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C9 Series
737 Series
837 Series
Guidelines for setting up and using your new widescreen TV start on page 7 .
For questions:
Visit our website at -
E-mail us at -
Call Consumer Relations at -800-332-2119.
For information on System Reset, please see the back cover.
To order replacement or additional remote controls or lamp cartridges, visit our website at or call 800-553-7278.
837 Series. IR emitter cables for NetCommand home-theater control are available for
purchase from Mitsubishi.
Call 800-553-7278 and
request either part number 242D483020
(two-ended cable) or part number 299P254020 (four-ended cable).
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Seite 1

DLP ® HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISIONMODELSC9 Series737 Series837 SeriesOWNER’S GUIDEGuidelines for setting up and using your new widescreen TV start on •

Seite 2 - FCC Declaration of Conformity

10 1. Basic Setup and Operation Setting Up Other InputsConnect your devices to the TV, making note of 1. which TV input jack is used for each device

Seite 3 - Contents

1. Basic Setup and Operation 11About Auto Input S ensing/Auto Output SensingThis TV’s Easy Connect™ Auto Input Sensing feature detects most conn

Seite 4 - TV Software

12 1. Basic Setup and OperationSelecting an Input to WatchPress 1. ACTIVITY.Press 2. and to highlight an input.Press 3. ENTER to switch to the

Seite 5 - Replacement Parts

1. Basic Setup and Operation 13 Making Picture AdjustmentsTo get the best picture under different viewing con-1. ditions, set the Picture Mode bef

Seite 6 - Special Features of Your TV

142TV C onnectionsAuto Input SensingThe TV’s Auto Input Sensing feature automatically rec-ognizes most connections and prompts you to identify the typ

Seite 7 - Basic Setup and Operation

2. TV Connections 15Inputs and Outputs123HDMIAVR AUDIOOUTPUTLRPbY/ VIDEOPrPbPrINPUT 2INPUT 1DIGITALAUDIOOUTPUTDVI/PCAUDIO(480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i

Seite 8 - TV Controls

16 2. TV ConnectionsInputs and Outputs, continued1. ANT ( Antenna)Connect your main antenna or direct cable service (no cable box) to ANT. The ANT

Seite 9 - TV Controls, continued

2. TV Connections 17 HD MI DeviceHDTV Cable Box, Satellite Receiver, DVD/Blu-ray PlayerRequired: HDMI-to-HDMI cable.Connect an HDMI cable from th

Seite 10 - Settin g Up TV Inputs

18 2. TV Connections DV I Video DeviceCable Box, Satellite Receiver, DVD PlayerConnect DVI devices (digital only) to the TV’s HDMI input jacks.Req

Seite 11

2. TV Connections 19 VCR or DVD Recorder to an Antenna or Wall Outlet CableRequired:Two-way RF splitterTwo coaxial cablesRight and left analog audio

Seite 12 - Basic TV Operation

FCC Declaration of ConformityProduct: Projection Television ReceiverModels: WD-60C9, WD-65C9, WD-73C9WD-60737, WD-65737, WD-73737, WD-82737WD-65837, W

Seite 13 - Basic TV Operation, continued

20 2. TV Connections A/ V ReceiverMost setups require either a digital audio cable or analog stereo audio cables. To send audio from TV channels rec

Seite 14 - TV C onnections

21Using TV Features3Selec ting an Input The A ctivity menu lets you switch TV inputs. The inputs are organized into groups based on possible ways to

Seite 15 - Y/ VIDEO

22 3. Using TV Features Ch annelView Channel ListingsChannelView. Programs for the tuned channel are listed on right side of screen.ChannelView™ s

Seite 16 - 2. TV Connections

3. Using TV Features 23Press the INFO key to see the on-screen status display. The most common displays are shown here.Sample information from the

Seite 17 - D MI Device

24 3. Using TV Features TV Signals and Display Formats Signal Definitions480i: Older type of interlaced signals from the ANT input, composite VIDE

Seite 18

3. Using TV Features 25This section provides Instructions for viewing 3D video using 3D glasses and the TV’s 3D feature. The 3D options are found

Seite 19 - Antenna or Wall Outlet Cable

26 3. Using TV Features Connecting a Computer to the TVUse one of the connection methods listed below based on your computer’s video output.Computer

Seite 20

3. Using TV Features 27TipSet the computer’s screen saver to display a pattern after several minutes of inactivity. This acts as a reminder that

Seite 21 - Using TV Features

28 3. Using TV FeaturesThe USB Media Player MenuDisplaying the MenuBack up the data on your USB drive before con-1. necting it to the TV. Mitsubish

Seite 22 - 3. Using TV Features

3. Using TV Features 29 Thumbnail and Playlist MenusJPEG Thumbnail MenuUse these keys while viewing JPEG thumbnail images or the music tracks in

Seite 23 - St atus Display

ContentsImportant Information About Your TVInstallation and Operating Notes ... 4Important Safety Instructions ... 5Special Fea

Seite 24

30 3. Using TV FeaturesPhot os and Moving Video as Composite VideoConnect the camera to the TV using a composite video cable if:• You are unable t

Seite 25 - 3 D Video

3. Using TV Features 31Introduction to H ome-Theater ControlThis TV offers a choice on home-theater-control systems. This summary offers some exam

Seite 26

324TV MenusDisplays or clears the main menu.Moves up one menu level.• Clears the current menu.• Moves navigation into options • area.Selects an item.•

Seite 27 - 3. Using TV Features 27

4. TV Menus 33Picture See page 35 for picture adjustments.AudioSee page 36 for audio adjustments.ResetResets audio and picture adjustments for

Seite 28

34 4. TV MenusAdjust, continuedP icture+ PerfectColor PerfectColor SlidersAdjusts the saturation (intensity) of six colors for the current image s

Seite 29 - U SB Media Setup Menu

4. TV Menus 35P icture ModeBrilliantFor use under bright light; unavailable when the current input is named Game or PC.Set the Picture Mode first

Seite 30

36 4. TV MenusSpeakers The Speakers option displays only if an A/V receiver or headphone connection has been detected. Detection occurs on the rig

Seite 31 - 3. Using TV Features 31

4. TV Menus 37C aptionsCaptions on Analog ChannelsThe TV can decode captions from the ANT INPUT and the composite VIDEO jacks. Broadcasters can se

Seite 32 - TV Menus

38 4. TV MenusLa nguageEnglishSpanishDisplays on-screen menus in either English or Spanish.Note: To listen to audio in other languages (when availa

Seite 33 - A djust

4. TV Menus 39Initial, continuedLamp La mp Standard, BrightStandard is for most viewing conditions. Use Bright in brightly lit rooms. You may

Seite 34 - 4. TV Menus

4 Internal FansInternal cooling fans maintain proper operating tem-peratures inside the TV. It is normal to hear the fans when you first turn on t

Seite 35 - Adjust, continued

40 4. TV MenusInput s N ameCablebox, Cam(corder), CD, DVD (DVD, DVD2, Blu-ray), DVR, Game (Game, PS, Xbox, Wii), MP3 Player, PC, Satellite, VCR, A

Seite 36

4. TV Menus 41How is the Ac tivity Menu Generated?The TV automatically generates the Activity menu based on recognized inputs. If the inputs have

Seite 37 - C aptions

42 4. TV MenusTV LocksParentalLock by Program RatingsRestricts access using U.S.-based ratings sent by broadcasters.Time Lock by TimeRestricts TV us

Seite 38

4. TV Menus 43Lock, continued Par entalLock Off, OnDisables or enables blocking based on V-Chip signals and the U.S. rating system.Start TimeSets

Seite 39 - Initial, continued

44 4. TV MenusLock, continued TimeBlocks all use of the TV during the time period you specify. You must enter a pass code to use the TV when the t

Seite 40

455Net Command IR ControlNet Command IR home-theater control is avail-• able on 837 series models.IR emitter cables are available for purchase • from

Seite 41 - Inputs, continued

46 5. NetCommand IR Control (837 Series)The Net Command system uses emitters connected to the IR–Net Command Output jack to control other devices su

Seite 42

5. NetCommand IR Control (837 Series) 47To perform this procedure, you need:The remote controls for both the TV and the • device you want to contr

Seite 43 - Lock, continued

48 5. NetCommand IR Control (837 Series)S pecial Operation MethodsKey Name in Learning ScreenSpecial Operation Description and Setup How to UsePowe

Seite 44

5. NetCommand IR Control (837 Series) 49Key Name in Learning ScreenSpecial Operation Description and Setup How to UseEnter ENTER-Key Functions (ca

Seite 45 - Net Command IR Control

5Important Safety InstructionsPlease read the following safeguards for your TV and retain for future reference. Always follow all warnings and

Seite 46 - IR E mitter Placement

50 5. NetCommand IR Control (837 Series)NetC ommand Specialized Device KeysRefer to this chart when “learning” device keys. “Learn” some, all, or n

Seite 47 - Initial Net Command Setup

516Net Command IR Control of an A/V ReceiverControlling an A/V Receiver after NetCommand SetupSwitching Audio to and from the A/V ReceiverPress 1. M

Seite 48 - Learning Screen

52 6. NetCommand Control of an A/V Receiver (837 Series)IMPORTANTTo hear audio sent from the TV to the A/V receiver, you must have:Physically connec

Seite 49

6. NetCommand Control of an A/V Receiver (837 Series) 53Automatic Au dio or Audio/Video SwitchingThe following setups enable the A/V receiver to sw

Seite 50

54 6. NetCommand Control of an A/V Receiver (837 Series)Setting Up A/V Receiver Control, continuedCa se 2: Automatic A/V Receiver Switching to a S

Seite 51 - Receiver

6. NetCommand Control of an A/V Receiver (837 Series) 55Multiple video inputs through a single H DMI cable. You can connect multiple video devices

Seite 52

56 Appendix A : Bypassing the Parental Lock ... 57 Appendix B : Programming the Remote Control ... 59 Appendix C : HDMI

Seite 53

Appendices 57Bypassing the Parental LockAfter you set the lock, you must use your pass code to:View a locked program• View the locked TV• Cancel the

Seite 54 - Cable box

58 AppendicesThis page intentionally left blank

Seite 55 - HDMI OUT

Appendices 59This appendix explains programming the TV’s remote control to operate other A/V devices. This is distinct from Net Command control.Func

Seite 56 - Appendices

6 Your new high-definition widescreen television has many special features that make it the perfect center of your home entertainment system, includ

Seite 57 - Future Reference

60 Appendices Program ming the Remote ControlPress the side button on the remote control to 1. change to the correct mode for the product you want to

Seite 58 - Appendices

Appendices 61 Programming CodesAppendix B: Programming the Remote Control, continuedAudio Amplifi ersAdcom 41100, 40577Altec Lansing 41742Bel Canto D

Seite 59 - The M ORE Menus

62 AppendicesProgramming Codes, continuedAppendix B: Programming the Remote Control, continuedA/V ReceiversIntegra 41805, 41320, 41298, 40842JBL 413

Seite 60

Appendices 63Programming Codes, continuedAppendix B: Programming the Remote Control, continuedVCRsDaytron 20278, 20037Dell 21972Denon 20081, 20042Di

Seite 61 - Programming Codes

64 AppendicesProgramming Codes, continuedAppendix B: Programming the Remote Control, continuedVCRsSansui 20479, 20209, 20067, 20000Sanyo 20479, 2015

Seite 62

Appendices 65Programming Codes, continuedAppendix B: Programming the Remote Control, continuedDVD and Blu-ray PlayersGFM 31268, 30675Go Video 31730,

Seite 63 - Programming Codes, continued

66 AppendicesIf prompted for a name, 4. highlight the name you want to assign the device.Highlight 5. On.Highlight 7. EXIT and press ENTER to close t

Seite 64

Appendices 67HDMI Control of an HDMI A/V Receiver and Connected DevicesNote: Connect the A/V receiver to the TV before con-necting any other device

Seite 65

68 AppendicesUsing H DMI ControlAs an example of using HDMI Control, press PLAY on the device itself to:Power on the TV• Switch to the device (no ne

Seite 66

Appendices 69CAUTIONBURN DANGER! HOT SURFACES INSIDE!Touch lamp cartridge handle only. Do not touch lamp or lamp car-tridge housing. Keep lamp car

Seite 67 - Appendices 67

7 Basic Setup and Operation1Before You BeginReview the important safety, installation, and oper-1. ating information at the beginning of this book.Cho

Seite 68

70 AppendicesLamp-Cartridge ReplacementRemoving the Old Lamp CartridgeTurn off TV power and unplug the TV. Allow the 1. lamp to cool for at least on

Seite 69 - Appendix D: TV Care

Appendices 71 Cl eaning RecommendationsNormally, light dusting with a dry, non-scratching duster will keep your TV clean. If cleaning beyond this is

Seite 70

72 Appendices Reset Name When to Use How to Use Resulting ActionFormat When the picture shape seems incorrect, use MORE > 0 (FORMAT) to change the

Seite 71 - Appendices 71

Appendices 73 Reset Name When to Use How to Use Resulting Action A/V Reset(for all inputs)To reset audio and video adjustments for all inputs to the

Seite 72

74 AppendicesAppendix E: Troubleshooting, continuedGeneral TV OperationSymptom Remarks 1. A fan is running even while the TV is powered off.The room

Seite 73 - Appendices 73

Appendices 75Appendix E: Troubleshooting, continuedTV Power On/OffSymptom Remarks 1. TV takes an excessively long time to power on.When powered on,

Seite 74

76 AppendicesAppendix E: Troubleshooting, continued PictureSymptom Remarks 1. Picture does not look like a high-definition picture.Not all signals a

Seite 75 - Appendices 75

Appendices 77Appendix E: Troubleshooting, continuedSound Symptom Remarks 2. The sound does not match the screen picture.The TV’s “Listen to:” settin

Seite 76

78 AppendicesAppendix E: Troubleshooting, continuedN etCommand IR Control (NetCommand-equipped models only)Symptom Remarks 3. The A/V receiver is th

Seite 77 - Appendices 77


Seite 78

8 1. Basic Setup and Operation Re mote ControlGUIDE MENU INFO BACKACTIVITYPowers TV on or off.Side button sets the control mode for the type of devi

Seite 79

80 Trademark and License InformationMitsubishi TV SoftwareEND-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR EMBEDDED SOFTWAREIMPORTANT – READ CAREFULLY: This License Ag

Seite 80 - Mitsubishi TV Software

Warranty 81Mi tsubishi DLP Projection Television Limited WarrantyMITSUBISHI DIGITAL ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC. (“MDEA”) warrants as follows to the

Seite 81 - Warranty 81


Seite 82 - Warranty

Index 83IndexAAccent Lighting 33Activity Menu 21Automatic Generation 41Change Input Name 40Customizing 40NetCommand-Controlled Switch-ing of A

Seite 83 - A/V Receiver with HDMI 20

84 IndexPicturePicture+ Adjustments 34Picture Menu Adjustments 35Picture Quality and Film Mode 33Troubleshooting 76Power On/Off 9, 12Troubleshoo

Seite 85 questions, call Consumer Relations at800-332-2119To order replacement or additionalremote

Seite 86 - V41_V41+_V41C_IB_20090325

1. Basic Setup and Operation 9737 and C9 series. Flip open cover to use buttons on the front panel.TV Control PanelButtons on the control panel

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