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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Für das Auto Nikon SB-910 herunter. Nikon SB-910 User Manual Benutzerhandbuch

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A collection of example photos
This booklet introduces various SB-910 flash
techniques and example photos.
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1EnSB-910A collection of example photosThis booklet introduces various SB-910 flash techniques and example photos.

Seite 2

10Attach an incandescent filter to the Speedlight and set camera’s white balance to direct sunlight.Taken with the camera’s built-in flashProject a wa

Seite 3

11Attach a fluorescent filter to flash A. Flash B emphasizes the color of the leaves.Taken without a fluorescent filterDisplay the vivid world of Japa

Seite 4

12Multiple fl ash-unit photographySB-910 on the camera controls three remote flash units set to group A, B and C.Taken with the camera’s built-in flash

Seite 5

13Built-in flash or SB-910 on the camera controls two remote flash units set to group A and B.Taken with flash A onlyAdd shadows to create a serene at

Seite 6 - Background

14Taken without a reflector boardColor and shine make food look deliciousHighlighting fruit to emphasize shine and softening shadows for more vibrant

Seite 7

15Taken with one flash unit on frontHow to produce a feeling of qualityThe camera was placed on a sheet of glass over black paper to cause a reflectio

Seite 8

16Multiple fl ash-unit photographyCapture the moment while retaining the sense of depth

Seite 9

17Capture a moment that cannot be seen with the naked eyeThe dynamic moment of a pool break is captured with SU-4 type wireless multiple flash-unit ph

Seite 10

18Control buttons and switches/functions128756431. [MODE] buttonSelects fl ash mode.2. [MENU] buttonDisplays custom settings.3. Function buttonsSelects

Seite 11

19LCD examplesWith single fl ash unitRemote mode Master modeEffective flash output distance rangeFlash modeISO sensitivityZoom head positionFX formatSB

Seite 12 - Add depth to a portrait

22Making harsh light soft and naturalCapture the charm of backlit subjectsCapture the glitter of night illuminationRevealing the textures of your subj

Seite 13 - Taken with flash A only

20Printed in EuropeTT1J01(11)8MSA4911-01© 2011 Nikon CorporationAMA14373

Seite 14 - Capture texture and detail

33Add color to emphasize realism and moodAdd depth to a portrait (Multiple flash)Capture texture and detail (Multiple flash)Capture the moment while r

Seite 15 - Tracing paper

4Tilt the flash head up toward the ceiling. Taken with the camera’s built-in flashNatural-looking cheeks so soft you want to touch themThe faint reddi

Seite 16

5Rotate the flash head toward the wall. Bounce off the ceiling: results in soft, flat lightingCapture the feminine nuances of a woman’s expressionSoft

Seite 17 - Bounce off the ceiling

6Select the desired aperture in A or M exposure mode. Taken with standard syncHighlighting the cuteness of your kidWith a wide aperture used in the br

Seite 18

7Select the desired shutter speeds in S or M exposure mode.Taken without a flashCapture the excitement of playing with waterThe laughing faces of the

Seite 19 - LCD examples

8Set the camera’s flash mode to slow sync. Taken with auto flash modeIlluminations play an important supporting role in night portraitsThe scene was c

Seite 20 - AMA14373

9Set the camera’s flash mode to rear-curtain slow sync. With normal slow sync, flash fires when the girl is out of frame.Painting with light and pausi

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