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User's Manual
Basic Operation
Advanced Operation
Technical Notes
Saving Images to a Computer
Organizing Images
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Seite 1 - User's Manual

EnUser's Manual(En)PreparationBasic OperationAdvanced OperationTechnical NotesSaving Images to a ComputerOrganizing ImagesIndexIntroduction

Seite 2 - Trademark Information

viiiTable of ContentsAdvanced Operation 35Viewing Pictures on TV ...

Seite 3 - For Your Safety

1Preparation—About the COOLWALKER MSV-01PreparationAbout the COOLWALKER MSV-01The diagram below illustrates the functions of the MSV-01.Supported Imag

Seite 4

2Preparation—Check the Package ContentsCheck the Package ContentsUnpack the COOLWALKER MSV-01 box and check the contents to make sure that you have al

Seite 5

3Preparation—Parts of the COOLWALKER MSV-01Parts of the COOLWALKER MSV-01Main UnitPower-on lamp ( 10)Power switch ( 10)HDD Access lamp (flashes duri

Seite 6 - Introduction—Notices

4Preparation—Parts of the COOLWALKER MSV-01Battery Release Button • Do not press the battery release button when charging the battery pack or when ope

Seite 7

5Preparation—Parts of the COOLWALKER MSV-01Before Using the Remote Control Unit Remove the Insulating Tape.Remote Control UnitThe remote control unit

Seite 8 - Life-Long Learning

6Preparation—Navigating the MenusNavigating the Menus.Multi Selector and Enter Button • Use the multi selector to navigate through menus and make sele

Seite 9 - Table of Contents

7Preparation—Navigating the MenusThe Main MenuWhen the MSV-01 is turned on, the monitor briefly displays a welcome screen, and then takes you to the m

Seite 10 - Index 67

8Preparation—Installing and Charging the Battery PackInstalling and Charging the Battery PackBefore Using the COOLWALKER MSV-01 Remove the Insulating

Seite 11 - About the COOLWALKER MSV-01

9Preparation—Installing and Charging the Battery PackUsing the COOLWALKER MSV-01 from an AC Power Supply Source • To use your MSV-01 from an AC power

Seite 12 - Check the Package Contents

Trademark Information • Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, Mac OS, Power Macintosh, PowerBook, and Quick Time are registered trademarks of Apple Comput

Seite 13 - Main Unit

10Preparation—Power-ON/OFFPower-ON/OFFTo power the MSV-01 on, press and hold down the power switch ( 3) for about 2 seconds. The monitor will turn on

Seite 14 - Battery Release Button

11Preparation—Setting Display LanguageSetting Display LanguagePress SET UP (Left button) to display the SET UP menu. Highlight Language using or a

Seite 15 - Remote Control Unit

12Basic Operation—Inserting a Memory CardBasic OperationInserting a Memory CardTo copy image data from a memory card to the MSV-01 or from the MSV-01

Seite 16 - Navigating the Menus

13Basic Operation—Copying Images from a Memory Card (Copy CF card ➡ HDD)Copying Images from a Memory Card (Copy CF card ➡ HDD)Use Copy CF card ➡ HDD f

Seite 17 - The Main Menu

14Basic Operation—Viewing Images Stored on the COOLWALKER MSV-01 (Play HDD images)Viewing Images Stored on the COOLWALKER MSV-01 (Play HDD images)Use

Seite 18 - 3 Charging the Battery Pack

15Basic Operation—Viewing Images Stored on the COOLWALKER MSV-01 (Play HDD images)Image Data Supported for Playback • Only image files and sub-folders

Seite 19

16Basic Operation—Displaying Image InformationDisplaying Image InformationImage information is superimposed on images displayed in full-screen playbac

Seite 20 - Checking the Battery Level

17Basic Operation—Taking a Closer Look: Playback ZoomTaking a Closer Look: Playback ZoomPress to zoom in on a still image displayed in full-screen p

Seite 21 - Setting Display Language

18Basic Operation—Viewing Images Stored on a Memory Card (Play CF card images)Image Data Supported for PlaybackFor supported image data formats see &q

Seite 22 - 3 Insert a memory card

19Basic Operation—Button Operations (List View and Image Playback)Button Operations (List View and Image Playback)You can use the following button ope

Seite 23

iIntroduction—For Your SafetyIntroductionThank you for your purchase of the Nikon COOLWALKER MSV-01 digital photo storage viewer.This manual has been

Seite 24

20Basic Operation—Button Operations (List View and Image Playback)The following operations are available in the thumbnail view displayed after selecti

Seite 25 - Operations during Playback

21Basic Operation—Button Operations (List View and Image Playback)The following operations are available in the full-screen view displayed after selec

Seite 26

22Basic Operation—Button Operations (List View and Image Playback)You can play back a movie file displayed in full-screen playback mode, which can be

Seite 27

23Organizing Images—The EDIT MenuOrganizing ImagesThe EDIT MenuUsing the items from the EDIT menu , which can be accessed from Play HDD images or Play

Seite 28

24Organizing Images—The EDIT MenuUse this option to delete an image file or folder selected in list view or thumbnail playback.If a folder is selected

Seite 29 - List View

25Organizing Images—The EDIT MenuUse this option to move an image file or folder selected in list view or thumbnail playback, or the currently display

Seite 30 - Thumbnail Playback

26Organizing Images—The EDIT MenuUse this option to copy an image file or folder selected in list view or thumbnail playback, or the currently display

Seite 31 - Full-Screen Playback

27Organizing Images—The EDIT MenuUse this option to create and name a new folder in the selected folder.New folderPress EDIT (Right button) to display

Seite 32 - Movie Playback

28Organizing Images—The EDIT MenuUse this option to rename a selected image file or folder.Use this option to search for image files created within a

Seite 33 - The EDIT Menu

29Organizing Images—The EDIT MenuNew SearchUsing this option you can search for image files created within a specified range of dates (usually, shooti

Seite 34 - Before Deletion

iiIntroduction—For Your SafetyDo not place the strap around the neck of an infant or childPlacing the case strap around the neck of an infant or child

Seite 35

30Saving Images to a ComputerSaving Images to a ComputerConnect your MSV-01 to a computer to copy and save data stored on the MSV-01 to the computer.

Seite 36

31Saving Images to a ComputerUninstalling the Nikon COOLWALKER MSV-01 USB Drivers (Windows 98 Second Edition Only)Note: Before uninstalling the softwa

Seite 37 - New folder

32Saving Images to a Computer—Connecting the USB CableConnecting the USB CableTurn the computer on and wait for the operating system to start up. Turn

Seite 38

33Saving Images to a Computer—Copying Images to the ComputerCopying Images to the Computer1. To copy data stored on the MSV-01 HDD to the computer, ma

Seite 39 - View previous result

34Saving Images to a Computer—Disconnecting the COOLWALKER MSV-01Disconnecting the COOLWALKER MSV-01Be sure to remove the MSV-01 from the system as sh

Seite 40 - Saving Images to a Computer

35Advanced Operation—Viewing Pictures on TVAdvanced OperationViewing Pictures on TVThe supplied EG-CW1 audio/video (A/V) cable can be used to connect

Seite 41

36Advanced Operation—Copying Images to a Memory Card (Copy HDD ➡ CF card)Copying Images to a Memory Card (Copy HDD ➡ CF card)Use this option to copy i

Seite 42 - Connecting the USB Cable

37Advanced Operation—Copying Images to a Memory Card (Copy HDD ➡ CF card)Copying Images • Do not expose the device to shocks or vibration during copy

Seite 43 - Macintosh

38Advanced Operation—Printing PicturesPrinting PicturesImages taken with a Nikon digital camera can be printed without using a computer.Highlight Prin

Seite 44 - Mac OS X Mac OS 9

39Advanced Operation—DPOF printsetDPOF printsetThe DPOF printset option from the PRINT menu is used to create digital "print orders" for ima

Seite 45 - 4 Turn the MSV-01 on

iiiIntroduction—For Your SafetyObserve proper precautions when using the AC adapterImproper use of the AC adapter may result in electric shock or fire

Seite 46 - CF card)

40Advanced Operation—DPOF printsetPrinting DatesIf Date is ON, the date of recording will appear on pictures printed only on devices that support the

Seite 47 - Copying a Selected Image

41Advanced Operation—DPOF printsetAll images (Setting all images for DPOF printing)1. To print one copy of each image on the memory card, select All i

Seite 48 - Printing Pictures

42Advanced Operation—Printing Via Direct USB Connection (PictBridge)Printing Via Direct USB Connection (PictBridge)Use the supplied UC-E9 USB cable to

Seite 49 - DPOF printset

43Advanced Operation—Printing Via Direct USB Connection (PictBridge)Before Starting Direct Printing • Check if your printer supports direct printing v

Seite 50 - The Print-Order Icon

44Advanced Operation—Printing Via Direct USB Connection (PictBridge)Set a number of prints for the selected image. • Use (+) or (-) to specify the

Seite 51 - Reset printorder

45Advanced Operation—Printing Via Direct USB Connection (PictBridge)Printing Images Stored on a Memory CardHighlight Print CF card images from the dir

Seite 52 - Connecting to a Printer

46Advanced Operation—Printing Via Direct USB Connection (PictBridge)Use the DPOF print option to print images stored on a memory card, selected using

Seite 53

47Advanced Operation—Printing Via Direct USB Connection (PictBridge)Finishing Direct PrintingPress DONE (Left button) in the direct print menu."D

Seite 54

48Advanced Operation—SlideshowSlideshowUse this option to playback images stored on the MSV-01 hard disk drive (HDD) in an automated "slideshow&q

Seite 55

49Advanced Operation—SlideshowPlaying All Images in a Selected FolderHighlight Selected folder from the SLIDESHOW menu using or .Press . A list of

Seite 56

ivIntroduction—Notices • No part of the manuals included with this product may be reproduced, transmitted, tran-scribed, stored in a retrieval system,

Seite 57 - Finishing Direct Printing

50Advanced Operation—SlideshowPlayback Previously Selected Images in a SlideshowTo view the slideshow of images previously selected in the SELECT IMAG

Seite 58 - Slideshow

51Advanced Operation—SlideshowWhen the slideshow is in progress, the following buttons are available for control.Use the Deselect images option to re

Seite 59 - Playing Selected Images

52Advanced Operation—SlideshowUse this option to set the time interval for how long each image is displayed during the slideshow.Highlight Set interva

Seite 60

53Advanced Operation—The SET UP MenuThe SET UP MenuThe SET UP menu contains the following options:Press SET UP (Left button) in the main menu to displ

Seite 61 - Deselect images

54Advanced Operation—The SET UP MenuUse this option to choose the language for menus and messages ( 11).Set a period of inactivity before the Auto po

Seite 62 - Set interval

55Advanced Operation—The SET UP MenuUse the Format option from the SET UP menu ( 53) to format a memory card or the MSV-01 hard disk (HDD). Formattin

Seite 63 - The SET UP Menu

56Advanced Operation—The INFORMATION ScreenThe INFORMATION ScreenThis screen shows the remaining free memory space in, and the total capacities of, th

Seite 64 - Video mode

57Technical Notes—Optional AccessoriesTechnical NotesOptional AccessoriesAt the time of writing, the following optional accessories were available for

Seite 65 - Format (CF Card/HDD)

58Technical Notes—Caring for Your COOLWALKER MSV-01To ensure continued enjoyment of your Nikon product, observe the following precautions when storing

Seite 66 - The INFORMATION Screen

59Technical Notes—Caring for Your COOLWALKER MSV-01Make a backup of your data if submit-ting this product for repairAll data stored on the hard disk m

Seite 67 - Optional Accessories

vIntroduction—NoticesNotice for customers in CanadaCAUTIONThis class B digital apparatus meets all require-ments of the Canadian Interference Causing

Seite 68 - Cautions

60Technical Notes—Caring for Your COOLWALKER MSV-01BatteriesCharge the battery pack of the main unit before using. • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer

Seite 69

61Technical Notes—Caring for Your COOLWALKER MSV-01CleaningBodyUse a blower to remove dust and lint, then wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth. After us

Seite 70 - Important!

62Technical Notes—Error MessagesError MessagesThis section lists the error messages that appear on the monitor when there is a problem with the MSV-01

Seite 71 - Cleaning

63Technical Notes—Error MessagesWhen the Power-on Lamp Blinks with RedWhen the power-on lamp blinks with red, this indicates that a charging error has

Seite 72 - Error Messages

64Technical Notes—TroubleshootingTroubleshootingIf your MSV-01 fails to function as expected, check the list of common problems below before con-sulti

Seite 73

65Technical Notes—SpecificationsSpecificationsType Digital Photo Storage Viewer MSV-01Storage media Type 2.5" internal HDDStorage Capacity 30GB (

Seite 74 - Troubleshooting

66Technical Notes—Specifications*1: Maximum capacity. (1 KB = 1024 Bytes: 27.9 GB.)*2: The MSV-01 supports playback of JPEG preview images within NEF

Seite 75 - Specifications

67IndexIndexSymbols (Battery status icon), 10 (Movie icon), 16 (Print order icon), 16, 40 (Unsupported data icon), 15 (Voice memo icon), 16 (Zoom in i

Seite 76

68IndexIImage data formats, supported, 1, 15, 22, 66Image information, 16, 21INFO., 7, 56INFORMATION screen, 56Interface connector cover, 4JJPEG, 15,

Seite 77

69IndexSELECT IMAGES, 50Select images, 39See also DPOFSELECT PRINT IMAGES, 39 - 40, 43, 45Selected folder (SLIDESHOW menu), 48 - 49Selected images (SL

Seite 78

viIntroduction—NoticesA built-in hard disk drive requires careful handling.This Product is a High-precision Device Containing Internal Hard Disk Drive

Seite 79

Printed in JapanBG4G01200201(11)6MAW1411-A

Seite 80 - 6MAW1411-A

viiTable of ContentsTable of ContentsIntroduction iFor Your Safety .....................

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