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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Unterwasserkameragehäuse Nikon Fantasea FD-50N herunter. Nikon Fantasea FD-50N User's Manual Benutzerhandbuch

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Seite 1 - User's Manual

Fantasea FD-50N Housing User's Manual

Seite 2 - Table of Contents

Four-Way Multi-Control: • Press Up and Down buttons to scroll through Menu options. 11 • Press Left and Right buttons to make menu settings and con

Seite 3 - Introduction

ISO Sensitivity/Menu Control: • Rotate housing control over camera ISO Sensitivity control. 15 • Press button and rotate command dial to choose fro

Seite 4 - Camera Model

Preparation of Housing Before the Dive Make Common or Required Camera Settings: Prior to inserting camera in housing, it is recommended that Menu

Seite 5 - Specifications

Note 1: The FD-50N lens port uses 2 radial O-rings for a watertight seal. This is a different type of seal than used to seal the two main halves of

Seite 6 - Controls Orientation

Insert D-50 camera and lens in housing: • Mount camera and lens on the removable tray, using the tripod screw. • Slide the tray and camera into th

Seite 7

Recommended Initial Camera Settings: • Set D-50 on M (Manual) Exposure Mode o This is to keep the built-in flash from trying to pop up in low amb

Seite 8 - Control Details

Care & Maintenance • Before a dive: o Protect the FD-50N from sun and heat. This will reduce the possibility of fogging due to condensation of

Seite 9

o Detach sync cords, arms & brackets for overnight storage. This will greatly reduce the possibility of electrolysis and corrosion that can build

Seite 10

Basic Shooting Techniques • Practice handling the FD-50N on land. o Getting familiar with the location and movement of all the controls and how the

Seite 11

• Changing Exposure Settings o Using the camera in its Manual (M) Exposure Mode gives you the ability to change either shutter speeds or apertures t

Seite 12


Seite 13 - Note 2

• Get close to you subject when shooting underwater o This will improve the effectiveness of your strobe in restoring lost color. It will also expan

Seite 14

Camera Lenses and Ports The Fantasea FD-50N has an interchangeable port system that will accommodate a wide variety of SLR lenses for use underwater

Seite 15 - Using External Strobes:

Fantasea FD-50N Warranty The FD-50N includes a two-year limited warranty for defective parts which the manufacturer will replace. Flood Insurance:

Seite 16 - Care & Maintenance

Introduction Fantasea has upgraded the housing for the Nikon D-50 and the FD-50N is the result. Improved features include, embedded optical view find

Seite 17

Included With Housing • The FD-50N housing consists of a front and back shell that latch together to form the housing body. • A screw in standard f

Seite 18 - Basic Shooting Techniques

A Variety of Uses The Fantasea FD-50N housing is more than just an underwater camera system. It protects the D-50 against damage from such environme

Seite 19

Controls Orientation 8 Top and Front of Housing: • Flash Sync Port 1 • Zoom Port Control 2 • Handles 3 • Trigger Release

Seite 20

9 10 11 12 13 1415 161718 Back & Right Side of Housing: • Command Dial 9 • AE-L/AF-L Control 10 • Four Way Mul

Seite 21 - Camera Lenses and Ports

Control Details The following is a partial list of the most common uses of housing and camera controls. For the full list of camera functions and se

Seite 22 - Flood Insurance:

LCD Control Panel Illuminator: 5 • Push housing control button activates the control panel backlight [LCD Illuminator], allowing the display to be

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