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Radius CM200
& Motorola PM400
Commercial Series
Mobile Radio Basic Service Manual
MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo, and Radius are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.
All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.
© 2004 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.
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Seite 1 - & Motorola PM400

Radius CM200™/CM300™& Motorola PM400™Commercial SeriesMobile Radio Basic Service ManualMOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo, and Radius are registered in

Seite 2


Seite 3 - CM200/CM300/PM400

Chapter 1INTRODUCTION1.0 Scope of ManualThis manual is intended for use by service technicians familiar with similar types of equipment. It contains s

Seite 4 - Disclaimer

1-2 INTRODUCTION3.0 Replacement Parts Ordering3.1 Basic Ordering InformationWhen ordering replacement parts or equipment information, the complete ide

Seite 5 - Table of Contents

Radio Model Information 1-33.6 Parts IdentificationRadio Products and Services Division (RPSD)*(United States and Canada)1-800-422-4210, menu 3* The R

Seite 6 - Chapter 5 POWER UP SELF-TEST


Seite 7

Chapter 2MAINTENANCE1.0 IntroductionThis chapter provides details about the following:• Preventive maintenance (inspection and cleaning).• Safe handli

Seite 8

2-2 MAINTENANCECleaning Internal Circuit Boards and ComponentsIsopropyl alcohol (100%) may be applied with a stiff, non-metallic, short-bristled brush


Repair Procedures and Techniques — General 2-34.0 Repair Procedures and Techniques — GeneralParts Replacement and SubstitutionWhen damaged parts are r

Seite 10

2-4 MAINTENANCE6.0 Radio Disassembly - DetailedThe procedure to remove and replace a Control Head, Top Cover or Transceiver Board is similar for all m


Radio Disassembly - Detailed 2-5Figure 2-2 Control Head Removal3. To free the control head, disconnect the flat cable from the chassis assembly See Fi

Seite 13 - 4.0 Radio Model Information

2-6 MAINTENANCE6.2 Top Cover Removal1. Place the radio in a vertical position as shown in Figure 2-4.Figure 2-4 Top Cover Removal (Chassis Vertical).2

Seite 14 - 1-4 INTRODUCTION

Radio Disassembly - Detailed 2-76.3 Main Shield Removal1. Insert the screw driver in the gap between the main shield and chassis (speaker cutout area)


2-8 MAINTENANCEFigure 2-8 PA Shield and DC Cable Removal (for High Power Models)6.5 PA Clip and Main PCB Removal (for Low Power Models)1. Remove the s

Seite 16

Radio Disassembly - Detailed 2-96.6 Main PCB Removal (for High Power Models)1. Remove the PA screws. See Figure 2-10.2. Remove all the screws that fix

Seite 17

2-10 MAINTENANCE6.7 Disassembly of Control Head - CM2001. Disconnect the flat cable from the Control Head PCB connector. See Figure 2-11.2. Remove the

Seite 18 - 6.1 Control Head Removal

Radio Disassembly - Detailed 2-116.8 Disassembly of Control Heads - CM300/PM4001. Disconnect the flat cable from the Control Head PCB connector. See F

Seite 19 - Main PCB Connector

2-12 MAINTENANCE7.0 Radio Assembly7.1 Chassis Assembly (for Low Power Models)1. Ensure that the Fuji Poly Thermal Pad is on the small pedestal located

Seite 20 - 6.2 Top Cover Removal

Radio Assembly 2-1310. Take the main shield and place it on the chassis. Check that the corners of the main shield are seated properly on the corner s

Seite 21 - 6.3 Main Shield Removal

2-14 MAINTENANCE7.5 Option Board Installation1. Follow the disassembly procedure in paragraphs 6.1 to 6.3.2. Remove and discard the 4xM3 screws holdin

Seite 22 - 2-8 MAINTENANCE

Radio Exploded Mechanical Views and Parts Lists 2-158.0 Radio Exploded Mechanical Views and Parts Lists8.1 Radio Assembly - 1-25 W ModelsFigure 2-14 R

Seite 23

iCM200/CM300/PM400RadiosBasic Service Manual6802966C15-AIssue: August, 2004

Seite 24 - Keypad Assembly

2-16 MAINTENANCE8.2 Radio Assembly - 25-40 W/25-45 W ModelsFigure 2-15 Radio Assembly - 25-40 W/25-45 W ModelsTable 2-2 Radio Assembly Parts List -

Seite 25

Radio Exploded Mechanical Views and Parts Lists 2-178.3 Control Head - CM200Figure 2-16 Control Head CM200Table 2-3 Control Head CM200 Parts ListIte

Seite 26 - 7.0 Radio Assembly

2-18 MAINTENANCE8.4 Control Head - CM300/PM400Figure 2-17 Control Head - CM300/PM400Table 2-4 Control Head CM300/PM400 Parts ListItem no Description

Seite 27 - 7.4 Control Head Fitting

Service Aids 2-199.0 Service AidsTable 2-5 lists the service aids recommended for working on the radio. While all of these items are available from Mo

Seite 28 - 7.5 Option Board Installation

2-20 MAINTENANCE10.0 Test EquipmentTable 2-6 lists test equipment required to service the radio and other two-way radios.Table 2-6 Recommended Test

Seite 29

Programming/Test Cable - RKN4083_ 2-2111.0 Programming/Test Cable - RKN4083_Figure 2-18 Programming/Test CableFigure 2-19 Pin Configuration of RKN4083

Seite 30

2-22 MAINTENANCE12.0 Adapter Cable - FKN8113_Figure 2-20 Pin Configuration of FKN811316-pin Female To RadioAccessory ConnectorSPEAKER -EXTERNAL MICEXT

Seite 31 - 8.3 Control Head - CM200

Chapter 3TRANSCEIVER PERFORMANCE TESTING1.0 GeneralThese radios meet published specifications through their manufacturing process by utilizing high- a

Seite 32

3-2 TRANSCEIVER PERFORMANCE TESTING3.0 RF Test ModeWhen the radio is operating in its normal environment, it is not possible to test all individual as

Seite 33 - 9.0 Service Aids

RF Test Mode 3-3Table 3-3 Test Channel SpacingNumber of Beeps Channel Spacing1 25 kHz2 12.5 kHz3 20 kHzTable 3-4 Test FrequenciesChannel Display T

Seite 34 - 10.0 Test Equipment

iiForewordThis manual is intended for use by service technicians familiar with similar types of equipment. It contains service information required fo

Seite 35 - FLO830307-0

3-4 TRANSCEIVER PERFORMANCE TESTING* See Table 3-4.Voice ModulationMode: PWR MON4th channel test frequency*atten to -70, input to RF In/ OutMonitor: D

Seite 36 - 12.0 Adapter Cable - FKN8113_

RF Test Mode 3-5Table 3-6 Receiver Performance Checks* See Tables 3-4.Test Name Communications Analyzer Radio Test Set CommentReference FrequencyMod

Seite 37 - Chapter 3


Seite 38 - 3.0 RF Test Mode

Chapter 4RADIO TUNING AND PROGRAMMING1.0 IntroductionThis chapter provides an overview of the Customer Programming Software (CPS) and tuner program de

Seite 39 - RF Test Mode 3-3

4-2 RADIO TUNING AND PROGRAMMING3.0 CPS Programming/Flashing Setup RiblessThe CPS programming setup, shown in Figure 4-2 is used to program and flash

Seite 40

CPS Programming Setup with RIB (Accessory Connector) 4-35.0 CPS Programming Setup with RIB (Accessory Connector)The CPS programming setup, shown in Fi

Seite 41 - RF Test Mode 3-5

4-4 RADIO TUNING AND PROGRAMMING7.0 Radio Tuning SetupA personal computer (PC), Windows 95/98/NT and a tuner program are required to tune the radio. T

Seite 42

Chapter 5POWER UP SELF-TEST1.0 Error CodesTurning on the radio starts a self-test routine that checks the RAM, ROM checksum, EEPROM hardware, and EEPR



Seite 44

Chapter 6ACCESSORIES & CONNECTOR PIN FUNCTIONS1.0 AccessoriesTo order, refer to Chapter 1 (paragraph 3.0 - ‘Replacement Parts Ordering’) of this m

Seite 45

iiiTable of ContentsForeword...

Seite 46 - 7.0 Radio Tuning Setup

6-2 ACCESSORIES & CONNECTOR PIN FUNCTIONS1.2 Audio1.3 Alarms and AccessoriesHMN3596_ Compact Palm Microphone (Std. Mic)HMN1035_ Heavy Duty Microph


Accessories 6-31.4 Control Station1.5 Public Address1.6 Cables1.7 MountingHPN4002_ Desktop Power Supply 1-25 WHPN4001_ Desktop Power Supply 25-60 WHMN

Seite 48 - 5-2 POWER UP SELF-TEST

6-4 ACCESSORIES & CONNECTOR PIN FUNCTIONS1.8 Data - CES Wireless Technologies1.9 PeripheralsRDN7364_ Base ModemRDN7367_ Mobile Display Terminal wi

Seite 49 - Chapter 6

Accessory Connector Pin Function 6-52.0 Accessory Connector Pin FunctionPin Function Description1 External Speaker (-) Connect external 8 or 4 ohms sp

Seite 50 - 1.3 Alarms and Accessories

6-6 ACCESSORIES & CONNECTOR PIN FUNCTIONSTHIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK3.0 Microphone Connector Pin FunctionPin Function Description1 9.3V Reg

Seite 51 - 1.7 Mounting

Chapter 7MODEL CHART AND TEST SPECIFICATION1.0 Low Power Radios1.1 146-174 MHz CM200/CM300/PM400 Model ChartVHF2, 1-25 W, 146-174 MHzModel Description

Seite 52 - 1.9 Peripherals

7-2 MODEL CHART AND TEST SPECIFICATION1.2 438-370 MHz CM200/CM300/PM400 Model ChartUHF2, 1-25 W, 438-470 MHzModel DescriptionAAM50RNC9AA1A CM200 438-4

Seite 53 - Pin Function Description

Low Power Radios 7-31.3 Specifications GeneralSpecification VHF2 UHF2Frequency Range: 146-174 MHz 438-470 MHzFrequency Stability(-30°C to +60°C, 25°C

Seite 54

7-4 MODEL CHART AND TEST SPECIFICATIONTransmitterSpecification VHF2 UHF2Power Output 1-25WConducted/Radiated Emissions:-36 dBm < 1 GHz -30 dBm >

Seite 55 - VHF2, 1-25 W, 146-174 MHz

High Power Radios 7-52.0 High Power Radios2.1 136-162 MHz CM300 Model Chart2.2 146-174 MHz CM200/CM300/PM400 Model ChartVHF1, 25-45 W, 136-162 MHzMode

Seite 56 - UHF2, 1-25 W, 438-470 MHz

iv7.3 Control Heads Assembly... 2-137.4 Control Head Fitting ...

Seite 57 - 1.3 Specifications

7-6 MODEL CHART AND TEST SPECIFICATION2.3 438-470 MHz CM200/CM300/PM400 Model ChartUHF2, 25-40 W, 438-470 MHzModel DescriptionAAM50RPC9AA1A CM200 438-

Seite 58 - Receiver

High Power Radios 7-72.4 465-495 MHz PM400 Model ChartUHF3, 25-40 W 465-495 MHzModel DescriptionAAM50SPF9AA3AN PM400 465-495 MHz, 25-40 W, 64 CHItem D

Seite 59 - VHF2, 25-45 W, 146-174 MHz

7-8 MODEL CHART AND TEST SPECIFICATION2.5 Specifications GeneralSpecification VHF1 VHF2 UHF2 UHF3Frequency Range: 136-162 MHz 146-174 MHz 438-470 MHz

Seite 60 - UHF2, 25-40 W, 438-470 MHz

High Power Radios 7-9TransmitterSpecification VHF1 VHF2 UHF2 UHF3Power Output 25-45 W 25-40 WConducted/Radiated Emissions:-26 dBmAudio Response: (from

Seite 61 - UHF3, 25-40 W 465-495 MHz

7-10 MODEL CHART AND TEST SPECIFICATION3.0 MIL Standards MIL STDS 810 C, D, and E: Applicable to UHF and VHF Specifications (8.2 and 8.4) Military

Seite 62 - 2.5 Specifications

Glossary G-iGLOSSARYGlossary of TermsTerm DefinitionALC Automatic Level Control: a circuit in the transmit RF path that controls RF power amplifier ou

Seite 63

G-ii GlossaryOSW Outbound Signalling Word: data transmitted on the control channel from the central controller to the subscriber unit.PC Board Printed

Seite 64 - 3.0 MIL Standards

Glossary G-iiiUHF Ultra High FrequencyµP MicroprocessorVCO Voltage-Controlled Oscillator: an oscillator whereby the frequency of oscillation can be va

Seite 65 - Glossary of Terms


Seite 67 - Glossary G-iii

v1.9 Peripherals ...6-42.0 Accessory Connector Pin Func

Seite 68 - G-iv Glossary

Radius CM200™/CM300™& Motorola PM400™Commercial SeriesMobile Radio Basic Service ManualMOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo, and Radius are registered in

Seite 69


Seite 70

viiSAFETY INFORMATIONProduct Safety and RF Exposure ComplianceATTENTION!This radio is restricted to occupational use only to satisfy FCC RF energy exp

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