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Seite 1 - Reference Manual

EnDIGITAL CAMERAReference ManualEn

Seite 2 - Waterproofing

viiiIntroductionDo not remain in contact with the camera, charging AC adapter, or AC adapter for extended periods while the devices are on or in usePa

Seite 3

70Recording and Playing Back MoviesB Maximum Movie LengthIndividual movie files cannot exceed 4 GB in size or 29 minutes in length, even when there is

Seite 4

71Recording and Playing Back MoviesB Notes About Vibration Reduction During Movie Recording• When Movie VR (A73) in the movie menu is set to On (hybri

Seite 5 - About This Manual

72Recording and Playing Back MoviesSaving Still Images While Recording MoviesIf the shutter-release button is pressed all the way while recording a mo

Seite 6 - Information and Precautions

73Recording and Playing Back MoviesFunctions That Can Be Set with the d Button (Movie Menu)The settings of the menu options listed below can be config

Seite 7 - About the Manuals

74Recording and Playing Back MoviesPress the c button to enter playback mode.Movies are indicated by the movie options icon (A73).Press the k button t

Seite 8

75Recording and Playing Back MoviesFunctions Available During PlaybackPlayback controls are displayed at the bottom of the monitor.The operations list

Seite 9 - For Your Safety

76General Camera SetupGeneral Camera SetupThe settings of the menu options listed below can be configured.Functions That Can Be Set with the d Button

Seite 10 - Introduction

77General Camera SetupAction control responseAllows you to set the sensitivity of the operation performed when shaking the camera (action control).E71

Seite 11

78Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsUsing Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsThis camera receives signals from positioning satellites a

Seite 12 - Notices for Customers

79Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsB Notes About Location Data Functions• Before using the location data functions, read "<Importa

Seite 13

ixIntroduction• Do not handle the plug or go near the charging AC adapter during lightning storms. Failure to observe this precaution could result in

Seite 14 - Dustproof, Condensation

80Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsB Battery Drain While Recording Location Data and Log Recording• When Record location data is set to On

Seite 15

81Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsC Underwater Recording of Location DataWhile the location data is being obtained, if you select Underwa

Seite 16

82Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsThe current position or image shooting location can be displayed on the screen using the camera’s inter

Seite 17

83Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsB Map Display• The map display cannot be rotated. Only the north up display (the top of the screen indi

Seite 18

84Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsWhen Using Playback ModeIf an image displaying z in the full-frame display is selected and the U (map)

Seite 19 - Humidity and Condensation

85Using Location Data Functions/Displaying Maps• The following operations can be performed when you press the k button while thumbnails are displayed.

Seite 20 - Compass)

86Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsYou can display the altitude or water depth and the atmospheric pressure of the current position on the

Seite 21

87Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsC Altitude Log and Water Depth LogWhen Create log in the Location data options menu is selected, altitu

Seite 22 - Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN Network)

88Using Location Data Functions/Displaying MapsPoints of interest (POI)Allows you to make the settings for the POI (points of interest, location name

Seite 23 - DA103423

89Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) FunctionUsing the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) FunctionYou can perform the following functions if you install the dedicated s

Seite 24


Seite 25 - Table of Contents

90Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Function1 Use the multi selector HI to select Connect to smart device and press the k button.• If Connect to smart de

Seite 26

91Using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) FunctionTo Terminate the Wi-Fi ConnectionPerform one of the following operations.• Turn off the camera.• Select Disab

Seite 27

92Connecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or PrinterConnecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or PrinterYou can enhance your enjoyment of images and m

Seite 28

93Connecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or PrinterViewing images on a TV E21Images and movies captured with the camera can be viewed on a TV.Connec

Seite 29

94Connecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or PrinterInstall ViewNX 2 to upload, view, edit, and share photos and movies.Installing ViewNX 2An Interne

Seite 30

95Connecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or PrinterTransferring Images to the Computer1 Choose how images will be copied to the computer.Choose one

Seite 31 - Parts of the Camera

96Connecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or Printer2 Transfer images to the computer.• Click Start Transfer.• At default settings, all the images on

Seite 32

97Connecting the Camera to a TV, Computer, or PrinterViewing ImagesStart ViewNX 2.• Images are displayed in ViewNX 2 when transfer is complete.• Consu

Seite 34 - Control)

E1The Reference Section provides detailed information and hints about using the camera.ShootingUsing Easy Panorama (Shooting and Playback)...

Seite 35 - B Notes About Action Control

xiIntroductionInterface CablesUse the interface cables sold or provided by Nikon for your equipment. Using other interface cables may exceed the limit

Seite 36 - 4 Press the k button

E2Reference SectionShooting with Easy Panorama* The icon of the last scene selected is displayed.1 Select W Normal (180°) or X Wide (360°) as the shoo

Seite 37 - 8 Press the k button

E3Reference Section4 Move the camera in one of the four directions until the guide indicator reaches the end.• When the camera detects which direction

Seite 38 - The Monitor

E4Reference SectionViewing Images Captured with Easy PanoramaSwitch to playback mode (A30), display an image captured using easy panorama in full-fram

Seite 39

E5Reference SectionBy adding images (except movies) to albums as favorite pictures, you can play back only the added images.• Images can be sorted int

Seite 40 - Playback Mode

E6Reference SectionPlaying Back Images in AlbumsUse the multi selector to select an album and then press the k button to play back the images in the s

Seite 41

E7Reference SectionRemoving Images from Albums1 Use the multi selector JK to select an image and use H to hide L.• To display the icons again, press I

Seite 42 - The Basics of Shooting and

E8Reference SectionChanging the Favorites Album Icon1 Use the multi selector to select an album and press the d button.2 Use JK to select an icon colo

Seite 43 - B High Temperature Caution

E9Reference SectionImages are automatically sorted into categories, such as portraits, landscapes, and movies, based on the camera settings at the tim

Seite 44

E10Reference SectionUse the multi selector to select a date and then press the k button to play back the images captured on the selected date.• Functi

Seite 45 - B Notes About Charging

E11Reference SectionViewing Images in a SequenceImages captured continuously are saved as a sequence.The first image of a sequence is used as the key

Seite 46 - 3 Close the battery-chamber/

xiiIntroduction• Make sure to read the following instructions as well as the instructions provided in “Caring for the Product” (F2).Notes About Shockp

Seite 47 - B Formatting Memory Cards

E12Reference SectionDeleting Images in a SequenceWhen the l button is pressed for images in a sequence, the images that are deleted vary depending on

Seite 48 - 2 Use the multi selector

E13Reference SectionBefore Editing ImagesYou can easily edit images on this camera. Edited copies are saved as separate files.Edited copies are saved

Seite 49 - 0515 15 30

E14Reference SectionQuick Effects: Changing Hue or Mood1 Display the image to which you want to apply an effect in full-frame playback mode and press

Seite 50 - 8 Read the message about the

E15Reference SectionQuick Retouch: Enhancing Contrast and SaturationUse the multi selector HI to select the amount of effect applied and press the k b

Seite 51

E16Reference SectionRed-eye Correction: Correcting Red-eye When Shooting with the FlashPreview the result and press the k button.• To exit without sav

Seite 52 - 1 Press the power switch

E17Reference SectionGlamour Retouch: Enhancing Human Faces1 Use the multi selector HIJK to select the face that you want to retouch and press the k bu

Seite 53 - C The Auto Off Function

E18Reference SectionB Notes About Glamour Retouch• Only one face per image can be edited using the glamour retouch function. You can retouch up to ten

Seite 54 - 2 Use the multi

E19Reference SectionSmall Picture: Reducing the Size of an Image1 Use the multi selector HI to select the desired copy size and press the k button.• I

Seite 55 - Available Shooting Modes

E20Reference SectionCrop: Creating a Cropped Copy1 Move the zoom control to enlarge the image (A65).2 Refine copy composition and press the d button.•

Seite 56 - 2 Frame the picture

E21Reference Section1 Turn off the camera and connect it to the TV.• Make sure that the plugs are properly oriented. Do not insert or remove the plugs

Seite 57 - C Notes About Digital Zoom

xiiiIntroductionbIf the camera is subjected to excessive shock, vibration or pressure by dropping or hitting it, the waterproof performance is not gua

Seite 58 - Step 4 Focus and Shoot

E22Reference SectionUsers of PictBridge-compatible printers can connect the camera directly to the printer and print images without using a computer.C

Seite 59 - The Shutter-release Button

E23Reference SectionConnecting the Camera to a Printer1 Turn off the camera.2 Turn on the printer.• Check printer settings.3 Connect the camera to the

Seite 60 - 1 Press the c (playback)

E24Reference SectionPrinting Individual Images1 Use the multi selector to select the desired image and press the k button.• Move the zoom control towa

Seite 61 - 1 Press the l button to

E25Reference Section4 Select Paper size and press the k button.5 Select the desired paper size and press the k button.• To apply the paper size settin

Seite 62

E26Reference SectionPrinting Multiple Images1 When the Print selection screen is displayed, press the d button.2 Use the multi selector HI to select P

Seite 63 - Shooting Features

E27Reference SectionPrint selectionSelect images (up to 99) and the number of copies (up to 9) of each.• Use the multi selector JK to select images, a

Seite 64 - • The Shooting menu (A55)

E28Reference SectionExtracting Only the Desired Portion of a MovieThe desired portions of a recorded movie can be saved as a separate file.1 Play back

Seite 65

E29Reference SectionB Notes About Movie Editing• Use a sufficiently charged battery to prevent the camera from turning off during editing.• A movie th

Seite 66 - Tips and Notes

E30Reference SectionImage Mode Settings (Image Size and Quality)Select the combination of image size and compression ratio that is used when saving im

Seite 67

E31Reference SectionC Notes About Image Mode• The image mode setting can also be changed in shooting modes other than auto. The changed setting is als

Seite 68

xivIntroductionBefore Using the Camera UnderwaterRemove the strap for land use before using the camera underwater.1. Make sure that there are no forei

Seite 69

E32Reference SectionWhite Balance (Adjusting Hue)Adjust white balance to suit the light source or weather conditions in order to make the colors in im

Seite 70 - B Focus Area

E33Reference SectionUsing Preset ManualUse the procedure below to measure the white balance value under the lighting used during shooting.1 Place a wh

Seite 71 - C Underwater

E34Reference SectionContinuous ShootingSelect A (auto) mode M d button M A menu icon M Continuous M k buttonOption DescriptionU Single (default settin

Seite 72 - When Shooting)

E35Reference SectionB Notes About Continuous Shooting• Focus, exposure, and white balance are fixed at the values determined with the first image in e

Seite 73

E36Reference SectionC Pre-shooting CacheWhen the shutter-release button is pressed halfway or all the way down, images are saved in the manner describ

Seite 74 - 3 End automatic shooting

E37Reference SectionISO SensitivityHigher ISO sensitivity allows darker subjects to be captured. Additionally, even with subjects of similar brightnes

Seite 75 - A (Auto) Mode

E38Reference SectionAF Area ModeUse this option to determine how the camera selects the focus area for autofocus when shooting still images.Select A (

Seite 76 - Using Quick Effects

E39Reference SectionB Notes About AF Area Mode• When digital zoom is in effect, the camera focuses on the area in the center of the frame regardless o

Seite 77 - Selector

E40Reference SectionUsing Subject Tracking1 Register a subject.• Align the subject that you want to track with the border in the center of the monitor

Seite 78 - B The Flash Lamp

E41Reference SectionAutofocus ModeSelect how the camera focuses when shooting still images.C Autofocus Mode for Movie RecordingAutofocus mode for movi

Seite 79 - C Auto with Red-eye Reduction

xvIntroductionCleaning after Using the Camera Underwater• After using the camera underwater, clean the camera within 60 minutes. If you leave the came

Seite 80 - 4 Press the shutter-release

E42Reference Section• See “Image Mode Settings (Image Size and Quality)” (E30) for information about Image mode.Skin SofteningThe effects of skin soft

Seite 81 - 2 Select o and press the k

E43Reference SectionSmile TimerThe camera detects human faces and then automatically releases the shutter whenever a smile is detected.B Notes About S

Seite 82 - Exposure compensation

E44Reference SectionBlink ProofB Notes About Blink ProofThe setting may not be changed when using certain settings of other functions.Select smart por

Seite 83 - Default Settings

E45Reference Section• See “Editing Still Images” (E13) for information about image editing functions.• See “Favorite Pictures Mode” (E5) for informati

Seite 84

E46Reference Section2 Select images (up to 99) and the number of copies (up to 9) of each.• Use the multi selector JK to select images, and use HI to

Seite 85 - Button (Shooting Menu)

E47Reference SectionB Notes About Print OrderWhen a print order is created in favorite pictures mode, auto sort mode, or list by date mode, the screen

Seite 86

E48Reference SectionSlide ShowPlay back images one by one in an automated “slide show.” When movie files are played back in the slide show, only the f

Seite 87

E49Reference SectionProtectThe camera protects selected images from accidental deletion.Select images to protect or cancel protection for previously p

Seite 88 - Simultaneously

E50Reference SectionRotate ImageSpecify the orientation in which saved images are displayed during playback. Still images can be rotated 90 degrees cl

Seite 89

E51Reference SectionVoice MemoVoice memos can be recorded and attached to images.Recording Voice Memos• Press and hold the k button to record (up to a

Seite 90

xviIntroduction3. After making sure that there are no water droplets on the camera, open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover and gently wipe of

Seite 91 - Focusing

E52Reference SectionCopy (Copy Between Internal Memory and Memory Card)Copy images between the internal memory and a memory card.1 Use the multi selec

Seite 92 - B Notes About Face Detection

E53Reference SectionC Notes About Copying Images in a Sequence• If you select a key picture of a sequence in Selected images, all images in the sequen

Seite 93 - B Notes About Skin Softening

E54Reference SectionMovie OptionsSelect the desired movie option to record. Select normal speed movie options to record at normal speed, or HS movie o

Seite 94 - Focus Lock

E55Reference SectionHS Movie OptionsRecorded movies are played back in fast or slow motion.See “Recording Movies in Slow Motion and Fast Motion (HS M

Seite 95 - Playback Features

E56Reference SectionRecording Movies in Slow Motion and Fast Motion (HS Movie)Movies recorded using HS movie can be played back in slow motion at 1/8,

Seite 96 - B Calendar Display

E57Reference SectionC Playing Back in Slow Motion and Fast MotionWhen recording at normal speed:When recording at h HS 480/4× (a HS 480/4×):Movies are

Seite 97 - Button (Playback Menu)

E58Reference SectionOpen with HS FootageSet whether to start recording HS movies or at normal speed when recording movies.AF Area ModeUse this option

Seite 98

E59Reference SectionAutofocus ModeSet how the camera focuses in movie mode.• When an HS movie option is selected in Movie options, the setting is fixe

Seite 99 - Recording and Playing Back

E60Reference SectionMovie VRSet to reduce the effects of camera shake while recording movies.Set this option to Off when using a tripod to stabilize t

Seite 100 - B Notes About Movie Recording

E61Reference SectionWind Noise ReductionSet whether or not to reduce wind noise during movie recording.• When an HS movie option is selected in Movie

Seite 101 - B Notes About Autofocus

xviiIntroductionNotes About Operating Temperature and Humidity and CondensationThe operation of this camera has been tested at temperatures from −10°C

Seite 102

E62Reference SectionWelcome ScreenConfigure the welcome screen that is displayed when you turn on the camera.The Setup MenuPress the d button M z menu

Seite 103 - (Movie Menu)

E63Reference SectionTime Zone and DateSet the camera clock.Press the d button M z menu icon M Time zone and date M k buttonOption DescriptionDate and

Seite 104 - Playing Back Movies

E64Reference SectionSetting the Time Zone1 Use the multi selector HI to select Time zone and press the k button.2 Select w Home time zone or x Travel

Seite 105 - Functions Available During

E65Reference SectionMonitor SettingsB Notes About Monitor SettingsWhen Quick effects (E41) is set to On, the captured image is displayed after each sh

Seite 106 - General Camera Setup

E66Reference SectionFraming grid+auto infoIn addition to information shown with Auto info, a framing grid is displayed to help frame images. The frami

Seite 107

E67Reference SectionPrint Date (Imprinting Date and Time)The shooting date and time can be imprinted on the images when shooting, allowing the informa

Seite 108 - Displaying Maps

E68Reference SectionPhoto VRSet to reduce the effects of camera shake while shooting still images.Set this option to Off when using a tripod to stabil

Seite 109

E69Reference SectionMotion DetectionEnable motion detection to reduce the effects of subject movement and camera shake when shooting still images.B No

Seite 110 - Information

E70Reference SectionDigital ZoomB Notes About Digital Zoom• Digital zoom cannot be used in the following situations.- When the scene mode is Portrait,

Seite 111

E71Reference SectionAction Control ResponseSet the sensitivity of the operation performed when shaking the camera (action control) (A4). When this opt

Seite 112

The following are important notes about the camera's waterproofing. Before using the camera, please thoroughly read the information in “<Impor

Seite 113 - B Map Display

xviiiIntroductionbMap/location name data of this cameraBefore using the location data functions, make sure to read “USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR MAP DAT

Seite 114 - When Using Playback Mode

E72Reference SectionMap actionsB Notes About Map actionsIf the V (action) button is pressed, you cannot zoom in and out of maps.Auto OffSet the amount

Seite 115 - C on the map (C

E73Reference SectionFormat Memory/Format CardUse this option to format the internal memory or a memory card.Formatting the internal memory or memory c

Seite 116

E74Reference SectionLanguageSelect a language for display of camera menus and messages.TV SettingsAdjust settings for connection to a TV.C HDMI and HD

Seite 117 - C More Information

E75Reference SectionCharge by ComputerB Notes About Charging with a Computer• When connected to a computer, the camera automatically turns on and star

Seite 118

E76Reference SectionBlink WarningSelect whether or not the camera detects human subjects that have blinked using face detection (A62) when shooting in

Seite 119 - Function

E77Reference SectionEye-Fi UploadB Notes About Eye-Fi Cards• Note that images will not be uploaded if signal strength is insufficient even if Enable i


E78Reference SectionReset AllWhen Reset is selected, the camera’s settings are restored to their default values.• Some settings, such as Time zone and

Seite 121

E79Reference SectionLocation data OptionsUpdating the A-GPS FileDownload the latest A-GPS file from the website below, and use it to update the file.h

Seite 122 - Computer, or Printer

E80Reference Section3 Insert the memory card containing the copied file into the camera.4 Turn on the camera.5 Press the d button to display the Locat

Seite 123

E81Reference SectionCalculate DistanceCalculate the linear distance from the current position to the shooting location of the image or between the sho

Seite 124 - 4 Exit the installer

xixIntroductionbNotes about measurement functionsThe COOLPIX AW120 is a camera. Do not use this camera as a navigation device or measuring instrument.

Seite 125 - B Connecting the USB Cable

E82Reference SectionPoints of Interest (POI) (Recording and Displaying Location Name Information)Configure the POI (Points of Interest, location name

Seite 126 - 3 Terminate the connection

E83Reference SectionCreate Log (Record the Log of Movement Information)When log recording starts, the measured movement information is recorded until

Seite 127 - C Starting ViewNX 2 Manually

E84Reference Section3 Select the duration that the log will be recorded, and press the k button.• Log recording starts.• The log data is recorded at t

Seite 128

E85Reference SectionB Notes About Log Recording• If the date and time are not set, the log cannot be recorded.• Use a fully charged battery to prevent

Seite 129 - Reference Section

E86Reference SectionView LogCheck or erase the log data stored on the memory card using Create log (E83).1 Use the multi selector HI to select a log t

Seite 130 - Playback)

E87Reference SectionWhen Altitude/depth logs is selected• The altitude information or water depth information is displayed on the graph.• When the zoo

Seite 131 - Example of camera movement

E88Reference SectionSet Clock from SatelliteSignals from the positioning satellites are used to set the date and time of the camera’s internal clock.

Seite 132 - B Notes About Scroll Playback

E89Reference SectionElectronic CompassPress the d button M z (location data options) menu icon M Electronic compass M k buttonOption DescriptionCompas

Seite 133 - Favorite Pictures Mode

E90Reference SectionB Notes About Using the Electronic Compass• The electronic compass is not displayed when the camera lens is facing upwards.• Do no

Seite 134 - B Notes About Deletion

E91Reference SectionAltitude/Depth OptionsB Notes About Altitude/Depth OptionsTo correct the altitude or water depth using Use location data of Alt./d

Seite 135 - Removing Images from Albums

xxIntroductionThis product is controlled by the United States Export Administration Regulations, and you are required to obtain permission from the Un

Seite 136 - • The icon changes

E92Reference SectionConfigure the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) settings to connect the camera and a smart device.The Wi-Fi Options MenuPress the d button M q

Seite 137 - Auto Sort Mode

E93Reference SectionOperating the Text Input KeyboardCharacter Input for SSID and Password• Use the multi selector HIJK to select alphanumeric charact

Seite 138 - List by Date Mode

E94Reference SectionRefer to the table below if an error message is displayed.Error MessagesDisplay Cause/Solution ABattery temperature is elevated. T

Seite 139 - Continuously (Sequence)

E95Reference SectionImage cannot be saved.An error occurred while saving the image.Insert a new memory card or format the internal memory or memory ca

Seite 140 - Deleting Images in a Sequence

E96Reference SectionAll images are hidden.There are no images available for a slide show, etc.E48This image cannot be deleted.The image is protected.D

Seite 141 - Editing Still Images

E97Reference SectionUnable to correct compass.Unable to calibrate the electronic compass.Swing the camera to draw a figure eight in the air outdoors w

Seite 142 - 15/05/2014 15:30

E98Reference Section* See the documentation provided with your printer for further guidance and information.Printer error: check printer status.After

Seite 143 - D-Lighting

E99Reference SectionImages, movies, or voice memos are assigned file names as follows.* Including images edited using the quick effects function (A46)

Seite 144 - Shooting with the Flash

E100Reference SectionC Log Data Saved on Memory Cards The log data is saved in the “NCFL“ folder.• Location data logs: Up to 36 files can be recorded

Seite 145 - 4 Select Yes and press the k

E101Reference SectionAvailability may vary with country or region.See our website or brochures for the latest information.Optional AccessoriesBattery

Seite 146 - B Notes About Data imprint

xxiIntroductionCOOLPIX AW120, which is equipped with a DW092 (FCC ID:EW4DW092/IC ID:4634A-3149EC) Wireless LAN Module, has been tested and found to co

Seite 148 - 3 Select Yes and press the k

F1Caring for the Product...F2The Camera...

Seite 149 - Images on a TV)

F2Technical Notes and IndexThe CameraTo ensure continued enjoyment of this Nikon product, observe the precautions described below in addition to the w

Seite 150

Technical Notes and IndexF3B Shock and VibrationDo not drop the camera, strike it against a hard object such as a rock, or throw it at a water surface

Seite 151 - 15/05/2014 No. 32

F4Technical Notes and IndexB Do Not Point the Lens at Strong Light Sources for Extended PeriodsAvoid pointing the lens at the sun or other strong ligh

Seite 152

Technical Notes and IndexF5• When charging the battery inserted into this camera using the charging AC adapter or a computer, the battery is not charg

Seite 153 - 8×10 in

F6Technical Notes and Index• Do not, under any circumstances, use another make or model of AC adapter other than Charging AC Adapter EH-71P, and do no

Seite 154

Technical Notes and IndexF7CleaningDo not use alcohol, thinner, or other volatile chemicals.C More InformationSee “Notes About Waterproof and Dustproo

Seite 155 - DPOF printing

F8Technical Notes and IndexStorageTurn the camera off when not in use. Be sure that the power-on lamp is off before putting the camera away. Remove th

Seite 156 - 3 Use HI to select M (Choose

F9Technical Notes and IndexIf the camera fails to function as expected, check the list of common problems below before consulting your retailer or Nik

Seite 157 - B Notes About Movie Editing

xxiiIntroductionPrecautions when Using Radio TransmissionsAlways keep in mind that radio transmission or reception of data is subject to interception

Seite 158

F10Technical Notes and IndexCamera turns off without warning.• The camera automatically turns off to save power (auto off function).• The camera or ba

Seite 159 - C Notes About Image Mode

F11Technical Notes and IndexShooting IssuesNo indicators displayed in monitor.Hide info is selected for Photo info in Monitor settings in the setup me

Seite 160 - B Notes About White Balance

F12Technical Notes and IndexNo image captured when the shutter-release button is pressed.• When the camera is in playback mode, press the A button, th

Seite 161 - 3 Select Measure

F13Technical Notes and IndexDigital zoom cannot be used.• Digital zoom is set to Off in the setup menu.• Digital zoom cannot be used in the following

Seite 162 - Continuous Shooting

F14Technical Notes and IndexImages are too dark (underexposed).• The flash mode is set to W (off).• The flash window is blocked.• The subject is beyon

Seite 163

F15Technical Notes and IndexPlayback IssuesA ring-shaped belt or rainbow-colored stripe appears in the monitor or images.When shooting with backlighti

Seite 164 - C Pre-shooting Cache

F16Technical Notes and IndexCannot rotate image.• This camera cannot rotate images captured with another make or model of digital camera.• Images edit

Seite 165 - B Notes About ISO Sensitivity

F17Technical Notes and IndexLocation Data FunctionsProblem Cause/Solution AUnable to identify the location or it takes time to identify the location.•

Seite 166 - AF Area Mode

F18Technical Notes and IndexThe altimeter or depth gauge and atmospheric pressure icon remain displayed on the shooting screen.Set Photo info of Monit

Seite 167 - B Notes About AF Area Mode

F19Technical Notes and IndexWi-FiUnable to save log data.• Make sure that a memory card is inserted in the camera.• Up to 36 log data events for locat

Seite 168 - 1 Register a subject

xxiiiIntroductionIntroduction ... iiRead

Seite 169 - B Notes About Quick Effects

F20Technical Notes and IndexThe map data and location name data that are stored in this digital camera (“Data”) is provided for your personal, interna

Seite 170 - The Smart Portrait Menu


Seite 171 - B Notes About Smile Timer

F22Technical Notes and IndexGovernment End Users. If the Data supplied by HERE is being acquired by or on behalf of the United States government or an

Seite 172 - B Notes About Blink Proof

Technical Notes and IndexF23Notices related to licensed software copyright holders.• Map data and location name data for Japan• Map data and location

Seite 173 - The Playback Menu

F24Technical Notes and IndexGreece Copyright Geomatics Ltd.Hungary Copyright © 2003; Top-Map Ltd.ItalyLa Banca Dati Italiana è stata prodotta usando q

Seite 174 - 15 .05. 201 415.05.2014

Technical Notes and IndexF25Israel © Survey of Israel data sourceJordan © Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre.MozambiqueCertain Data for Mozambique prov

Seite 175 - B Notes About Print Order

F26Technical Notes and IndexNikon COOLPIX AW120 Digital CameraSpecificationsType Compact digital cameraNumber of effective pixels16.0 millionImage sen

Seite 176 - 2 Select End or Restart

Technical Notes and IndexF27Image size (pixels)• 16M (High) 4608×3456P• 16M 4608×3456• 8M 3264×2448• 4M 2272×1704• 2M 1600×1200• VGA 640×480• 16

Seite 177

F28Technical Notes and IndexWi-Fi (Wireless LAN)StandardsIEEE 802.11b/g/n (standard wireless LAN protocol)ARIB STD-T66 (standard for low power data co

Seite 178 - Rotate Image

Technical Notes and IndexF29• Unless otherwise stated, all figures assume a fully-charged battery and an ambient temperature of 23 ±3°C (73.4 ±5.4°F)

Seite 179 - Voice Memo

xxivIntroductionStep 3 Frame a Picture ... 26Us

Seite 180 - B Notes About Copying Images

F30Technical Notes and IndexRechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL12Charging AC Adapter EH-71PB Specifications• Nikon will not be held liable for any error

Seite 181 - Choose Key Picture

Technical Notes and IndexF31Approved Memory CardsThe following Secure Digital (SD) memory cards have been tested and approved for use in this camera.•

Seite 182 - The Movie Menu

Technical Notes and IndexF32AVC Patent Portfolio LicenseThis product is licensed under the AVC Patent Portfolio License for the personal and non-comme

Seite 183 - B Notes About HS Movie

F33Technical Notes and IndexTrademark Information• Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Co

Seite 184 - Movie options

Technical Notes and IndexF34SymbolsV Action Button... 2, 4A Auto mode... 24, 45F Auto sort mode...

Seite 185

F35Technical Notes and IndexBlink proof... 57, E44Blink warning... 77, E76Brightness ...

Seite 186 - Open with HS Footage

Technical Notes and IndexF36Format memory cards... 17, 77, E73Formatting ... 17, 77, E73Frame

Seite 187 - Autofocus Mode

F37Technical Notes and IndexOOpen with HS footage... 73, E56, E58Optical zoom ...

Seite 188 - B Notes About Movie VR

Technical Notes and IndexF38Smart portrait menu... 55, E42Smart portrait mode ... 44Smile timer...

Seite 190 - The Setup Menu

xxvIntroductionPlaying Back Movies ... 74Ge

Seite 191 - 05 15 10

2014No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without

Seite 192 - New York, Toronto, Lima

xxviIntroductionList by Date Mode... E10Viewi

Seite 193 - Photo Info

xxviiIntroductionVoice Memo ...

Seite 194

iIntroductionParts of the CameraThe Basics of Shooting and PlaybackShooting FeaturesPlayback FeaturesRecording and Playing Back MoviesGeneral Camera S

Seite 195 - B Notes About Print Date

xxviiiIntroductionPoints of Interest (POI) (Recording and Displaying Location Name Information)...

Seite 196 - B Notes About Photo VR

1Parts of the CameraParts of the CameraThe Camera Body1421345 61310 12911871Eyelet for camera strap...32 Shutter-release button.

Seite 197 - AF Assist

2Parts of the Camera* Also referred to as the “monitor” in this manual.133214567 8121110914 151Eyelet for camera strap...32 Spe

Seite 198 - B Notes About Digital Zoom

3Parts of the CameraAttaching the Camera Strap for Land UseRemove the strap for land use before using the camera underwater.

Seite 199 - Playback Action Control

4Parts of the CameraWhen the V (action) button is pressed, you can perform the function by shaking the camera.As shown in the illustration, use your w

Seite 200 - C Notes About Auto Off

5Parts of the CameraNotes About Playback Action ControlWhen Playback action control in the setup menu (A76) is set to On, you can shake the camera up/

Seite 201 - Format Memory/Format Card

6Parts of the CameraUse the multi selector and k button to navigate the menus.1 Press the d button.• The menu is displayed.2 Press the multi selector

Seite 202 - C HDMI and HDMI-CEC

7Parts of the Camera5 Select a menu option.6 Press the k button.• The settings for the option you selected are displayed.7 Select a setting.8 Press th

Seite 203 - Charge by Computer

8Parts of the CameraThe information that is displayed in the monitor during shooting and playback changes depending on the camera’s settings and state

Seite 204 - B Notes About Blink Warning

9Parts of the Camera1 Shooting mode... 24, 252 Flash mode...483 Macro mode ...

Seite 205 - B Notes About Eye-Fi Cards

iiIntroductionIntroductionThank you for purchasing the Nikon COOLPIX AW120 digital camera. Before using the camera, please read the information in “Fo

Seite 206 - C Resetting File Numbering

10Parts of the CameraPlayback Mode1010hPa1010hPa1010hPa15m15m15m15/05/2014 15:3015/05/2014 15:309999. JPG9999. JPG999 / 999999 / 99929m00 s29m00s29m

Seite 207 - Location data Options

11Parts of the Camera1Album icon in favorite pictures mode... E52Category icon in auto sort mode...

Seite 208 - 4 Turn on the camera

12The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackThe Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Press the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover latch release (1) and rotat

Seite 209 - Calculate Distance

13The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackB Notes About Closing the Cover without Getting the Camera Strap or Cord CaughtIf the camera strap’s cord gets ca

Seite 210 - C POI Display

14The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Prepare the included charging AC adapter.If a plug adapter* is included with your camera, attach the plug adapt

Seite 211 - Information)

15The Basics of Shooting and Playback3 Disconnect the charging AC adapter from the electrical outlet and then disconnect the USB cable.B Notes About C

Seite 212

16The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Turn off the camera and open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover.2 Insert the memory card.• Slide the me

Seite 213 - C To Erase Log Data

17The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackB Notes About Closing the Cover without Getting the Camera Strap or Cord CaughtIf the camera strap’s cord gets ca

Seite 214 - 3 Check the movement route

18The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackWhen the camera is turned on for the first time, the language-selection screen and the date and time setting scre

Seite 215 - To Erase Log Data

19The Basics of Shooting and Playback4 Select your home time zone and press the k button.• To enable daylight saving time, press H. When the daylight

Seite 216 - Set Clock from Satellite

iiiIntroductionAbout This ManualIf you want to start using the camera right away, see “The Basics of Shooting and Playback” (A12).To learn about the p

Seite 217 - Electronic Compass

20The Basics of Shooting and Playback8 Read the message about the waterproof function, and press K.• There are 6 message screens.9 When you have read

Seite 219 - Altitude/Depth Options

22The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Press the power switch.• The monitor turns on.• To turn the camera off, press the power switch again.• Note tha

Seite 220 - The Wi-Fi Options Menu

23The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackC The Auto Off Function• The time that elapses before the camera enters standby mode is about 1 minute. The time

Seite 221 - DHCP server IP address

24The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Press the A button.2 Use the multi selector HI to select a shooting mode and press the k button.• G (easy auto)

Seite 222 - Error Messages

25The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackAvailable Shooting ModesG Easy auto mode A33The camera automatically selects the optimum scene mode when you fram

Seite 223

26The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Hold the camera steady.• Keep fingers and other objects away from the lens, flash, AF-assist illuminator, micro

Seite 224

27The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackC When Using a Tripod• We recommend using a tripod to stabilize the camera in the following situations.- When sho

Seite 225

28The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Press the shutter-release button halfway.• When the subject is in focus, the focus area that includes the subje

Seite 226

29The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackThe Shutter-release ButtonB Notes About Saving Images and Recording MoviesThe indicator showing the number of exp

Seite 227 - File Names

ivIntroductionInformation and PrecautionsLife-Long LearningAs part of Nikon’s “Life-Long Learning” commitment to ongoing product support and education

Seite 228 - File name : N140515 0 .log

30The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Press the c (playback) button.• If you press and hold down the c (playback) button while the camera is turned o

Seite 229 - Optional Accessories

31The Basics of Shooting and Playback1 Press the l button to delete the image currently displayed in the monitor.2 Use the multi selector HI to select

Seite 230

32The Basics of Shooting and PlaybackOperating the Erase Selected Images Screen1 Use the multi selector JK to select an image to be deleted, and then

Seite 231 - Technical Notes

33Shooting FeaturesShooting FeaturesThe camera automatically selects the optimum scene mode when you frame a picture, making it even easier to take pi

Seite 232 - Caring for the Product

34Shooting FeaturesB Note after Taking the Camera out of the WaterAfter taking the camera out of water, sometimes it may not automatically switch to a

Seite 233 - Maximum Depth

35Shooting FeaturesWhen a scene is selected, camera settings are automatically optimized for the selected scene.* The icon of the last scene selected

Seite 234 - B Notes About the Monitor

36Shooting FeaturesTips and Notes• While the shutter-release button is held all the way down, the camera shoots up to about 5 images continuously at a

Seite 235 - Charging AC Adapter

37Shooting Features• From the screen displayed after j Night landscape is selected, select Hand-held or Tripod.• Hand-held (default setting):- When th

Seite 236 - Memory Cards

38Shooting Features• The camera captures a series of up to 10 images while the shutter-release button is held all the way down, and the sharpest image

Seite 237 - Cleaning and Storage

39Shooting Features• From the screen displayed after p Easy panorama is selected, select the shooting range from Normal (180°) or Wide (360°).• The zo

Seite 238 - Technical Notes and Index

vIntroductionAbout the Manuals• No part of the manuals included with this product may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval s

Seite 239 - Troubleshooting

40Shooting Features• When you point the camera at a dog or cat, the camera detects the pet’s face and focuses on it. By default, the shutter is automa

Seite 240

41Shooting Features• If you select Underwater, screens about recording of location data (A81) and water depth calibration are displayed followed by me

Seite 241 - Shooting Issues

42Shooting FeaturesEffects can be applied to images during shooting.* The last icon you selected is displayed.Special Effects Mode (Applying Effects W

Seite 242

43Shooting Features• The camera focuses on the area in the center of the frame.• When Selective color or Cross process is selected, use the multi sele

Seite 243

44Shooting FeaturesWhen the camera detects a smiling face, you can take an image automatically without pressing the shutter-release button (smile time

Seite 244

45Shooting FeaturesUsed for general shooting. Settings can be adjusted to suit the shooting conditions and the type of shot you want to capture.• You

Seite 245 - Playback Issues

46Shooting FeaturesUsing Quick EffectsWhen in A (auto) mode, you can apply effects to images immediately after releasing the shutter.• The edited imag

Seite 246

47Shooting FeaturesThe functions that are available vary with the shooting mode, as shown below.* Availability depends on the setting. See “Default Se

Seite 247 - Location Data Functions

48Shooting FeaturesUsing the FlashYou can select the flash mode to match the shooting conditions.1 Press the multi selector H (m).2 Select the desired

Seite 248

49Shooting FeaturesAvailable Flash ModesC The Flash Mode Setting• The setting may not be available with some shooting modes.• The setting applied in A

Seite 249

viIntroductionDisposing of Data Storage DevicesPlease note that deleting images or formatting data storage devices such as memory cards or built-in ca


50Shooting FeaturesUsing the Self-timerThe camera is equipped with a self-timer that releases the shutter about 10 seconds or 2 seconds after you pres

Seite 251

51Shooting FeaturesUsing Macro ModeUse macro mode when taking close-up images.1 Press the multi selector I (p).2 Select o and press the k button.• If

Seite 252

52Shooting FeaturesAdjusting Brightness (Exposure Compensation)You can adjust overall image brightness.1 Press the multi selector K (o).2 Select a com

Seite 253

53Shooting FeaturesDefault SettingsDefault settings for each shooting mode are described below.Shooting modeFlash(A48)Self-timer(A50)Macro(A51)Exposur

Seite 254

54Shooting Features1The camera automatically selects the flash mode appropriate for the scene it has selected. W (off) can be selected manually.2Canno

Seite 255

55Shooting FeaturesThe settings listed below can be changed by pressing the d button during shooting (A6).Available functions vary depending on the sh

Seite 256 - Specifications

56Shooting FeaturesOptions Available in the Shooting MenuOption Description AImage modeAllows you to set the combination of image size and image quali

Seite 257

57Shooting FeaturesSkin softeningAllows you to select the skin softening level for human faces.• Default setting: NormalE42Smile timerAllows you to se

Seite 258 - Location data

58Shooting FeaturesSome functions cannot be used with other menu options.Functions That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslyRestricted functionOption Descrip

Seite 259

59Shooting FeaturesAF area modeWhite balance (A56)When a setting other than Auto is selected for White balance in Target finding AF mode, the camera d

Seite 260 - B Specifications

viiIntroductionTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety bef

Seite 261 - Approved Memory Cards

60Shooting FeaturesB Notes About Digital Zoom• Depending on the shooting mode or the current settings, digital zoom may not be available (E70).• When

Seite 262 - MIT License (HarfBuzz)

61Shooting FeaturesThe focus area varies depending on the shooting mode.Using Target Finding AFWhen AF area mode (A56) in A (auto) mode is set to Targ

Seite 263 - Trademark Information

62Shooting FeaturesUsing Face DetectionIn the following shooting modes, the camera uses face detection to automatically focus on human faces. • G (eas

Seite 264

63Shooting FeaturesUsing Skin SofteningWhen the shutter is released while using one of the shooting modes listed below, the camera detects human faces

Seite 265

64Shooting FeaturesFocus LockFocus lock shooting is recommended when the camera does not activate the focus area that contains the desired subject.1 S

Seite 266

65Playback FeaturesPlayback FeaturesMoving the zoom control toward g (i) in full-frame playback mode (A30) zooms in on the image.• You can change the

Seite 267

66Playback FeaturesMoving the zoom control toward f (h) in full-frame playback mode (A30) displays images as thumbnails.• You can change the number of

Seite 268

67Playback FeaturesWhen viewing images in full-frame playback mode or thumbnail playback mode, you can configure the menu operations listed below by p

Seite 269

68Playback Features* Edited images are saved as separate files. Some images may not be edited.Sequence display optionsAllows you to select whether to

Seite 270 - FX4C02(11)

69Recording and Playing Back MoviesRecording and Playing Back Movies1 Display the shooting screen.• Check the remaining amount of movie recording time

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