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Seite 1 - Reference Manual

DIGITAL CAMERAReference ManualEn

Seite 2

viiiIntroduction• Dust on or near the metal parts of the plug should be removed with a dry cloth. Continued use could result in fire.• Do not handle t

Seite 3

70Playback FeaturesCrop: Creating a Cropped Copy1 Move the zoom control to enlarge the image (A59).2 Adjust the image so that only the portion that yo

Seite 4

71Recording and Playing Back MoviesRecording and Playing Back Movies1 Display the shooting screen.• Check the remaining amount of movie recording time

Seite 5 - Information and Precautions

72Recording and Playing Back MoviesArea Captured in Movies• The area that is captured in a movie varies depending on the Movie options settings in the

Seite 6 - About the Manuals

73Recording and Playing Back MoviesB Notes About Recorded Movies• There may be some degradation in image quality when digital zoom is used.• The sound

Seite 7 - Conformity Marking

74Recording and Playing Back MoviesIf the shutter-release button is pressed all the way while recording a movie, one frame is saved as a still image.

Seite 8 - For Your Safety

75Recording and Playing Back MoviesTo adjust the volume, move the zoom control while a movie is playing (A2).Playback controls are displayed in the mo

Seite 9

76Recording and Playing Back MoviesExtracting Only the Desired Portion of a MovieThe desired portion of a recorded movie can be saved as a separate fi

Seite 10 - Introduction

77Recording and Playing Back MoviesB Notes About Movie Editing• Use a sufficiently charged battery to prevent the camera from turning off during editi

Seite 11 - Dustproof, Condensation

78Using MenusUsing MenusYou can set the menus listed below by pressing the d (menu) button.• A Shooting menuAvailable by pressing the d button when th

Seite 12

79Using Menus3 Select a menu icon and press the k button.• The menu options become selectable.4 Select a menu option and press the k button.• Certain

Seite 13

ixIntroduction• Make sure to read the following instructions as well as the instructions provided in “Caring for the Product” (A160).Notes About Shock

Seite 14

80Using MenusImage Mode (Image Size and Quality)* This setting can also be changed in shooting modes other than auto. The changed setting is also appl

Seite 15

81Using MenusB Notes About Printing Images at 1:1 Aspect RatioChange the printer setting to “Border” when printing images at a 1:1 aspect ratio. Some

Seite 16 - Humidity and Condensation

82Using MenusWhite Balance (Adjusting Hue)Adjust white balance to suit the light source or weather conditions in order to make the colors in images ma

Seite 17 - Compass)

83Using MenusUsing Preset ManualUse the procedure below to measure the white balance value under the lighting used during shooting.1 Place a white or

Seite 18

84Using MenusContinuous ShootingEnter shooting mode M A (shooting mode) button M A (auto) mode M k button M d button M Continuous M k buttonOption Des

Seite 19

85Using MenusB Notes About Continuous Shooting• Focus, exposure, and white balance are fixed at the values determined with the first image in each ser

Seite 20

86Using MenusC Pre-shooting CacheWhen the shutter-release button is pressed halfway or all the way down, images are saved as described below.• The pre

Seite 21 - Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN Network)

87Using MenusISO SensitivityA higher ISO sensitivity allows darker subjects to be captured. Additionally, even with subjects of similar brightness, pi

Seite 22

88Using MenusAF Area ModeUse this option to determine how the camera selects the focus area for autofocus when shooting still images.Enter shooting mo

Seite 23

89Using MenusB Notes About AF Area Mode• When digital zoom is in effect, the camera focuses in the center of the frame regardless of the AF area mode

Seite 24 - Table of Contents

xIntroductionIf the camera is subjected to excessive shock, vibration or pressure caused by dropping it, hitting it, or placing a heavy object on it,

Seite 25

90Using MenusUsing Subject Tracking1 Register a subject.• Align the subject that you want to track with the border in the center of the monitor and pr

Seite 26

91Using MenusAutofocus ModeSet how the camera focuses when shooting still images.C Autofocus Mode for Movie RecordingAutofocus mode for movie recordin

Seite 27

92Using Menus• See “Image Mode (Image Size and Quality)” (A80) for information about Image mode.Self-CollageThe Smart Portrait MenuEnter shooting mode

Seite 28

93Using MenusBlink ProofB Notes About Blink Proof This function may not be available to use in combination with other functions (A56).Enter shooting m

Seite 29

94Using Menus• See “Editing Images (Still Images)” (A64) for information about image editing functions.Mark for Wi-Fi UploadSelect images in the camer

Seite 30

95Using MenusSlide ShowPlay back images one by one in an automated “slide show.” When movie files are played back in the slide show, only the first fr

Seite 31 - Parts of the Camera

96Using MenusProtectThe camera protects selected images from accidental deletion.Select images to protect or cancel protection from the image selectio

Seite 32

97Using MenusCopy (Copy Between the Memory Card and Internal Memory)Images can be copied between a memory card and the internal memory.• When a memory

Seite 33 - The Monitor

98Using MenusSequence Display OptionsSelect the method used to display images in the sequence (A62).Settings are applied to all sequences, and the set

Seite 34

99Using MenusThe Image Selection ScreenWhen an image selection screen such as the one shown on the right is displayed while operating the camera, foll

Seite 35 - Playback Mode

xiIntroduction• If a foreign substance adheres to the outside of the camera or inside of the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover (in locations such

Seite 36 - B Formatting a Memory Card

100Using MenusMovie OptionsSelect the desired movie option to record. Select normal speed movie options to record at normal speed, or HS movie options

Seite 37

101Using MenusHS Movie OptionsRecorded movies are played back in fast or slow motion.See “Recording Movies in Slow Motion and Fast Motion (HS Movie)”

Seite 38 - Charge the Battery

102Using MenusC Playing Back in Slow Motion and Fast MotionWhen recording at normal speed:When recording at h HS 480/4× (a HS 480/4×):Movies are recor

Seite 39 - B Notes About the USB Cable

103Using MenusRecording Movies in Slow Motion and Fast Motion (HS Movie)Movies recorded using HS movie can be played back in slow motion at 1/4 of the

Seite 40 - BackBack

104Using MenusAF Area ModeUse this option to determine how the camera selects the focus area for autofocus during movie recording.• When an HS movie o

Seite 41 - 8 Read the message about the

105Using MenusAutofocus ModeSet how the camera focuses in movie mode.• When an HS movie option is selected in Movie options, the setting is fixed at S

Seite 42 - Operations

106Using MenusMovie VRSelect the vibration reduction setting used when recording movies.Select Off when using a tripod to stabilize the camera during

Seite 43 - C When Using a Tripod

107Using MenusWind Noise Reduction• When an HS movie option is selected in Movie options, the setting is fixed at Off.Frame RateSelect the frame rate

Seite 44 - C Digital Zoom

108Using MenusConfigure the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) settings to connect the camera and a smart device.The Wi-Fi Options MenuPress the d button M J menu i

Seite 45 - 1 Press the c (playback)

109Using MenusOperating the Text Input KeyboardCharacter Input for SSID and Password• Use the multi selector HIJK to select alphanumeric characters. P

Seite 46 - 3 Select Yes and press the k

xiiIntroductionNotes About Using the Camera UnderwaterObserve the following precautions to prevent water from seeping inside the camera.• Do not dive

Seite 47 - Erase selected images

110Using Menus• Display the location data options menu directly by pressing the d button while a map is displayed.Location Data OptionsUpdating the A-

Seite 48 - Scene auto selector

111Using Menus2 Use a card reader or other device to copy the downloaded file to the “NCFL” folder of the memory card.• The “NCFL” folder is located d

Seite 49 - Recording Movies

112Using MenusCalculate DistanceCalculate the linear distance from the current position to the shooting location of the image or between the shooting

Seite 50

113Using MenusPoints of Interest (POI) (Recording and Displaying Location Name Information)Configure the POI (Points of Interest, location name inform

Seite 51 - Shooting Features

114Using MenusCreate LogStart or stop recording logs, and save them (A141).* Cannot be selected if there is a log that has not been saved. Select End

Seite 52 - • Image mode (A80)

115Using MenusView LogCheck or erase the log data stored on the memory card using Create log (A114).Set Clock from SatelliteSignals from the positioni

Seite 53 - Easy panorama

116Using MenusElectronic CompassPress the d button M z (location data options) menu icon M Electronic compass M k buttonOption DescriptionCompass dis

Seite 54 - Tips and Notes

117Using MenusB Notes About Using the Electronic Compass• The electronic compass is not displayed when the camera lens is facing upwards.• Do not use

Seite 55

118Using MenusAltitude/depth OptionsB Notes About Altitude/Depth Options• To correct the altitude or water depth using Use location data of Alt./depth

Seite 56

119Using MenusTime Zone and DateSet the camera clock.Setting the Time Zone1 Use the multi selector HI to select Time zone and press the k button.The S

Seite 57 - B Focus Area

xiiiIntroduction1. Keep the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover closed and wash off the camera with fresh water.Immerse the camera in a shallow bas

Seite 58 - AE-L off

120Using Menus2 Select w Home time zone or x Travel destination and press the k button.• The date and time displayed in the monitor changes depending

Seite 59 - Notes About Time-lapse Movie

121Using MenusMonitor SettingsPhoto InfoPress the d button M z menu icon M Monitor settings M k buttonOption DescriptionPhoto info Set whether or not

Seite 60 - 1 Select W Normal or X Wide

122Using MenusFraming grid+auto infoIn addition to the information shown in Auto info, a framing grid is displayed to help frame pictures. The framing

Seite 61 - Example of camera movement

123Using MenusDate StampThe shooting date and time can be stamped on images when shooting. The information can be printed even when using a printer th

Seite 62 - Playback with Easy Panorama

124Using MenusPhoto VRSelect the vibration reduction setting used when shooting still images.Select Off when using a tripod to stabilize the camera du

Seite 63 - When Shooting)

125Using MenusAF AssistDigital ZoomB Notes About Digital Zoom• Digital zoom cannot be used in the following shooting modes:- Portrait, Night portrait,

Seite 64 - Skin softening

126Using MenusSound SettingsUnderwater FlashSelect On when shooting underwater using an SB-N10 underwater speedlight (available separately) (A183). Th

Seite 65 - Smile timer

127Using MenusAction Control ResponseSet the sensitivity of the operation performed when shaking the camera (action control) (A20). When this option i

Seite 66 - 2 Take a picture

128Using MenusMap ActionsB Notes About Map ActionsIf the V (action) button is pressed, you can zoom in and out of maps only by using the zoom control

Seite 67 - B Notes About Self-Collage

129Using MenusFormat Card/Format MemoryUse this option to format a memory card or the internal memory.Formatting the memory cards or internal memory p

Seite 68 - 15m15m15m

xivIntroductionNotes About Operating Temperature and Humidity and CondensationThe operation of this camera has been tested at temperatures from −10°C

Seite 69 - 4 Save the short movie show

130Using MenusCharge by ComputerB Notes About Charging with a Computer• When connected to a computer, the camera turns on and starts charging. If the

Seite 70

131Using MenusReset AllWhen Reset is selected, the camera’s settings are restored to their default values.• Some settings, such as Time zone and date

Seite 71 - C Pausing Movie Recording

132Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsUsing Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsThe camera starts to receive signals from positioning sat

Seite 72 - A (Auto) Mode

133Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsSet Time zone and date (A119) correctly before using the location data functions.1 Set Record location

Seite 73 - Brightness (Exp. +/-)

134Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsB Notes About Location Data Functions• Before using the location data functions, read "<Import

Seite 74 - C The Flash Lamp

135Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsC Points of Interest (POI) InformationPOI information is location name information for the nearest lan

Seite 75 - C Red-eye Reduction

136Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsDisplaying the Shooting Location (Playback Mode)*The z icon is displayed during playback for images wh

Seite 76 - 4 Press the shutter-release

137Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsOperations When Thumbnail Images Are Selected*Only Altitude/depth logs can be selected if the camera w

Seite 77 - Macro mode

138Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsDisplaying the Current Position on a Map (Shooting Mode)1 See “Recording Location Data to Images” (A13

Seite 78 - Exposure compensation

139Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsC Notes About Direction and Location Data DisplayDirection or location data, etc. is displayed when a

Seite 79

xvIntroductionMap/location name data of this cameraBefore using the location data functions, make sure to read “USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR MAP DATA AN

Seite 80

140Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsYou can check the atmospheric pressure as well as the altitude or water depth of the current position

Seite 81 - Focusing

141Using Location Data Functions/Displaying Maps1 Use the multi selector HI to select the type of log to record, and press the k button.• Start all lo

Seite 82 - B Notes About Skin Softening

142Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsB Notes About Log Recording• If the date and time are not set, the log cannot be recorded.• When recor

Seite 83 - Using Target Finding AF

143Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsEnding Log Recording and Saving Logs on a Memory CardRecorded logs must to be saved to a memory card i

Seite 84

144Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsDisplaying the Recorded Location Data on a Map• When you select a log (date) that you want to display

Seite 85 - Focus Lock

145Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsDisplay Altitude/depth Logs as a Graph• Select a log (date) that you want to display and press the k b

Seite 86 - Simultaneously When Shooting

146Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) FunctionUsing the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) FunctionYou can perform the following functions if you install the dedicated

Seite 87

147Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Function1 Press the Z (Wi-Fi) button on the camera.• The screen shown on the right is displayed.• If no connection c

Seite 88

148Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) FunctionTo Terminate the Wi-Fi ConnectionPerform one of the operations described below.• Turn off the camera.• Selec

Seite 89 - C Cropping Images

149Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) FunctionYou can preselect images in the camera that you want to transfer to a smart device. Movies cannot be presele

Seite 90

xviIntroductionNotes about measurement functionsThe COOLPIX AW130 is a camera. Do not use this camera as a navigation device or measuring instrument.•

Seite 91 - List by Date Mode

150Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerConnecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerYou can enhance your enjoyment of images and

Seite 92 - Continuously (Sequence)

151Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerViewing images on a TV A152Images and movies captured with the camera can be viewed on a TV.Conn

Seite 93 - Deleting Images in a Sequence

152Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or Computer1 Turn off the camera and connect it to the TV.• Make sure that the plugs are properly oriented.

Seite 94 - Editing Images (Still Images)

153Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerUsers of PictBridge-compatible printers can connect the camera directly to the printer and print

Seite 95 - Quick retouch

154Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerB If the PictBridge Startup Screen Is Not DisplayedWhen Auto is selected for Charge by computer

Seite 96 - Shooting with the Flash

155Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerPrinting Multiple Images1 When the Print selection screen is displayed, press the d (menu) butto

Seite 97 - M Glamour retouch M k button

156Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerPrint selectionSelect images (up to 99) and the number of copies (up to 9) of each.• Use the mul

Seite 98

157Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerInstalling ViewNX 2ViewNX 2 is free software that enables you to transfer images and movies to y

Seite 99 - 2 Select Yes and press the k

158Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or ComputerIf a message is displayed prompting you to choose a program, select Nikon Transfer 2.• When usin

Seite 100 - 4 Select Yes and press the k

Technical Notes159Technical NotesCaring for the Product ...160The Camera

Seite 101 - Recording and Playing Back


Seite 102 - Notes About Movie Recording

Technical Notes160Observe the precautions described below in addition to the warnings in “For Your Safety” (Avi–viii) and “<Important> Shockproo

Seite 103 - B Notes About Recorded Movies

Technical Notes161Notes About the Monitor• Monitors and electronic viewfinders are constructed with extremely high precision; at least 99.99% of pixel

Seite 104

Technical Notes162Carrying Spare BatteriesWhenever possible, carry fully charged spare batteries when taking pictures on important occasions.Using the

Seite 105

Technical Notes163Memory CardsPrecautions for Use• Use only Secure Digital memory cards. See “Approved Memory Cards” (A197) for recommended memory car

Seite 106 - Editing Movies

Technical Notes164CleaningDo not use alcohol, thinner, or other volatile chemicals.StorageRemove the battery if the camera will not be used for an ext

Seite 107 - B Notes About Movie Editing

Technical Notes165Refer to the table below if an error message is displayed.Error MessagesDisplay Cause/SolutionABattery temperature is elevated. The

Seite 108 - Using Menus

Technical Notes166Save previously recorded data as a time-lapse movie?The camera turned off while recording a time-lapse movie.• Select Yes to create

Seite 109 - 5 Select a setting and

Technical Notes167Update failed.The A-GPS file is unable to be updated.The A-GPS file may be corrupted. Download the file from the website once more.1

Seite 110

Technical Notes168No access.The camera could not receive the signal from the smart device. Establish the wireless connection again.• Press the Z (Wi-F

Seite 111 - B Notes About Image Mode

Technical Notes169* See the documentation provided with your printer for further guidance and information.Printer error: check printer status.After so

Seite 112 - B Notes About White Balance

IntroductioniTable of ContentsxxiiParts of the Camera1Preparing for Shooting6Basic Shooting and Playback Operations12Shooting Features21Playback Featu

Seite 113 - 3 Select Measure

xviiiIntroductionNotice for Customers in the State of CaliforniaWARNINGHandling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to

Seite 114 - Continuous Shooting

Technical Notes170If the camera fails to function as expected, check the list of common problems below before consulting your retailer or Nikon-author

Seite 115

Technical Notes171The battery inserted in the camera cannot be charged.• Confirm all connections.• When connected to a computer, the camera may not ch

Seite 116 - C Pre-shooting Cache

Technical Notes172Shooting IssuesScreen for setting time zone and date is displayed when the camera is turned on.The clock battery is exhausted; all s

Seite 117 - B Notes About ISO Sensitivity

Technical Notes173Bright specks appear in images captured with flash.The flash is reflecting off particles in the air. Set the flash mode setting to W

Seite 118 - AF Area Mode

Technical Notes174Images are too bright (overexposed).Adjust exposure compensation. 48Unexpected results when flash set to V (auto with red-eye reduct

Seite 119 - B Notes About AF Area Mode

Technical Notes175Playback IssuesProblem Cause/Solution AFile cannot be played back.• This camera may not be able to play back images saved with anoth

Seite 120 - 1 Register a subject

Technical Notes176Nikon Transfer 2 does not start when the camera is connected to a computer.• The camera is off.• The battery is exhausted.• The USB

Seite 121 - Autofocus Mode

Technical Notes177Location Data FunctionsProblem Cause/Solution AUnable to identify the location or it takes time to identify the location.• The camer

Seite 122 - The Smart Portrait Menu

Technical Notes178Unable to turn off the altimeter or depth gauge.When Altimeter/depth gauge of Altitude/depth options in the location data options me

Seite 123 - A blink was detected in the

Technical Notes179Unable to select Start all logs or Start location log.The camera is recording log data. To record a new log, select End all logs or

Seite 124 - The Playback Menu

xixIntroductionThis product is controlled by the United States Export Administration Regulations, and you are required to obtain permission from the U

Seite 125 - PausePause

Technical Notes180Images or movies are assigned file names as follows.File name: DSCN 0001 .JPG(1) (2) (3)File Names(1) IdentifierNot shown on the scr

Seite 126 - Rotate Image

Technical Notes181C Log Data Saved on Memory Cards The log data is saved in the “NCFL“ folder.• Location data logs: Up to 36 files can be recorded a d

Seite 127 - B Notes About Copying Images

Technical Notes182Availability may vary with country or region.See our website or brochures for the latest information.Optional AccessoriesBattery cha

Seite 128 - Sequence Display Options

Technical Notes183Attaching the Underwater SpeedlightYou can use an SB-N10 underwater speedlight attached to the COOLPIX AW130 to shoot underwater wit

Seite 129 - The Image Selection Screen

Technical Notes184Make sure to turn off the camera and underwater speedlight before attaching.1 Attach the camera to the underwater fiber-optic cable

Seite 130 - The Movie Menu

Technical Notes1854 Attach the underwater fiber-optic cable to the cable adapter.• Connect the end of the cable with the longer straight section (the

Seite 131 - B Notes About HS Movie

Technical Notes1868 Open the sensor cover of the underwater speedlight.9 Connect one end of the cable (the end that connects to SB-N10) to the underwa

Seite 132

Technical Notes187The map data and location name data that are stored in this digital camera (“Data”) is provided for your personal, internal use only

Seite 133 - M k button


Seite 134

Technical Notes189Government End Users. If the Data supplied by HERE is being acquired by or on behalf of the United States government or any other en

Seite 135

xxIntroductionCOOLPIX AW130, which is equipped with a DW092 (FCC ID:EW4DW092 / IC ID:4634A-3149EC) Wireless LAN Module, has been tested and found to c

Seite 136 - B Notes About Movie VR

Technical Notes190Austria:  Bundesamt für Eich- und VermessungswesenBelgium:  - Distribution & Copyright CIRBCroatia/Cyprus/Estonia/Latvia/Lithu

Seite 137 - Frame Rate

Technical Notes191Contains information copyrighted by  Kartverket, made available in accordance with (

Seite 138 - The Wi-Fi Options Menu

Technical Notes192Nikon COOLPIX AW130 Digital CameraSpecificationsTypeCompact digital cameraNumber of effective pixels16.0 million (Image processing m

Seite 139 - Keyboard

Technical Notes193StorageMediaInternal memory (approx. 473 MB), SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cardFile systemDCF and Exif 2.3 compliantFile formatsStill images:

Seite 140 - Location Data Options

Technical Notes194InterfaceUSB connectorMicro-USB connector (do not use any USB cable other than the UC-E21), Hi-Speed USB• Supports Direct Print (Pic

Seite 141 - 4 Turn on the camera

Technical Notes195• Unless otherwise stated, all figures assume a fully-charged battery and an ambient temperature of 23 ±3°C (73.4 ±5.4°F) as specifi

Seite 142 - Calculate Distance

Technical Notes196Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL12Charging AC Adapter EH-71P/EH-71PCHCharging AC Adapter EH-73P/EH-73PCH• Nikon will not be held li

Seite 143 - C POI Display

Technical Notes197Approved Memory CardsThe following Secure Digital (SD) memory cards have been tested and approved for use in this camera.• Memory ca

Seite 144 - Create Log

Technical Notes198• Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance.• Android and Google Play are trademarks or

Seite 145 - Set Clock from Satellite

Technical Notes199Symbolsx Scene auto selector mode... 12, 21C Scene mode ...

Seite 146 - Compass correction

xxiIntroductionPrecautions when Using Radio TransmissionsAlways keep in mind that radio transmission or reception of data is subject to interception b

Seite 147

Technical Notes200Calendar Display... 60Capturing still images while recording movies...

Seite 148 - Altitude/depth Options

Technical Notes201HDMI micro connector... 1, 150, 152HDR...

Seite 149 - The Setup Menu

Technical Notes202Preset manual ... 83Pre-shooting cache... 84, 86Pressing halfway...

Seite 150 - 3 Press K

Technical Notes203VView log ... 115, 144, 145ViewNX 2... 157Volume ...

Seite 151 - Monitor Settings

No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without writ

Seite 152

xxiiTable of ContentsTable of ContentsIntroduction ...

Seite 153 - B Notes About Date Stamp

xxiiiTable of ContentsChanging the Shooting Mode ... 18Using t

Seite 154 - B Notes About Photo VR

xxivTable of ContentsEditing Images (Still Images) ... 64Be

Seite 155 - B Notes About Digital Zoom

xxvTable of ContentsMovie VR...

Seite 156 - Underwater Flash

xxviTable of ContentsDisplaying the Shooting Location (Playback Mode)... 136Displaying the Curren

Seite 157 - Playback Action Control

xxviiTable of ContentsUSER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR MAP DATA AND LOCATION NAME DATA... 187Specifications ...

Seite 158 - B Notes About Map Actions

iIntroductionIntroductionTo get the most from this Nikon product, be sure to read “For Your Safety” (Avi–viii), “<Important> Shockproof, Waterpr

Seite 160 - Charge by Computer

1Parts of the CameraParts of the CameraThe Camera Body821345 67101514131112 91Eyelet for camera strap... ii2Shutter-release butto

Seite 161 - C Resetting File Numbering

2Parts of the Camera* Also referred to as the “monitor” in this manual.11213456 71213141516810 91Eyelet for camera strap... ii2O

Seite 162 - Displaying Maps

3Parts of the CameraThe information that is displayed in the monitor during shooting and playback changes depending on the camera’s settings and state

Seite 163 - Erase location data

4Parts of the Camera99999929m 0s29m 0sF2.81/2501/250+ 1 . 0+1.0400400 F2.81010HD RHDR99999999999999313233343536372726252439384344 454041424647484952

Seite 164

5Parts of the CameraPlayback Mode15 / 11 / 2015 15:3015 / 11 / 2015 15:309999. JPG9999. JPG999 / 999999 / 9991010hPa1010hPa1010hPa15m15m15m29m00 s29

Seite 165

6Preparing for ShootingPreparing for Shooting• Press the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover latch release (1) and rotate the battery-chamber/memor

Seite 166 - Map Operations

7Preparing for ShootingB Opening/Closing the Battery-Chamber/Memory Card Slot CoverDo not open and close the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover in

Seite 167 - B Notes About Map Display

8Preparing for Shooting1 With the battery installed, connect the camera to an electrical outlet.If a plug adapter* is included with your camera, secur

Seite 168 - Current position

9Preparing for ShootingB Notes About the USB Cable• Do not use a USB cable other than the UC-E21. Using a USB cable other than the UC-E21 could result

Seite 169

iiIntroductionAttaching the Camera Strap for Land UseRemove the strap for land use before using the camera underwater.

Seite 170 - C Altitude/Water Depth

10Preparing for ShootingWhen the camera is turned on for the first time, the language-selection screen and the date and time setting screen for the ca

Seite 171 - Recording Movement Data Logs

11Preparing for Shooting6 Set the date and time, and press the k button.• Use JK to select a field and then use HI to set the date and time.• Select t

Seite 172 - B Notes About Log Recording

12Basic Shooting and Playback OperationsBasic Shooting and Playback Operations1 Hold the camera steady.• Keep fingers and other objects away from the

Seite 173 - C Erasing Log Data

13Basic Shooting and Playback Operations3 Press the shutter-release button halfway.• When the subject is in focus, the focus area or focus indicator i

Seite 174 - C Location Log Data

14Basic Shooting and Playback OperationsUsing the ZoomWhen you move the zoom control, the zoom lens position changes.• To zoom in: Move toward g• To z

Seite 175 - 15/11/2015 [2] 15:30

15Basic Shooting and Playback Operations1 Press the c (playback) button to enter playback mode.• If you press and hold down the c button while the cam

Seite 176 - Function

16Basic Shooting and Playback Operations1 Press the l (delete) button to delete the image currently displayed in the monitor.2 Use the multi selector

Seite 177 - Wi-Fi Connection

17Basic Shooting and Playback OperationsOperating the Erase Selected Images Screen1 Use the multi selector JK to select an image to be deleted, and th

Seite 178 - C Security Settings

18Basic Shooting and Playback OperationsThe shooting modes described below are available.• x Scene auto selectorThe camera automatically recognizes th

Seite 179 - 1 Select images to transfer

19Basic Shooting and Playback OperationsWhen the shooting screen is displayed, you can press the multi selector H (m) J (n) I (p) K (o) to set the fun

Seite 180 - Printer, or Computer

iiiIntroductionInformation and PrecautionsLife-Long LearningAs part of Nikon’s “Life-Long Learning” commitment to ongoing product support and educatio

Seite 181

20Basic Shooting and Playback OperationsThe operations described below can be performed by shaking or tilting the camera.Displaying the Previous or Ne

Seite 182 - 3 Hold down the c (playback)

21Shooting FeaturesShooting FeaturesThe camera automatically recognizes the shooting scene when you frame a picture, making it easier to take pictures

Seite 183 - 15/11/2015

22Shooting FeaturesB After Taking the Camera Out of the WaterAfter taking the camera out of water, sometimes it may not automatically switch to anothe

Seite 184 - Printing Images One at a Time

23Shooting FeaturesWhen a scene is selected, camera settings are automatically optimized for the selected scene.* The icon of the last scene selected

Seite 185 - Printing Multiple Images

24Shooting FeaturesTips and Notes• While the shutter-release button is held all the way down, the camera shoots up to about 5 images continuously at a

Seite 186

25Shooting Features• On the screen displayed when j Night landscape is selected, select u Hand-held or w Tripod.• u Hand-held (default setting):-While

Seite 187 - Computer)

26Shooting Features• The shutter speed is fixed at four seconds.• On the screen displayed when o Backlighting is selected, select ON or OFF to enable

Seite 188 - 3 Terminate the connection

27Shooting Features• When you point the camera at a dog or cat, the camera detects the pet’s face and focuses on it. By default, the camera detects a

Seite 189 - Technical Notes

28Shooting FeaturesShooting Time-lapse MoviesThe camera can automatically capture 300 still images at a specified interval to create time-lapse movies

Seite 190 - Caring for the Product

29Shooting Features3 Stabilize the camera by using a tool such as a tripod.4 Press the shutter-release button to capture the first image.• Set exposur

Seite 191 - The Battery

ivIntroductionAbout the Manuals• No part of the manuals included with this product may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval

Seite 192 - The Charging AC Adapter

30Shooting FeaturesShooting with Easy Panorama* The icon of the last scene selected is displayed.1 Select W Normal or X Wide as the shooting range and

Seite 193 - Memory Cards

31Shooting Features4 Move the camera in one of the four directions until the guide indicator reaches the end.• When the camera detects which direction

Seite 194 - Cleaning and Storage

32Shooting FeaturesPlayback with Easy PanoramaSwitch to playback mode (A15), display an image captured using easy panorama in full-frame playback mode

Seite 195 - Error Messages

33Shooting FeaturesEffects can be applied to images during shooting.* The icon of the last effect selected is displayed.• The camera focuses on the ar

Seite 196

34Shooting FeaturesYou can take a picture with the glamour retouch function to enhance human faces.1 Press the multi selector K.2 Apply an effect.• Us

Seite 197

35Shooting FeaturesFunctions Available in Smart Portrait Mode• Glamour retouch (A34)• Smile timer (A35)• Self-Collage (A36)• Flash mode (A44)• Self-ti

Seite 198

36Shooting FeaturesUsing Self-CollageThe camera can capture a series of four or nine images at intervals and save them as a one-frame image (a collage

Seite 199

37Shooting FeaturesB Notes About Self-Collage• If you press the shutter-release button before the camera takes the specified number of shots, shooting

Seite 200 - Troubleshooting

38Shooting FeaturesThe camera creates a short movie that is up to 30 seconds long (e 1080/30p or S 1080/25p) by recording and automatically combining

Seite 201

39Shooting Features3 Check the recorded movie clip, or delete it.• To check it, press the k button.• To delete it, press the l button. The last record

Seite 202 - Shooting Issues

vIntroductionDisposing of Data Storage DevicesPlease note that deleting images or formatting data storage devices such as memory cards or built-in cam

Seite 203

40Shooting FeaturesOperations During Movie Clip PlaybackTo adjust the volume, move the zoom control while a movie clip is playing (A2).Playback contro

Seite 204

41Shooting FeaturesC Pausing Movie Recording• A still image (l 4608×2592) can be captured if you press the shutter-release button when the shooting st

Seite 205 - Playback Issues

42Shooting FeaturesUsed for general shooting. Settings can be adjusted to suit the shooting conditions and the type of shot you want to capture.• You

Seite 206

43Shooting FeaturesUsing the Creative SliderYou can adjust the brightness (exposure compensation), vividness, and hue when shooting.1 Press the multi

Seite 207 - Location Data Functions

44Shooting FeaturesYou can select a flash mode to match the shooting conditions.1 Press the multi selector H (m).2 Select the desired flash mode (A45)

Seite 208

45Shooting FeaturesAvailable Flash ModesC The Flash Mode Setting• The setting may not be available with some shooting modes (A49).• The setting applie

Seite 209

46Shooting FeaturesThe camera is equipped with a self-timer that releases the shutter 10 seconds or 2 seconds after you press the shutter-release butt

Seite 210 - File Names

47Shooting FeaturesUse macro mode when taking close-up pictures.1 Press the multi selector I (p).2 Select ON and press the k button.• If the setting i

Seite 211 - File name : N151115 0 .log

48Shooting FeaturesYou can adjust overall image brightness.1 Press the multi selector K (o).2 Select a compensation value and press the k button.• To

Seite 212 - Optional Accessories

49Shooting FeaturesDefault settings for each shooting mode are listed below.Default Settings (Flash, Self-timer, Etc.)Flash(A44)Self-timer(A46)Macro(A

Seite 213

viIntroductionTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety befo

Seite 214 - 2 Attach the underwater

50Shooting Features1The camera automatically selects the flash mode appropriate for the scene it has selected. W (off) can be selected manually.2Canno

Seite 215

51Shooting FeaturesThe focus area varies depending on the shooting mode.Using Face DetectionIn the following shooting modes, the camera uses face dete

Seite 216

52Shooting FeaturesUsing Skin SofteningWhen the shutter is released while using one of the shooting modes listed below, the camera detects human faces


53Shooting FeaturesUsing Target Finding AFWhen AF area mode (A88) in A (auto) mode is set to Target finding AF, the camera focuses in the manner descr

Seite 218

54Shooting FeaturesSubjects Not Suitable for AutofocusThe camera may not focus as expected in the following situations. In rare cases, the subject may

Seite 219

55Shooting FeaturesFocus LockFocus lock shooting is recommended when the camera does not activate the focus area that contains the desired subject.1 S

Seite 220

56Shooting FeaturesSome functions cannot be used with other menu options.Functions That Cannot Be Used Simultaneously When ShootingRestricted function

Seite 221

57Shooting FeaturesISO sensitivity Continuous (A84)When Pre-shooting cache, Continuous H: 120 fps, or Continuous H: 60 fps is selected, ISO sensitivit

Seite 222 - Specifications

58Shooting FeaturesB Notes About Digital Zoom• Depending on the shooting mode or the current settings, digital zoom may not be available (A125).• When

Seite 223 - 1500–1 s

59Playback FeaturesPlayback FeaturesMoving the zoom control toward g (i playback zoom) in full-frame playback mode (A15) zooms in on the image.• You c

Seite 224

viiIntroductionDo not remain in contact with the camera, charging AC adapter, or AC adapter for extended periods while the devices are on or in usePar

Seite 225

60Playback FeaturesMoving the zoom control toward f (h thumbnail playback) in full-frame playback mode (A15) displays images as thumbnails.• You can c

Seite 226

61Playback FeaturesUse the multi selector HI to select a date and then press the k button to play back the images captured on the selected date.• Func

Seite 227 - Approved Memory Cards

62Playback FeaturesViewing Images in a SequenceImages captured continuously or with the self-collage function are saved as a sequence.The first image

Seite 228 - MIT License (HarfBuzz)

63Playback FeaturesDeleting Images in a SequenceWhen the l (delete) button is pressed for images in a sequence, the images that are deleted vary depen

Seite 229

64Playback FeaturesBefore Editing ImagesYou can easily edit images on this camera. Edited copies are saved as separate files.Edited copies are saved w

Seite 230

65Playback Features3 Select Yes and press the k button.• An edited copy is created.Quick Retouch: Enhancing Contrast and SaturationUse the multi selec

Seite 231

66Playback FeaturesD-Lighting: Enhancing Brightness and ContrastUse the multi selector HI to select OK and press the k button.• The edited version is

Seite 232

67Playback FeaturesGlamour Retouch: Enhancing Human Faces1 Use the multi selector HIJK to select the face that you want to retouch and press the k but

Seite 233

68Playback Features4 Select Yes and press the k button.• An edited copy is created.B Notes About Glamour Retouch• Only one face at a time can be edite

Seite 234 - 6MN54711-04

69Playback FeaturesSmall Picture: Reducing the Size of an Image1 Use the multi selector HI to select the desired copy size and press the k button.• Im

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