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Seite 1 - Nokia C6-01 User Guide

Nokia C6-01 User GuideIssue 4.1

Seite 2 - Contents

2 Remove the battery.3 To unlock the SIM card holder, slide it.4 Lift the SIM card holder, and insert the SIM card. Make sure the contact area ofthe c

Seite 3

Select > Dictionary.1 Write a word in the search field. Suggestions of words to translate are shown.2 Select the word from the list.3 To listen t

Seite 4

ConnectivityInternet connectionsDefine how your phone connects to the internetYour phone automatically checks for and connects to an available known n

Seite 5

Keep track of your data trafficTo avoid surprises with mobile data costs, you can set your phone to notify you orclose the mobile data connection when


Important: Use encryption to increase the security of your Wi-Fi connection. Usingencryption reduces the risk of others accessing your data.Note: Usin

Seite 7 - Get started

BluetoothAbout Bluetooth Select > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth.You can connect wirelessly to other compatible devices, such as phone

Seite 8

Select > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth.1 To activate Bluetooth, select Bluetooth > On.2 Switch the headset on.3 Open the Paired de

Seite 9

To make or receive calls when in remote SIM mode, you need to have a compatibleaccessory, such as a car kit, connected to your device.Your device will

Seite 10 - 10 Get started

USB data cableCopy a picture or other content between your phone and computerYou can use a USB data cable to back up and copy pictures, videos, and ot

Seite 11

Connect a USB mass storage deviceYou can use a USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter to connect your phone to a compatibleUSB memory stick or hard drive. For ex

Seite 12

Tip: In most views, to see what connections are active, swipe down from thenotification area.Phone managementKeep your phone software and applications

Seite 13

5 Lower the SIM card holder. To lock the SIM card holder, slide it.6 Replace the battery and back cover.Insert or remove the memory cardUse only compa

Seite 14

Select > SW update.You may need to restart your phone to finish the update.View update detailsSelect and hold an update.Install all updatesSelect

Seite 15

Organise filesYou can create new folders, to help organise your files. This can make it easier to backup or upload your content. Within folders, you c

Seite 16

Format a memory cardWant to delete all content from your memory card? When you format a memory card,all the data on it is deleted.1Select > Files.

Seite 17

• Applications, compatible with the Symbian operating system, that have the .sisor .sisx file extension• Widgets that have the .wgz file extensionOnly

Seite 18

Sync content between your phone and a remote serverSync important content between your phone and a remote server to make a copy youcan access from any

Seite 19 - Basic use

Copy contacts or pictures between phonesYou can synchronise and copy contacts, pictures, and other content between twocompatible Nokia phones, free of

Seite 20

Unlock your phoneSlide the lock key, type in the security code, then select OK.If the lock key is out of reach, press the menu key, then select Unlock

Seite 21

Encrypt the phone memorySelect Encryption on.Encrypt a memory card1 Select Encryption off > Encrypt and save key.2 Type in a password to protect yo

Seite 22

Find more helpSupportWhen you want to learn more about how to use your phone, or if you're unsure howyour phone should work, read the user guide

Seite 23

(min. 4 digits orcharacters)You can set your phone to ask for the lock code that youdefine.Keep the code secret and in a safe place, separate from you

Seite 24

Remove the memory card1 Push the card in, until you hear a click.2 Pull the card out.ChargingAbout the batteryYour phone has a removable, rechargeable

Seite 25

shorter than those specified above. Ringing tones, hands free call handling, use indigital mode, and other features will also consume the battery, and

Seite 26

content, content owners may ask that such DRM software's ability to access new DRM-protected content be revoked.Revocation may also prevent renew

Seite 27

Do not modify, remanufacture, attempt to insert foreign objects into the battery, or immerse or expose it to water or otherliquids. Batteries may expl

Seite 28

If you have any questions about using your wireless device with an implanted medical device, consult your health careprovider.HearingWarning:When you

Seite 29

parts, or accessories. Remember that air bags inflate with great force. Do not place your device or accessories in the airbag deployment area.Potentia

Seite 30 - Personalisation

Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and a

Seite 31

IndexAaccess codes 118alarm clock 93anniversaries 97antennas 14applications 22, 112apps 35, 109, 113audio messages 51, 52Bbacking up content 71, 111ba

Seite 32

downloads 35, 36— themes 32Drive— changing views 83— driving routes 82, 83— map view 83— navigating 82— planning routes 83— voice guidance 83DR

Seite 33

Maps 81— browsing 87— changing views 89— downloading maps 88— driving routes 82— Favourites 92— finding locations 88— guides 89— navigating 82

Seite 34

— sending 105PIN codes 118playlists 76podcasts 77positioning info 63positioning information 90, 91powering on/off 15profiles 30, 31— creating 31— o

Seite 35

Charge the batteryYour battery has been partially charged at the factory, but you may need to rechargeit before you can switch on your phone for the f

Seite 36 - Telephone

Vvideo calls 38, 39videos 74— copying 17, 71, 74, 107, 115— editing 71, 72— location info 66— playing 74— recording 65, 68— sending 67, 105— sh

Seite 37

If the battery has not been used for a long time, to begin charging, you may need toconnect the charger, then unplug and reconnect it.Tip: You can als

Seite 38

Attach the wrist strapRemove the back cover, and loop the strap around the wrist strap peg.HeadsetYou can connect a compatible headset or compatible h

Seite 39

Switch offPress and hold the power key .Use your phone for the first timeGet started with your phone – copy contacts, messages, and other stuff from y

Seite 40

Nokia accountWhen you switch your phone on for the first time, your phone guides you throughcreating a Nokia account.You can:• Access all Nokia servic

Seite 41

If your old Nokia phone doesn't have the Phone switch app, your new phone sends itin a message using Bluetooth. To install the app, open the mess

Seite 42

Basic useUse the toolbarThe toolbar at the bottom of the display helps you browse your phone easily.Open the main menu.Make a call.Return to the previ

Seite 43

ContentsSafety 5Get started 7Keys and parts 7Change the volume of a call, song, orvideo 8Lock or unlock the keys and screen 9Insert the SIM card 9Ins

Seite 44

Drag an itemTap and hold the item, and slide your finger across the screen.Example: You can drag items on the home screen, or when arranging the main

Seite 45

Zoom in and outPlace two fingers on an item, such as a map, photo, or web page, and slide your fingersapart or together.Tip: You can also tap the item

Seite 46

• Silence your phone• Modify the connectivity settings• View available Wi-Fi connections, and connect to a Wi-Fi network• Manage Bluetooth connections

Seite 47 - Contacts

1 Virtual keyboard2 Close key - Close the virtual keyboard.3 Shift and caps lock key - To enter an upper case character when writing in lowercase, or

Seite 48

1 Number keys2* - Enter a special character, or when predictive text input mode is activated andthe word underlined, cycle through the word candidates

Seite 49

Move the cursor to the next lineSelect 0 three times.Activate predictive text input with the virtual keypadPredictive text input is based on a built-i

Seite 50

Display indicatorsGeneral iconsThe touch screen and keys are locked.Someone has tried to call you.You have unread messages.If the message icon is blin

Seite 51 - Messaging

A compatible text phone is connected to your phone.Network iconsYour phone is connected to a GSM network.Your phone is connected to a 3G network.A Wi-

Seite 52

1 Start writing a search word, then select from the proposed matches.2 To search on the internet, select the internet search link at the end of the se

Seite 53

Close the applications you are not usingPress and hold the menu key, swipe until the desired application is displayed, andselect .Sounds, themes, and

Seite 54

Add a picture for a contact 49Send your contact information usingMy Card 50Create a contact group 50Send a message to a group ofpeople 50Copy contacts

Seite 55

Stop your phone scanning for available Wi-Fi networksSwipe down from the notification area, and select .Establish a mobile data (3G or GPRS) connectio

Seite 56

Personalise your ringtone and other tonesYou can personalise your phone tones for each profile.Select > Settings > Profiles.Select the profile,

Seite 57

Change your theme Themes can freshen up your phone – change the look and colour scheme.1Select > Settings > Themes.2Select General and a theme.

Seite 58

Tip: You can drag and drop items between different home screens.Add a new home screenSelect > Add another home screen.Add a widget to the home scr

Seite 59 - Internet

Add a shortcut to the home screenDid you know that you can create shortcuts to your most used applications andfeatures? You can add shortcuts to appli

Seite 60

The contact is removed from the home screen, but remains in your contacts list.Organise your appsWant to find your most used apps more quickly? In the

Seite 61 - Social networks

Some items are free of charge; others you need to pay for with your credit card or onyour phone bill.The availability of payment methods depends on yo

Seite 62

To type in the + character, used for international calls, select * twice.2 Press the call key.3 To end the call, press the end key.Activate the loudsp

Seite 63

5 If the contact has more than one phone number, select the number you want tocall.Answer a waiting callYou can answer a call when you're already

Seite 64

For info on availability and costs, contact your network service provider.Video calls can only be made between two parties. Video calls cannot be made

Seite 65

FM radio 79Maps 81About Maps apps 81Navigate to your destination 82Find and view locations 87Save and share places 91Report incorrect map information

Seite 66

Make a conference callYou can have a conference call with up to six people, including yourself. Conferencecalls are a network service.Video conference

Seite 67

Call the numbers you use the mostYou can quickly call your friends and family when you assign your most-used phonenumbers to the number keys of your p

Seite 68 - Your photos and videos

Listen to a voice command for a contact1 Select a contact and > Voice tag details.2 Select a contact detail.If several numbers are saved for a nam

Seite 69

2 Select and an option for making an internet call.Call the last dialled numberTrying to call someone, but they are not answering? It is easy to cal

Seite 70

Forward calls to your voice mailbox or another phone numberIf you cannot answer your calls, you can forward incoming calls.Select > Settings and C

Seite 71

2 To prevent receiving any calls or international calls when you are abroad, selectIncoming calls or Incoming calls when roaming.3 Select Activate.Pre

Seite 72

• Be in a 3G network. If either of you move outside the 3G network, the voice callcontinues.• Have the video sharing feature switched on• Have person-

Seite 73

To share a video, select Video.2 Select the desired SIP address or phone number that is stored in the contact cardfor the recipient. If the SIP addres

Seite 74 - Videos and TV

Edit contact information1 Select a contact and .2 Select a contact detail, and modify the information.3 When you have edited all the necessary details

Seite 75 - Music and audio

Add your important contacts to the home screenAdd your most important contacts to the home screen, so you can quickly call or sendmessages to them.Sel

Seite 76

SafetyRead these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. Forfurther info, read the complete user guide.SWITCH OFF IN RESTRI

Seite 77

Send your contact information using My CardMy card is your electronic business card. With My card, you can send your contactinformation to others.Sele

Seite 78

Select > Contacts.Select > SIM numbers > Copy all to phone.Back up your contacts to Nokia servicesIf you back up your contacts to Nokia se

Seite 79

1Select .2 To add the recipient’s phone number manually, enter the number in the To field,and select .To select recipients from the contacts list, se

Seite 80

1 Select .2 To add an existing sound clip as an attachment, select > and the sound clip.To add a new sound clip, select > , and record the

Seite 81

View a conversationYou can see the messages you have sent to and received from a particular contact ina single view, and continue the conversation fro

Seite 82

1 Select > Settings and Phone > Language.2 Select Writing language.MailAbout Mail Select > Mail.You can automatically transfer mail from

Seite 83

With Mail for Exchange, the use of the phone lock code may be mandatory.Synchronisation takes place automatically in intervals defined when setting up

Seite 84

Open or save an attachmentSelect the attachment and Open or Save. If there is more than one attachment, youcan save them all at once.Reply to the mail

Seite 85

Select > Mail and a mailbox.1Select .2 Write the mail address. To add a recipient from your contacts list, select . Toadd a Bcc field, select &g

Seite 86

Tip: For a more compact widget, showing only the mailbox name and when newmail has arrived, select Add widget > Mail, new arrival.InternetAbout t

Seite 87

PROTECT YOUR HEARINGTo prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels forlong periods. Exercise caution when holding your device

Seite 88

A cache is a memory location that is used to store data temporarily. If you have, orhave tried to, access confidential info or a secure service, requi

Seite 89

Websites may ask to access your current location info to, for example, personalisethe info they show you. If you allow a website to use your location

Seite 90

The social networking services are third party services and not provided by Nokia.Check the privacy settings of the social networking service you are

Seite 91

Add the Social widget to the home screenSelect and hold an empty area on the home screen, then select Add widget >Social.Open the Social app from t

Seite 92

Important: Before sharing your location, always consider carefully with whom youare sharing. Check the privacy settings of the social networking servi

Seite 93 - Clock and calendar

You can later use your phone to view or edit the photos and videos, share them onthe internet, or send them to compatible devices.Take a photoTo open

Seite 94

Keep a safe distance when using the flash. Do not use the flash on people or animalsat close range. Do not cover the flash while taking a photo.When r

Seite 95

satellites made by the United States government. GPS signals may not be availableinside buildings or underground.Do not use GPS for precise location m

Seite 96

The first time you upload a photo or video to a social networking service, you needto sign in to the service. The service is then added to the list of

Seite 97

To make it easier to find your photos and videos, organise them into albums.View photos and videosSelect > Gallery.Browse photosSwipe up or down.V

Seite 98

Get startedKeys and partsFront1 Earpiece2 Light sensor3 Proximity sensor. Automatically disables the touch screen during calls.4 Menu key5 Call key6 F

Seite 99

View the photos in an album as a slide showOpen the Albums tab. Select and hold the album, then select Slide show.Change slide show settingsSelect a

Seite 100

1 Select > Gallery.2 Select a photo or video to upload.3 Tap the photo or video, then select .4 Add a caption if you like, then follow the instru

Seite 101 - Connectivity

You can combine pictures and videos with sounds, effects, and text, and easily turnthem into short movies or slide shows.The following codecs and file

Seite 102

5 To preview your slide show, select > Preview.6 To save your slide show, select > Save video when previewing your slide show.7 You can re-ed

Seite 103

Videos and TVVideosAbout Videos Select > Videos.You can browse, download, and watch videos on your phone when out and about.Tip: Get new videos f

Seite 104

1 Use a compatible USB data cable to connect your phone to a computer.If copying between a memory card in your phone and a computer, make sure thememo

Seite 105

Tip: To listen to the songs in a random order, select .Pause and resume playbackTo pause playback, select ; to resume, select .Fast-forward or rewin

Seite 106

Play a playlistSelect and a playlist.Remove a song from playlistIn the playlist view, select and hold the song, then select Remove.This does not dele

Seite 107

1 Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a compatible USB cable. Makesure a compatible memory card is inserted in your phone.2 On your phone

Seite 108

• Nokia SuiteIf you already have a Nokia account, you can use that account for Nokia Music.If you have any credit or downloads, or you have subscribed

Seite 109 - Phone management

Sides, back, and bottom1 Camera flash/Flashlight2 Volume/Zoom keys3 Key lock switch/Flashlight switch4 Camera key5 Back camera6 Loudspeaker7 Charger c

Seite 110

It is not possible to listen to the radio through a Bluetooth headset.You can listen to the radio even when offline mode is activated in your phone an

Seite 111

Go to the next or previous stationSelect or .View all available stationsSelect .Scan for another available stationSelect and hold or .Tip: To easi

Seite 112

Some services may not be available in all countries, and may be provided only inselected languages. The services may be network dependent. For more in

Seite 113

Obey all local laws. Always keep your hands free to operate the vehicle while driving.Your first consideration while driving should be road safety.Cha

Seite 114

3Select Route selection > Faster route or Shorter route.4 To combine the advantages of both the shorter and the faster routes, selectRoute selectio

Seite 115

Select > Maps.1 Select a place and its info area at the top of the screen.2 Select Navigate > Walk here.By default, the map is oriented to nor

Seite 116

Find your way using Public TransportScheduling your journey using trams, trains, and buses can be hard – why not let yourphone do the planning?1Select

Seite 117

2 If you don't want to search for departures from where you are right now, write astart point in the Search for transport near box, then select f

Seite 118 - Access codes

Prevent downloading new street maps automatically1Select > Settings > General.2Select Connection > Offline.Map coverage varies by country an

Seite 119 - Nokia original accessories

Download new maps1 Select Add new maps.2 Select a continent and a country, then select Download.Update mapsSelect Check for updates.Remove a mapSelect

Seite 120

You can change the volume during a call or when an app is active.The built-in loudspeaker lets you speak and listen from a short distance withouthavin

Seite 121

To return to the main page, select Guides.The service may not be available in your country.WeatherIs it going to rain in the afternoon? How warm will

Seite 122

Cell ID With network (cell ID) based positioning, Maps locates youthrough the cellular system your phone is currently connected to.The availability an

Seite 123

Add a saved place to a collection1Select Places.2 Select and hold the place, then select Organise collections.3Select New collection or an existing co

Seite 124 - Copyright and other notices

You can report issues, such as:• Missing or incorrect street names• Streets that are blocked or unsuitable for walking on• Incorrect restrictions or s

Seite 125

Set the length of the snooze time1 On the home screen, select the clock.2Select > Settings > Alarm snooze time, and set the length of time.Tip:

Seite 126

On the home screen, select the clock.Open the world clock tab .Add a locationSelect and a location. You can add up to 15 locations. For countries wit

Seite 127

Add a calendar eventSelect > Calendar.1Select (Tap to create event), or if there are existing events, tap the area belowan event. The calendar eve

Seite 128

3 Select .Add an entry to a particular calendar1 When adding a calendar event, select and the calendar.2 Fill in the fields, and select .Colour code

Seite 129

3 To send the request, select .Add the location to a calendar eventDo you have an appointment in a place you have never visited? You can add thelocat

Seite 130

Sort filesSelect > Sort by.Read PDF documents Select > Adobe Reader.Open a fileSelect Browse files and the memory where the file is stored. B

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