sectionb Slide ShowView pictures stored in the internal memory or on a memory card in an automatic slide show.1 Use the

Seite 101

1Parts of the Camera and Basic OperationsParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsThis chapter describes the parts of the camera and also explains the

Seite 102 - B Notes on Digital Zoom

E64The Playback MenuReference Sectionc DeleteDelete a picture. Multiple pictures can also be deleted.B Notes on Deletion• Once deleted, pictures canno

Seite 103 - Using Face Detection

E65The Playback MenuReference SectionThe Image Selection ScreenThe image selection screen is displayed in the following menus. Only one image can be s

Seite 104 - Using Skin Softening

E66The Playback MenuReference Sectiond ProtectProtect selected pictures from accidental deletion.In the picture selection screen, choose a picture and

Seite 105 - Playback Features

E67The Playback MenuReference SectionE Voice MemoUse the camera’s microphone to record voice memos for pictures.• The recording screen is displayed fo

Seite 106 - B Notes on List by Date Mode

E68The Playback MenuReference Sectionh Copy (Copy Between Internal Memory and Memory Card)Copy pictures between the internal memory and a memory card.

Seite 107

E69Reference SectionThe Movie MenuAutofocus ModeChoose how the camera focuses when recording movies.Wind Noise ReductionWhen On is selected, an icon f

Seite 108

E70Reference SectionThe Setup MenuWelcome ScreenChoose whether or not to display the welcome screen on the monitor when the camera is turned on.Press

Seite 109

E71The Setup MenuReference SectionTime Zone and DatePress the d button M z tab (A13) M Time zone and dateOption DescriptionDate and timeSet the camera

Seite 110 - Using ViewNX 2

E72The Setup MenuReference SectionSetting the Travel Destination Time Zone1 Use the multi selector to choose Time zone and press the k button.• The Ti

Seite 111 - 3 Start the installer

E73The Setup MenuReference SectionC Time ZonesThe camera supports the time zones listed below.For time differences not listed below, set the camera cl

Seite 112 - B Connecting the USB Cable

Trademark Information• Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United Stat

Seite 113 - 3 Terminate the connection

2Parts of the Camera and Basic OperationsParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsParts of the CameraThe Camera Body2524232122213485 6 7920191714 16151

Seite 114 - Printing Images

E74The Setup MenuReference SectionMonitor SettingsB Notes on Monitor Display Settings• Only the framing grid is displayed in movie mode.• In shooting

Seite 115 - 10m32s10m32s

E75The Setup MenuReference SectionPrint Date (Imprinting Date and Time on Pictures)The shooting date and time can be imprinted on pictures at the time

Seite 116 - 1 Rotate the mode dial to D

E76The Setup MenuReference SectionSelf-timer: After ReleaseSet whether or not to cancel the self-timer mode (A64), or ten seconds or two seconds remot

Seite 117 - B Notes on Autofocus

E77The Setup MenuReference SectionMotion DetectionEnable motion detection to reduce the effects of camera shake and subject movement when shooting sti

Seite 118 - C More Information

E78The Setup MenuReference SectionAF AssistEnable or disable the AF-assist illuminator that assists the autofocus when the lighting is dim.B Note on t

Seite 119 - Autofocus mode

E79The Setup MenuReference SectionDigital ZoomEnable or disable the digital zoom.B Notes on Digital Zoom• When the digital zoom is in effect, AF area

Seite 120 - Playing Back Movies

E80The Setup MenuReference SectionZoom SpeedSet the zoom operation speed. Slow down the zoom speed to minimize the recording of the zoom operating noi

Seite 121 - General Camera Setup

E81The Setup MenuReference SectionSound SettingsAdjust the following sound settings.B Notes on Sound Settings• In Pet portrait scene mode, even when O

Seite 122 - The Setup Menu

E82The Setup MenuReference SectionRotate TallWhen On (default setting) is selected, pictures taken with orientation data in “tall” or with face detect

Seite 123

E83The Setup MenuReference SectionFormat Memory/Format CardFormat the internal memory or a memory card.Formatting permanently deletes all data in the

Seite 124

3Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic Operations 432 56 8 129 10 1171413 1815 17 1916 23 242021 222511 Microphone connector cover...

Seite 125

E84The Setup MenuReference SectionTV SettingsAdjust the settings for connecting to a TV.C HDMI and HDMI-CEC“HDMI” is an abbreviation of High-Definitio

Seite 126

E85The Setup MenuReference SectionBuilt-in ND FilterWhen the camera’s built-in ND filter is used, the amount of light that enters the camera while sho

Seite 127 - E Reference Section

E86The Setup MenuReference SectionCustomize Command DialsMulti Selector Right PressSet to Off if you do not want to display the AF area mode (E48) set

Seite 128 - 3 Press the k button

E87The Setup MenuReference SectionAE/AF Lock ButtonSelect the function to be performed when the g (AE-L/AF-L) button (A5) is pressed while shooting.Th

Seite 129 - 1 Rotate the mode dial to y

E88The Setup MenuReference SectionFn1 + Shutter ButtonSet the function to be performed when the shutter-release button is pressed while pressing the w

Seite 130 - 5 Shoot the next picture

E89The Setup MenuReference SectionFn1 + Command DialSet the function to be performed when the command dial is rotated while pressing the w1 (FUNC1) bu

Seite 131 - A, B, C, D Modes

E90The Setup MenuReference SectionFn2 ButtonChoose the function to be performed when the w2 button (A2) is pressed while shooting.Customize My MenuReg

Seite 132 - C Shutter Speed

E91The Setup MenuReference SectionRegistering into My Menu1 Use the multi selector to choose the menu item and press the k button.• The menu item sele

Seite 133 - 4 Focus and shoot

E92The Setup MenuReference SectionBlink WarningChoose whether or not blinking eyes are detected when using face detection (A85) in the following shoot

Seite 134 - B Note on ISO Sensitivity

E93The Setup MenuReference SectionEye-Fi UploadB Notes on Eye-Fi Cards• Note that images will not be uploaded if signal strength is insufficient even

Seite 135 - Editing Still Images

4Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsControls Used in Shooting ModeControl Name Main Function AMode dial Change the shooting mo

Seite 136 - Restrictions on Image Editing

E94The Setup MenuReference SectionMF Distance Indicator UnitsSet either m (meter) (default setting) or ft (feet) for the unit of gauge displayed when

Seite 137

E95The Setup MenuReference SectionSpecial Effects MenuLow Noise Night Mode MenuMovie MenuQuick MenuOption Default valueSpecial effects (A48)Creative m

Seite 138 - 2 Confirm the results

E96The Setup MenuReference SectionShooting MenuSetup MenuOption Default valueMetering (E44) MatrixContinuous (E45) SingleIntvl timer shooting (E46) 30

Seite 139

E97The Setup MenuReference SectionOthersAuto off (E82) 1 minHDMI (E84) AutoHDMI device control (E84) OnExternal mic sensitivity (E84) AutoBuilt-in ND

Seite 140

E98The Setup MenuReference Section• Choosing Reset all also clears the current file number (E99) in the memory. After resetting, numbering continues f

Seite 141 - B Notes on Black Border

E99Reference SectionFile and Folder NamesPictures, movies and voice memos are assigned file names as follows.• A folder for storing files is automatic

Seite 142 - B Notes on Straighten

E100File and Folder NamesReference Section• In Panorama assist (A45), a folder is created for each shooting session using the following naming convent

Seite 143 - NRW Images

E101Reference SectionSpeedlights (External Flash Unit)The camera is equipped with an accessory shoe, allowing the following Speedlights or Wireless Sp

Seite 144

E102Speedlights (External Flash Unit)Reference SectionB Use Only Nikon Flash AccessoriesUse only Nikon Speedlights. Negative voltages or voltages over

Seite 145 - 3 Press the d button

E103Reference SectionOptional AccessoriesRechargeable batteryRechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL141Battery charger Battery Charger MH-241, 2AC adapter/P

Seite 146 - 1 Turn off the camera

5Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic Operationsg (AE-L/AF-L) buttonLock the exposure or focus. 107w1 (FUNC1) buttonCombined with the zoom

Seite 147

E104Optional AccessoriesReference Section1Included with the camera at the time of purchase (see “Confirming the Package Contents” (Aii) for more infor

Seite 148 - C Printing Pictures

E105Optional AccessoriesReference SectionShooting with Remote ControlUse the Remote Control ML-L3 (available separately) (E104) to release the shutter

Seite 149 - Print selection

E106Optional AccessoriesReference Section4 Aim the transmitter at the infrared receiver on the front or rear of the camera (A2, 3) and press the trans

Seite 150

E107Reference SectionError MessagesThe following table lists the error messages and other warnings displayed on the monitor, as well as the solutions

Seite 151 - 7 Printing starts

E108Error MessagesReference SectionPThis card cannot be used.Error accessing memory card.• Use an approved card.• Check that connectors are clean.• Co

Seite 152 - Reference Section

E109Error MessagesReference SectionNImage cannot be modified.Cannot edit selected picture.• Confirm the conditions that are required for editing.• RAW

Seite 153 - 5 Printing starts

E110Error MessagesReference SectionNMy Menu can not be changed at current settings.All registered menu items cannot be changed at the current setting.

Seite 154

E111Error MessagesReference Section* See the instruction manual provided with your printer for further guidance and information.PRPrinter error: check

Seite 156 - Quick Menu

F1Technical Notes and IndexTechnical Notes and IndexCaring for the Products ...F2The Camera...

Seite 157 - B Notes on ISO Sensitivity

6Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsControls Used in Playback ModeControl Name Main Function APlayback button•When the camera

Seite 158 - Seen with the Naked Eye)

Technical Notes and IndexF2Technical Notes and IndexCaring for the ProductsThe CameraTo ensure continued enjoyment of this Nikon product, observe the

Seite 159 - B Notes on White Balance

F3Caring for the ProductsTechnical Notes and IndexB The Monitor• The monitor may contain a few pixels that are always lit or that do not light. This i

Seite 160 - C Color Temperature

F4Caring for the ProductsTechnical Notes and Index• If the battery will not be used for some time, insert it in the camera and run it flat before remo

Seite 161 - B Notes on Preset Manual

F5Caring for the ProductsTechnical Notes and IndexThe Memory Cards• Use only Secure Digital memory cards. See “Approved Memory Cards” (A23).• Be sure

Seite 162

Technical Notes and IndexF6Caring for the CameraCleaningDo not use volatile organic solvents such as alcohol or thinner, chemical detergents, anticorr

Seite 163 - B Notes on Auto Bracketing

Technical Notes and IndexF7TroubleshootingIf the camera fails to function as expected, check the list of common problems below before consulting your

Seite 164 - B COOLPIX Picture Control

F8TroubleshootingTechnical Notes and Indexb Electronically Controlled CamerasIn extremely rare instances, unusual characters may appear on the monitor

Seite 165

F9TroubleshootingTechnical Notes and IndexShooting IssuesProblem Cause/SolutionACannot set to shooting mode.Disconnect the HDMI cable or USB cable. 91

Seite 166

F10TroubleshootingTechnical Notes and IndexFlash does not fire.• Flash is set to W (off ).• A scene mode that cannot turn on flash is selected.• The m

Seite 167 - B Note on Contrast

F11TroubleshootingTechnical Notes and IndexRandomly spaced bright pixels (“noise”) appear in image.As the subject is dark, shutter speed is too slow o

Seite 168

7Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsChanging the Angle of the MonitorThe angle of the monitor can be lowered down to approx. 8

Seite 169 - Custom Picture Control

F12TroubleshootingTechnical Notes and IndexPlayback IssuesProblem Cause/SolutionAFile cannot be played back.• File was overwritten or renamed by compu

Seite 170 - C Metering Area

Technical Notes and IndexF13SpecificationsNikon COOLPIX P7100 Digital CameraType Compact digital cameraEffective pixels 10.1 millionImage sensor 1/1.7

Seite 171 - Continuous Shooting

F14SpecificationsTechnical Notes and IndexImage size(pixels)ISO sensitivity (Standard output sensitivity)• ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, Hi 1 (e

Seite 172 - B Note on Multi-shot 16

F15SpecificationsTechnical Notes and Index• Unless otherwise stated, all figures are for a camera with a fully-charged Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-

Seite 173

F16SpecificationsTechnical Notes and IndexRechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL14Battery Charger MH-24B Specifications• Nikon will not be held liable for

Seite 174 - AF Area Mode

Technical Notes and IndexF17IndexSymbolsR E4gAE-L/AF-L button 5G AF area mode 12, 48, 50, 55, E48C Aperture-priority auto mode 51, E5k Apply selection

Seite 175 - B Notes on AF Area Mode

F18IndexTechnical Notes and IndexCCalendar display 35Charger 18, E103Close-up k 42Color temperature E34Computer 91Continuous 50, 54, E45Continuous fla

Seite 176 - 1/250 F5.6

IndexTechnical Notes and IndexF19IIdentifier E99Image copy 90, E68Image quality 74, 75Image sharpening E40Image size 74, 77Infinity 68Internal memory

Seite 177 - B Notes on Subject Tracking

F20IndexTechnical Notes and IndexProgrammed auto mode 51, E5Protect 89, E66QQuick adjust E40Quick menu 72Quick menu dial 72Quick retouch 89, E11RRear-

Seite 178 - Flash Exp. Comp

IndexTechnical Notes and IndexF21WWelcome screen 104, E70White balance 73, E32Wide 31Wide-angle converter 55, E54, E103Wind noise reduction 101, E69ZZ

Seite 179 - B Note on Long Exposure NR

8Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsThe Monitor• The information that is displayed on the monitor during shooting and playback

Seite 180 - B Note on Distortion Control

No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without writ

Seite 181 - B Note on Flash Control

9Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic Operations1Shooting mode...28, 292Focus mode...

Seite 182 - B Active D-Lighting

10Parts of the CameraParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsPlayback Mode999/999999/9999999.JP9999.JPG2315/11/201115/11/20119999.JPG12:0012:0012:0099

Seite 183 - B Notes on Zoom Operation

11Parts of the Camera and Basic OperationsBasic OperationsSwitching Between Shooting Mode and Playback ModeThe camera has two modes of operation: Shoo

Seite 184 - Save User Settings

iIntroductionParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackShooting FeaturesPlayback FeaturesRecording and Playing Back M

Seite 185 - C Resetting for E, F and N

12Basic OperationsParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsUsing the Rotary Multi SelectorOperate by rotating the rotary multi selector, pressing up (H

Seite 186 - The Playback Menu

13Basic OperationsParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsUsing Menus (the d Button)When the d button is pressed while the shooting screen or playback

Seite 187 - 15 /11/ 2011

14Basic OperationsParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsSwitching Between TabsSelecting Menu ItemsC Displayed When the Menu Contains Two or More Pag

Seite 188 - C Print Date

15Basic OperationsParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsSwitching the Monitor Display (the x Button)To switch between the information displayed on t

Seite 189 - 3 Choose End or Restart

16Basic OperationsParts of the Camera and Basic OperationsC Holding Down the x Button and b (Monitor Brightness Boost Indicator)Hold down the x button

Seite 190 - B Notes on Deletion

17The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackPreparationPreparation 1 Charge the Battery ...

Seite 191 - The Image Selection Screen

18The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackPreparation 1 Charge the Battery1 Prepare the included Battery Charger MH-24.I

Seite 192

19Preparation 1 Charge the BatteryThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackUnderstanding CHARGE LampB Notes on Battery Charger• Be sure to read and follow t

Seite 193 - B Notes on Voice Memos

20The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackPreparation 2 Insert the Battery1 Open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover.2 Insert the battery.• Use the

Seite 194 - B Notes on Copying Pictures

21Preparation 2 Insert the BatteryThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackRemoving the BatteryBefore opening the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover, tu

Seite 195 - The Movie Menu

iiIntroductionIntroductionRead This FirstThank you for purchasing the Nikon COOLPIX P7100 digital camera. Before using the camera, please read the inf

Seite 196

22The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackPreparation 3 Insert a Memory Card1 Confirm that the power-on lamp and the monitor are turned off and open the ba

Seite 197 - Time Zone and Date

23Preparation 3 Insert a Memory CardThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackRemoving Memory CardsBefore opening the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover,

Seite 198 - 3 Press K

24The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackStep 1 Turn the Camera On1 Press the power switch to turn on the camera.• If you are turning the camera on for th

Seite 199 - C Time Zones

25Step 1 Turn the Camera OnThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackTurning the Camera On and Off• When the camera is turned on, the power-on lamp (green) l

Seite 200 - Monitor Settings

26Step 1 Turn the Camera OnThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackSetting the Display Language, Date, and TimeDialogs for language selection and camera cl

Seite 201 - C Print date and Print order

27Step 1 Turn the Camera OnThe Basics of Shooting and Playback5 Press H, I, J or K to set date and time, and press the k button.• To choose an item: P

Seite 202 - Vibration Reduction

28The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackStep 2 Select a Shooting ModeRotate the mode dial to select the shooting mode.• The following describes how to ta

Seite 203 - B Notes on Motion Detection

29Step 2 Select a Shooting ModeThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackAvailable Shooting ModesC Note on the FlashWhen the flash is lowered, the flash sett

Seite 204 - Red-eye Reduction

30The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackStep 3 Frame a Picture1 Ready the camera.• Keep your fingers, hair, strap and other objects away from the lens, f

Seite 205

31Step 3 Frame a PictureThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackUsing the ZoomRotate the zoom control to activate the optical zoom.• To zoom in so that the

Seite 206 - Fixed Aperture

iiiRead This FirstIntroductionAbout This ManualIf you want to start using the camera right away, see “The Basics of Shooting and Playback” (A17).To le

Seite 207 - B Notes on Sound Settings

32The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackStep 4 Focus and Shoot1 Press the shutter-release button halfway, i.e., press the button slightly until you feel

Seite 208 - C Auto Off Setting

33Step 4 Focus and ShootThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackB AutofocusAutofocus may not perform as expected in the following situations. In some rare

Seite 209 - Language

34The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackStep 5 Play Back Images1 Press the c (playback) button.• When you switch from shooting mode to playback mode, the

Seite 210 - C HDMI and HDMI-CEC

35Step 5 Play Back ImagesThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackChanging How Images Are DisplayedWhen using playback mode, you can change how images are d

Seite 211 - Built-in ND Filter

36The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackStep 6 Delete Unwanted Images1 Press the l button to delete the image currently displayed on the monitor.2 Press

Seite 212 - Delete Button Options

37Shooting FeaturesShooting FeaturesThis chapter describes each of the camera’s shooting modes and the features that are available when using shooting

Seite 213

38Shooting FeaturesShooting FeaturesA (Auto) ModeShooting with basic camera operations is available.• The camera focuses at the center area of the fra

Seite 214 - Fn1 + Shutter Button

39Shooting FeaturesScene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)Press the d button and display the scene menu to select one of the following scenes. Pictures

Seite 215 - B Note on Fn1 + Command Dial

40Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)Shooting FeaturesCharacteristics of Each Scene• Use of a tripod is recommended in scenes with which O is indic

Seite 216 - Customize My Menu

41Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)Shooting Featuresd SportsUse this mode when shooting sporting events. The camera captures a series of still im

Seite 217 - Reset File Numbering

ivRead This FirstIntroductionInformation and PrecautionsLife-Long LearningAs part of Nikon’s “Life-Long Learning” commitment to ongoing product suppor

Seite 218 - Did someone blink?

42Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)Shooting Featuresz SnowCaptures the brightness of sunlit snow.• The camera focuses at the center area of the f

Seite 219 - C Supported Eye-Fi Cards

43Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)Shooting Featuresu FoodUse this mode when taking pictures of food.• The focus mode (A67) setting is changed to

Seite 220 - Reset All

44Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)Shooting Featureso BacklightingUse when light is coming from behind the subject, throwing features or details

Seite 221 - Movie Menu

45Scene Mode (Shooting Suited to Scenes)Shooting Featuresp Panorama assistUse this mode when shooting a series of pictures that can later be joined on

Seite 222 - Setup Menu

46Shooting FeaturesSpecial Effects Mode (Applying Effects When Shooting)The effect can be applied to pictures during shooting. One of the 10 special e

Seite 223

47Special Effects Mode (Applying Effects When Shooting)Shooting Features* Use of a tripod is recommended. Vibration reduction in the setup menu (A104)

Seite 224 - COOLPIX P7100 Ver.X.X

48Special Effects Mode (Applying Effects When Shooting)Shooting FeaturesChanging Special Effects Mode Settings• Features that can be set using the mai

Seite 225 - File and Folder Names

49Shooting FeaturesLow Noise Night Mode (Shooting Low-lit Scenes)The ISO sensitivity is controlled automatically to a high level. This allows you to c

Seite 226

50Low Noise Night Mode (Shooting Low-lit Scenes)Shooting FeaturesChanging Low Noise Night Mode Settings• See “Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi

Seite 227 - B Note on External Flash

51Shooting FeaturesA, B, C, D Modes (Setting the Exposure for Shooting)Pictures can be shot with greater control by setting the quick menu (A73) or sh

Seite 228

vRead This FirstIntroductionNotice Concerning Prohibition of Copying or ReproductionNote that simply being in possession of material that was digitall

Seite 229 - Optional Accessories

52A, B, C, D Modes (Setting the Exposure for Shooting)Shooting FeaturesAdjusting the Shutter SpeedAdjusting the Aperture ValueC Aperture and zoomThe a

Seite 230

53A, B, C, D Modes (Setting the Exposure for Shooting)Shooting FeaturesA (Programmed auto) (E5)Use for automatic control of the exposure by the camera

Seite 231 - 3 Frame the picture

54A, B, C, D Modes (Setting the Exposure for Shooting)Shooting FeaturesChanging A, B, C, D Modes• See “Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi Select

Seite 232 - B Note on the Remote Control

55A, B, C, D Modes (Setting the Exposure for Shooting)Shooting FeaturesAF area modeSet how the camera selects the AF area mode to Face priority, Auto

Seite 233 - Error Messages

56A, B, C, D Modes (Setting the Exposure for Shooting)Shooting FeaturesC Features That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslyThis feature may not be used in co

Seite 234

57Shooting FeaturesE, F and N (User Setting Modes)Up to three setting combinations that are frequently used for shooting (user settings) can be saved

Seite 235

58E, F and N (User Setting Modes)Shooting FeaturesAvailable Specialized Menu for E, F or NFollowing settings can be changed in E, F or N mode.Set to E

Seite 236

59E, F and N (User Setting Modes)Shooting FeaturesAF area modeSet the AF area mode for when the mode dial is set. The current focus area position is s

Seite 237

60Shooting FeaturesFeatures That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorPress the multi selector H (m), J (n), I (D), or K (G) while shooting to operate t

Seite 238

61Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesUsing the Flash (Flash Modes)You can shoot pictures with a flash by raising the bu

Seite 239 - Technical Notes and Index

viIntroductionFor Your SafetyTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in thei

Seite 240 - Caring for the Products

62Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesAvailable Flash ModesC Flash Mode Setting• The setting varies with shooting mode.

Seite 241 - B The Monitor

63Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesC Auto with Red-eye ReductionThis camera uses advanced red-eye reduction (“In-Came

Seite 242 - The Battery Charger

64Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesUsing the Self-timerThe self-timer is suitable for taking group pictures and reduc

Seite 243 - The Memory Cards

65Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesSmile Timer (Shooting Smiling Faces)When this mode is selected, the camera detects

Seite 244 - Caring for the Camera

66Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesB Notes on Smile Timer• The digital zoom is not available.• When the smile timer i

Seite 245 - Troubleshooting

67Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesUsing Focus ModeChoose a focus mode according to the desired scene.1 Press I (p fo

Seite 246

68Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesAvailable Focus ModesB Note on Shooting with the FlashWhen shooting with D (macro

Seite 247 - Shooting Issues

69Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesList of the Default SettingsThe default settings in each shooting mode are describ

Seite 248

70Features That Can Be Set Using the Multi SelectorShooting FeaturesDefault settings in scene mode are described below.1U (auto) and W (off) can be se

Seite 249

71Shooting FeaturesFeatures That Can Be Set Using the Exposure Compensation DialAdjusting Brightness (Exposure Compensation)When exposure compensation

Seite 250 - Playback Issues

viiFor Your SafetyIntroductionObserve caution when handling the batteryThe battery may leak, overheat, or explode if improperly handled. Observe the f

Seite 251 - Specifications

72Shooting FeaturesFeatures That Can Be Set with the Quick MenuWhen the quick menu dial is rotated while shooting, the quick menu is displayed for the

Seite 252

73Features That Can Be Set with the Quick MenuShooting FeaturesAvailable Quick MenuOption Description AaImage quality/Image sizeSet the image quality

Seite 253 - 25°C (77°F)

74Shooting FeaturesChanging the Image Quality and Image SizeThe image quality (compression ratio) and image size can be selected for recording.1 Choos

Seite 254 - B Specifications

75Changing the Image Quality and Image SizeShooting FeaturesAvailable Image QualityLower compression ratios result in higher quality pictures, but als

Seite 255

76Changing the Image Quality and Image SizeShooting FeaturesC COOLPIX P7100 NRW (RAW) Images• The extension of the picture taken is “.NRW.”• NRW (RAW)

Seite 256

77Changing the Image Quality and Image SizeShooting FeaturesAvailable Image SizeYou can set the JPEG image size (amount of pixels) for pictures record

Seite 257

78Changing the Image Quality and Image SizeShooting FeaturesC Number of Exposures RemainingThe following table lists the approximate number of picture

Seite 258

79Changing the Image Quality and Image SizeShooting Features1 If the number of exposures remaining is 10,000 or more, “9999” is displayed.2 The print

Seite 259

80Shooting FeaturesFeatures That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslySome shooting settings cannot be used in combination with other functions.Restricted fun

Seite 260 - 6MM09811-02

81Features That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslyShooting FeaturesWhite balancePicture Control (A73)White balance is fixed at Auto (normal) when Monochrom

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