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Seite 1 - Digital Portable Radio

ASTRO® XTSTM 5000Digital Portable RadioModel IUser Guide

Seite 2

viiiTable 1: Channel MapUse the chart below to map the channels (Cx) and zones (Zx) for your radio.Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6C1C2C3C4C5C6C7C8C9C10C11C12C13C14C

Seite 3 - Quick Reference Card

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 1General Radio OperationNotations Used in This ManualThroughout the text in this publication, you will notice the use of WARNIN

Seite 4

2General Radio OperationYour XTS 5000 Model I RadioMAEPF-27191-O11524579101112368 Page 2 Tuesday, May 6, 2008 6:09 PM


ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 3General Radio OperationPhysical Features of the XTS 5000 Model I RadioProgrammable ControlsThe following radio controls can be

Seite 6 - Disclaimer

4General Radio OperationBacklightIf poor light conditions make the channel numbers (around the 16-Position Select knob) difficult to read, turn on the

Seite 7 - Contents

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 5General Radio OperationAlert TonesAn alert tone is a sound or group of sounds. Your radio uses alert tones to inform you of yo

Seite 8

6General Radio OperationShort,Medium-PitchedToneValid Key-Presswhen correct key is pressedRadio Self-Test Passwhen radio passes its power-up self test

Seite 9

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 7General Radio OperationShort,Medium-PitchedTone (Chirp)GPS RSM Low Battery Chirpwhen this accessory battery is below preset th

Seite 10

8General Radio OperationStandard AccessoriesBatteryCharging the BatteryThe Motorola-approved battery shipped with your radio is uncharged. Prior to us

Seite 11 - Notations Used in This Manual

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 9General Radio OperationAttach the BatteryRemove the Battery1 With the radio turned off, insert the top edge of the battery int

Seite 13 - Programmable Controls

10General Radio OperationAntennaFor information regarding available antennas, see page 46.Attach the AntennaRemove the AntennaWith the radio turned of

Seite 14 - LED Indicators

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 11General Radio OperationBelt ClipAttach the Belt ClipRemove the Belt Clip1 Align the grooves of the belt clip with those of th

Seite 15 - Alert Tones

12General Radio OperationUniversal Connector CoverThe universal connector is located on the antenna side of the radio. It is used to connect accessori

Seite 16 - General Radio Operation

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 13General Radio OperationRadio On and OffTurn the Radio OnTurn the Radio OffTurn the On/Off/Volume Control knob clockwise. The

Seite 17

14General Radio OperationZones and ChannelsA zone is a grouping of channels. A channel is a group of radio characteristics, such as transmit/receive f

Seite 18 - Standard Accessories

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 15General Radio OperationMode Select Button This feature lets you program the current zone and channel to a Mode Select button

Seite 19

16General Radio OperationReceive / TransmitRadio users who switch from analog to digital radios often assume that the lack of static on a digital chan

Seite 20

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 17General Radio OperationUse the Preprogrammed Monitor Button3 Adjust the Volume Control knob if necessary.4 Release the Volume

Seite 21 - Belt Clip

18General Radio OperationConventional Mode OperationYour radio may be programmed to receive Private-Line® (PL) calls.1 Momentarily press the Monitor b

Seite 22 - Hooked End

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 19Common Radio FeaturesSelectable Power LevelThis feature lets you select the power level at which your radio will transmit. Th

Seite 23 - Radio On and Off

ASTRO® XTS™ 5000 Digital Portable Radio, Model I Quick Reference CardProduct Safety and RF Exposure ComplianceATTENTION! This radio is restricted to

Seite 24 - Zones and Channels

20Common Radio FeaturesTime-out TimerThe time-out timer turns off your radio’s transmitter. The timer is set for 60 seconds at shipment, but it can be

Seite 25 - Mode Select Button

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 21Common Radio FeaturesSend an Emergency AlarmAn emergency alarm sends a data transmission to the dispatcher, which identifies

Seite 26 - Receive / Transmit

22Common Radio FeaturesSend an Emergency CallThis type of dispatch gives your radio priority access on a channel.The radio operates in the normal disp

Seite 27

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 23Common Radio FeaturesSend a Silent Emergency AlarmNote: For ALL Emergency signals, when changing channels: • If the new chann

Seite 28 - Conventional Mode Operation

24Common Radio FeaturesListsView a Scan ListYou can view the status of members of one preselected scan list. 1 Select the zone/channel whose scan stat

Seite 29 - PL Defeat

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 25Common Radio FeaturesEdit a Scan ListYou can add or change the priority status of members in one preselected scan list.1 Sele

Seite 30 - Emergency

26Common Radio FeaturesNote: In Scan List Programming mode, the Top Side button automatically becomes the Select button. This is only true while in Sc

Seite 31 - Send an Emergency Alarm

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 27Common Radio FeaturesScanThe scan feature allows you to monitor traffic on different channels by scanning a preprogrammed lis

Seite 32 - Send an Emergency Call

28Common Radio FeaturesConventional Scan OnlyMake a Dynamic Priority ChangeWhile the radio is scanning, the dynamic priority change feature lets you t

Seite 33 - Emergency Keep-Alive

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 29Common Radio FeaturesIndividual CallsYou can answer individual calls made to your radio. Use the preprogrammed Call Response

Seite 34 - View a Scan List Page ii Tuesday, May 6, 2008 6:09 PM

Seite 35 - Edit a Scan List

30Common Radio FeaturesAnswer a Selective Call (ASTRO Conventional Only)A Selective Call is used to call a select individual. It is intended to provid

Seite 36 - Common Radio Features

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 31Common Radio FeaturesSelect Repeater or Direct Operation• REPEATER operation = increases radio range by connecting radios thr

Seite 37 - Delete a Nuisance Channel

32Common Radio FeaturesSmart PTT (Conventional Only)Smart PTT is a per-channel, programmable feature used in conventional radio systems to keep radio

Seite 38 - Conventional Scan Only

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 33Special Radio FeaturesSecure OperationsSecure radio operation provides the highest commercially available level of voice secu

Seite 39 - Individual Calls

34Special Radio FeaturesManaging EncryptionKey LoadingRefer to the key-variable loader (KVL) manual for equipment connections and setup.MultikeyThe mu

Seite 40 - Answer a Call Alert Page

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 35Special Radio FeaturesKey ZeroizationNote: This is the method used for erasing the single key in radios with the single-key o

Seite 41

36Special Radio FeaturesDynamic Regrouping (Trunking Only)The dynamic regrouping feature lets the dispatcher temporarily reassign selected radios to a

Seite 42 - Smart PTT (Conventional Only)

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 37Special Radio FeaturesReprogram Request (ASTRO 25 Trunking Only)This feature lets you notify the dispatcher that you want a n

Seite 43 - Secure Operations

38Special Radio FeaturesTrunking System ControlsFailsoftThe failsoft system ensures continuous radio communications during a trunked system failure. I

Seite 44 - Managing Encryption

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 39Special Radio FeaturesSite LockThis feature allows your radio to lock onto a specific site and not roam among wide-area talkg

Seite 45 - Special Radio Features

This declaration is applicable to your radio only if your radio is labeled with the FCC logo shown below.DECLARATION OF CONFORMITYPer FCC CFR 47 Part

Seite 46

40Special Radio FeaturesOutdoor Location (using GPS)The Outdoor Location (using GPS) feature allows radio users using the model with display to determ

Seite 47 - Select Enable / Disable

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 41Helpful TipsRadio Care• The XTS 5000 radio casting has two vent ports that allow for pressure equalization in the radio. Neve

Seite 48 - Trunking System Controls

42Helpful TipsCleaningTo clean the external surfaces of your radio:1 Combine one teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent to one gallon of water (0.5% s

Seite 49 - Site Change

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 43Helpful TipsHandling• Do not pound, drop, or throw the radio unnecessarily. Never carry the radio by the antenna.• Avoid subj

Seite 50 - Outdoor Location (using GPS)

44Helpful TipsBatteryBattery LifeBattery life is determined by several factors. Among the more critical are the regular overcharge of batteries and th

Seite 51 - Radio Care

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 45Helpful TipsBattery Recycling and DisposalNickel-cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries can be recycled. However, recycling fa

Seite 52 - Cleaning

46Helpful TipsAntennaRadio Operating FrequenciesThe following antenna types are compatible with your radio:Before installing the antenna, make sure it

Seite 53 - Handling

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 47Helpful Tips800 MHz Stubby, Quarterwave3.4 86 WHITE 806-870 MHz NAF5042700/800 MHz Whip7 178 GREEN 764-870 MHz NAF5080Antenna

Seite 54 - Charging the Battery

48Helpful Page 48 Tuesday, May 6, 2008 6:09 PM

Seite 55 - Helpful Tips

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 49AccessoriesMotorola provides the following approved accessories to improve the productivity of your XTS 5000 portable two-way

Seite 56 - MAEPF-27478-O

Product Safety and RF Exposure ComplianceATTENTION! This radio is restricted to occupational use only to satisfy FCC RF energy exposure requirements.

Seite 57

50AccessoriesCarry AccessoriesBelt ClipsBelt LoopsNTN8297 1525 mAh NiCd Intrinsically Safe (FM/CSA) RuggedizedNTN8299 1700 mAh NiMH Intrinsically Safe

Seite 58

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 51AccessoriesCarry CasesChargersNTN8380 Case, hard leather high-activity (includes swivel belt loop and T-strap), 2.5" bel

Seite 59 - Antennas

52AccessoriesSurveillance AccessoriesEarpiecesBDN6664 Earpiece with standard earphone, beigeBDN6665 Earpiece with extra-loud earphone (exceeds OSHA li

Seite 60 - Carry Accessories

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 53AccessoriesHeadsets and Headset AccessoriesRadio Interface Modules for Ear MicrophonesBDN6635 Heavy-duty VOX headset with noi

Seite 61 - Chargers

54AccessoriesSpeaker, Remote Speaker and Public Safety MicrophonesCommPort Integrated Microphone/ReceiversNMN6191 RSM noise-canceling (includes 6.0&ap

Seite 62 - Surveillance Accessories

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 55AccessoriesSwitchesVehicular AdaptersAccessories0180300E83Remote PTT body switch for EMSNTN7660 Tilt / man down switchNTN8327

Seite 63 - Accessories Page 56 Tuesday, May 6, 2008 6:09 PM

Seite 64 - Microphones

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 57GlossaryThis glossary is a list of specialized terms used in this manual.ACK Acknowledgment of communication.Active Channel A

Seite 65 - Vehicular Adapters

58GlossaryConventional Typically refers to radio-to-radio communications, sometimes through a repeater (see Trunking).Conventional Scan ListA scan lis

Seite 66

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 59GlossaryNetwork Access CodeNetwork Access Code (NAC) operates on digital channels to reduce voice channel interference betwee

Seite 67 - Glossary

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I vContentsGeneral Radio Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1Notations Used in This Manual ...

Seite 68

60GlossarySelective Call A feature that allows you to call a select individual, intended to provide privacy and to eliminate the annoyance of having t

Seite 69


Seite 70

62Commercial Warrantythe Product is unique, MOTOROLA disclaims liability for range, coverage, or operation of the system as a whole under this warrant

Seite 71 - Commercial Warranty

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 63Commercial Warrantywhich sold you the Product, it can facilitate your obtaining warranty service. You can also call Motorola

Seite 72

64Commercial Warrantythe time the Product was initially distributed from MOTOROLA.J) Scratches or other cosmetic damage to Product surfaces that does

Seite 73

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 65Commercial Warrantythe use of ancillary equipment or software not furnished by MOTOROLA which is attached to or used in conne

Seite 74

66Commercial Page 66 Tuesday, May 6, 2008 6:09 PM

Seite 75

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 67Appendix: Maritime Radio Use in the VHF Frequency RangeSpecial Channel AssignmentsEmergency ChannelIf you are in imminent and

Seite 76

68Appendix: Maritime Radio Use in the VHF Frequency RangeNon-Commercial Call ChannelFor non-commercial transmissions, such as fishing reports, rendezv

Seite 77 - Special Channel Assignments

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 69Appendix: Maritime Radio Use in the VHF Frequency8 156.400 –9 156.450 156.45010 156.500 156.50011 156.550 156.55012 156.600 1

Seite 78 - Non-Commercial Call Channel

viContentsScan ...27Turn Scan On or Off ...

Seite 79

70Appendix: Maritime Radio Use in the VHF Frequency Range* Simplex channels 3, 21, 23, 61, 64, 81, 82, and 83 cannot be lawfully used by the general p

Seite 80 - Transmit Receive

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 71IndexAaccessories ...49alert tones ...5antenna ...

Seite 81 - ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I 71

72IndexPPL defeat ...19programmable controls ...3Rradiocarecleaning ...42

Seite 83

*6881094C25*Motorola, Inc.1301 E. Algonquin Rd.Schaumburg, IL60196-1078, U.S.A. MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo and ASTRO are registeredin the U.S. Pate

Seite 84 - *6881094C25*

ASTRO XTS 5000 Model I viiContentsAccessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49Antennas .......

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