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Seite 1 - Wireless Transmitter

EnUser’s ManualWireless TransmitterW T-3WT-3

Seite 2

2Supported ModesThe WT-3 connects the camera to wireless and Ethernet networks. The camera can then be controlled remotely from a computer or photogr

Seite 3 - For Your Safety

3System RequirementsBefore using the WT-3 or WT-3 Setup Utility CD, confi rm that your system meets the following requirements:Camera• Model: Nikon D20

Seite 4

4Connector coverWhen using the WA-E1, remove the antenna connector cap (햲) and connect the antenna as shown at right (햳). The WA-E1 Extended Range Ant

Seite 5

The WT-3 ControlsThe WT-3 is equipped with a shutter-release button, AF-ON button, and command dials for ease of use when taking photographs in tall (

Seite 6

6SetupFollow the steps below to prepare the WT-3 for use:Update the camera fi rmware : The WT-3 is supported from camera fi rmware A version 2.00 and B

Seite 7 - Table of Contents

7Installing the WT-3 Setup UtilityThe WT-3 Setup Utility is used to copy computer and printer profi les to the camera. The WT-3 Setup Utility is requi

Seite 8

85 Click Next.6 A license agreement will be displayed. After read-ing the agreement, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Nex

Seite 9 - Introduction

9Mac OS X Version 10.3 or Later1 Start the computer and log in to an account with administrator privileges.2 Insert the supplied installer CD in a CD-

Seite 10

107 Click Install.9 Click OK and remove the WT-3 Setup Utility CD from the CD-ROM drive. If prompted to restart the computer, follow the on-screen

Seite 11 - System Requirements

11Copying Network Profi les to the CameraProfi les for network computers, ftp servers, and printers can be copied to the cam-era using the WT-3 Setup Ut

Seite 12 - Parts of the WT-3

Trademark InformationMacintosh and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Microsoft and Win dows are reg is tered trade marks of Microsoft Co

Seite 13

123 Turn the camera on.4 Turn the computer on and start the WT-3 Setup Utility.• Windows: Double-click the WT-3 Setup Utility icon on the desktop• Ma

Seite 14

13 HelpClick the Help button for online help. The “Select Action” DialogThe other options in the “Select Action” dialog are described below. Note tha

Seite 15

148 Choose from the following options. • Automatic setup (recommended): If more than one network adapter is available, choose an adapter from the pul

Seite 16

15 Ad-hoc Wireless NetworksAd-hoc mode uses IP addresses beginning with 169.254. If the computer later becomes part of an infrastructure network, it

Seite 17 - Other Install Center Options

16 MAC Address FilteringIf the network using MAC address fi ltering, the fi lter must be supplied with the MAC address of the WT-3. After attaching the

Seite 18 - Installing PictureProject

17Creating a Printer Profi leThe default printer for computer profi les ( 13) is the system printer for the host computer. To choose a diff erent print

Seite 19

18Connecting the WT-32 Remove the power connector cover from the WT-3 and attach it to the camera strap or store it in a safe place. Be sure to repla

Seite 20

19 PB-6 BellowsA PK-13 auto-extension ring and a PB-6D spacer are required when using PB-6 bellows with the WT-3. Disconnecting the WT-3To disconnect

Seite 21

203 Insert the battery as shown on the inside of the battery chamber cover. The battery latch will slide aside during insertion and pop up to lock th

Seite 22

21Uploading Images: Transfer ModeChoose transfer mode to upload photographs to a computer or ftp server. The principal steps are:Upload images ...

Seite 23

iFor Your SafetyTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety be

Seite 24

22 Viewing Profi le InformationPress the camera button to view information on the selected profi le.5 A list of available connection profi les will be d

Seite 25 - 32) for more information

23 During UploadDo not remove the memory card or disconnect the Ethernet cable during upload. File NamesIf the destination folder on an ftp server con

Seite 26

24Interrupting TransmissionTo cancel transmission of images marked with a white “send” icon or green “send-ing” icon, select the images during playba

Seite 27

25Network StatusThe status of the link between the server and the WT-3 is shown by the status LEDs and by the display in the top level of the wireless

Seite 28

26Controlling the Camera: PC ModeIn PC mode, a camera equipped with a WT-3 can be controlled over a wireless net-work from a computer running Nikon Ca

Seite 29 - Choose PTP

27 Viewing Profi le InformationPress the camera button to view information on the selected profi le.4 A list of available connection profi les will be d

Seite 30

28Controlling the Camera Using Nikon Capture 4 Ethernet Networks: Do Not Disconnect the Ethernet CableDo not disconnect the Ethernet cable while the c

Seite 31

29Network StatusThe status of the link between the server and the WT-3 is shown by the status LEDs and by the display in the top level of the wireless

Seite 32

30Printing Pictures: Print ModeChoose print mode to print JPEG pictures from the camera to a printer connected to a network computer or to the optiona

Seite 33

315 A list of available printer profi les will be displayed. Press the multi selector up or down to highlight the desired profi le, then press to the r

Seite 34

ii Do not expose to high temperaturesDo not leave the device in a closed vehicle under the sun or in other areas subject to extremely high temperature

Seite 35 - Press the camera

32Printing Pictures Using the PD-10 Wireless Printer AdapterThe optional PD-10 wireless printer adapter allows photographs to be printed di-rectly fro

Seite 36

335 Select Printer registration. Note that printer registration will not be available if the camera al-ready contains nine profi les; if necessary, d

Seite 37

34This section describes the settings available for the Wireless transmitter option in the camera setup menu when the WT-3 is connected.Menu GuideWir

Seite 38 - Printing Pictures: Print Mode

35FTP Registration (for Connection to ftp Servers Only)In transfer mode, ftp profi les can be created without using the WT-3 Setup Utility. See the Ap

Seite 39

36Wireless Menu, Page 1/2SSID: A BSS- or ESS-ID is required for connection to a wireless LAN adapter or access point. To change the BSS- or ESS-ID, h

Seite 40

37Encryption1Highlight encryption method.2Return to wireless menu (2/2).3Highlight encryption key. Skip Steps 3–5 if No encryption was selected in St

Seite 41 - button

381Choose index.2Return to wireless menu (1/2).Key index: In infrastructure networks that use WEP encryption, choose the key index used by the host or

Seite 42 - Menu Guide

391Highlight Address.2Enter edit mode.5Highlight Mask.6Enter edit mode.4Exit to TCP / IP menu (1/2). If subnet mask is required, proceed to Step 5.3P

Seite 43

40TCP / IP Menu, Page 2/2Use gateway: Highlight this option and press the multi selector right to toggle it on (✔) or off . If the network requires a

Seite 44

41Enable DNS: Highlight this option and press the multi selector right to toggle it on (✔) or off . If a Domain Name Server (DNS) exists on the networ

Seite 45 - Encryption

iiiFCC Radio Frequency Interference StatementThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant

Seite 46 - Choose index

42FTP Menu, Page 1/3Server1Highlight Address.2Display text entry dialog.5Highlight Folder.6Display text entry dialog.FTPAdjust ftp settings as describ

Seite 47

4310Enter edit mode.9Highlight Port.PASV mode: Highlight this option and press the multi selector right to toggle PASV mode on (✔) or off . Turn this

Seite 48 - Highlight Address

44FTP Menu, Page 2/3Anonymous login: Highlight this option and press the multi se-lector right to toggle it on (✔) or off . Turn this option on for an

Seite 49

45FTP Menu, Page 3/3Use proxy server: Highlight this option and press the multi selec-tor right to toggle it on (✔) or off . If a proxy server is requ

Seite 50

46Settings (Transfer Mode Only)The following settings are available in transfer mode:Auto SendChoose whether to upload photographs to the server as th

Seite 51 - Return to ftp menu (1/3)

47Send FolderAll fi les in the selected folder (including those already marked as “sent”) will be uploaded in ascending order by fi le number, beginning

Seite 52

48AppendicesCreating ftp Profi les Using the Camera MenusIn transfer mode, the camera menus can be used to create ftp profi les in place of the WT-3 Set

Seite 53

494 The registration dialog shown at right will be displayed. Press the multi selector up or down to highlight an option, then press to the right to

Seite 54

505 If On is selected for Wireless transmitter > Wireless LAN system, a confi r-mation dialog will be displayed. Choose from the following options:

Seite 55

51TroubleshootingProblem Solution“POWER” LED does not light.• Confi rm that battery is inserted in WT-3 and is fully charged.• Reattach WT-3.• Insert m

Seite 56 - Appendices

ivCAUTION: This class B digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interfer-ence Causing Equipment Regulations.ATTENTION: Cet appareil n

Seite 57

52GlossaryAd-hoc: Devices in an ad-hoc wireless network communicate directly (“peer to peer”), without a wireless access point.AES (Advanced Encryptio

Seite 58

53Infrastructure: Devices in an infrastructure network communicate via wireless access points that may be connected to an Ethernet network, allowing w

Seite 59 - Troubleshooting

54SS-ID (Service Set ID): An SS-ID prevents interference between devices in diff erent networks by allowing communication only between devices that sha

Seite 60 - Glossary

55Specifi cationsWirelessStandards IEEE 802.11b/g (standard wireless LAN protocol), ARIB STD-T66 (standard for low power data communications systems)Co

Seite 61

56 Battery LifeThe number of shots that can be taken with a fully-charged EN-EL3e battery (1500 mAh) varies with the con di tion of the batteries, tem

Seite 62

57IndexGGateway, 15, 40, 52IIP address, 15, 38, 53Infrastructure, 2, 14, 36, 53LLAN. See Wireless LAN, EthernetLED. See Status LEDsLINK. See Status

Seite 63 - Specifi cations

vTable of ContentsFor Your Safety ...iNotices ...

Seite 65

1Thank you for purchasing a WT-3 or WT-3A wireless transmitter for compatible Nikon digital cameras. The WT-3 is for use in the country of sale, the

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