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Seite 1 - Network Interface

Network InterfaceUser Manual

Seite 2 - Trademark and Copyrights

2-4 Network Interface 4 After reading and accepting the License Agreement click [Yes]. Otherwise, click [No] to cancel the installation. 5 Enter the

Seite 3 - Contents

2-5Network Interface 7 Restart the PC to finish installation.

Seite 4

2-6 Network Interface2.3.1 Activating the optional second paper cassetteIf an optional device has been installed on your machine, you must open the dr

Seite 5 - 1. Getting ready

3-1Network Interface3. Printer driver settings3.1 Open the printer propertiesThere are two ways to open the printer properties:• From your application

Seite 6 - 1-2 Network Interface

3-2 Network Interface

Seite 7 - 2. Installation

4-1Network Interface4. Network scanner feature4.1 Operation summaryThis scanner driver is used to import scanned images stored in the scan-box of the

Seite 8 - 2.2 Setting the IP Address

4-2 Network Interface 3 The machine prompts you to enter the name of the scan box.01:Box Name;Upper01_ 4 The box number is pre-installed as the box

Seite 9 - 2.3 Installing the driver

4-3Network Interface4.3 Scanning the document into a scan box 1 Press [COPYFAXSCAN] to change to Scan mode. When the machine is in the scan mode

Seite 10 - 2-4 Network Interface

4-4 Network Interface 50%, 64% and 70% are not available in 200dpi. – or – Press [Advanced Functions] repeatedly until “Zoom” appears, then press [

Seite 11 - 2-5Network Interface

4-5Network Interface If you are using the ADF, proceed to step 8. If you are using the document glass, skip to step 9. 8 If you have more document

Seite 12 - [Settings]  [Printer]

Trademark and Copyrights• Muratec, the Muratec logo and all Muratec product names contained herein are trade-marks of Murata Machinery, Ltd.• Micros

Seite 13 - 3. Printer driver settings

4-6 Network Interface4.4 Importing a document from a scanned boxFollow the steps below to access the TWAIN driver from your application software: 1 S

Seite 14 - 3-2 Network Interface

4-7Network Interface213 45121516678910111314No. Item Comments1 Scan box list Click the scan box you want to access. Your machine has 20 scan boxes.2 F

Seite 15 - 4. Network scanner feature

4-8 Network InterfaceNo. Item Comments14 Resolution According to the application software, it may need to change the linear resolution to import (down

Seite 16 - 4-2 Network Interface

4-9Network Interface4.4.1 Manually erasing a document stored in a scan boxTo erase a file from the computer• In the scanner dialog box, select the file

Seite 17 - 4-3Network Interface

4-10 Network Interface 4 Use the numeric keys to enter the scan box’s four-digit I D. code. Then press [Enter]. If you enter an invalid I.D. code the

Seite 18 - 4-4 Network Interface

4-11Network Interface4.5 Changing the default settingsThe default settings offer the most common scan settings, please try using these settings prior

Seite 19 - NextDoc

4-12 Network Interface Scanner auto resetThe scanner settings are initially set to return to their default condition auto-matically after the machine

Seite 20 - [Acquire Image…]

5-1Network Interface5. Internet fax features5.1 Internet communication5.1.1 Internet fax transmission (Scan to e-mail)Paper documents, such as hand-wr

Seite 21 - 4-7Network Interface

5-2 Network Interface5.2 Basic parameters The following are basic parameters for using the Internet Fax feature. Please contact your network administr

Seite 22 - 4-8 Network Interface

5-3Network Interface5.3 Internet parameter settings 1 On your machine’s control panel, press [Menu], [6], [1], [1].[Program] No.611 1 TCP/IP Settin

Seite 23 - 4-9Network Interface

Contents1. Getting ready ... 1-11.1 System requir

Seite 24 - 4-10 Network Interface

5-4 Network Interface5.4 Configuring the e-mail environment5.4.1 Time zone settingThe Time Zone is required as part of the e-mail header information wh

Seite 25 - 4-11Network Interface

5-5Network Interface5.4.2 e-mail environment settingsThese are important settings that allow the system to send and receive e-mail. Please consult you

Seite 26 - 4-12 Network Interface

5-6 Network InterfaceE-mail environment parametersNo. Parameter Default Comments01 Name — The name that is displayed in the sender field (From) when se

Seite 27 - 5.1 Internet communication

5-7Network InterfaceNo. Parameter Default Comments09 File Format TIFF Select whether the document is converted into a “TIFF” (ITU-T T.37 full mode), “

Seite 28 - 5.2 Basic parameters

5-8 Network Interface5.5 Registering an e-mail addressYou can register a recipient’s e-mail address into the one-touch keys or speed-dial numbers. Whe

Seite 29 - 5-3Network Interface

5-9Network Interface5.5.2 Speed-dial number registration 1 Press [Menu], [1], [2], [1], then [Enter].Enter Speed-Dial No.001:No Number Stored 2 Sel

Seite 30 - 5.4.1 Time zone setting

5-10 Network Interface5.6 Configuring from the Internet browserYou can configure the network environment and register contacts from your Internet browse

Seite 31 - ] or [ ]

5-11Network Interface5.6.2 Configuring an IP address 1 Open the “Internet FAX configuration” screen. (Refer to the page 5-10.) 2 Click [TCP/IP] to ope

Seite 32 - E-mail environment parameters

5-12 Network Interface5.6.4 Configuring the e-mail settings 1 Open the “Internet FAX configuration” screen. (Refer to the page 5-10.) 2 Click [E-mail

Seite 33 - 5-7Network Interface

5-13Network Interface5.6.5 Registering or editing a one-touch number 1 Open the “Internet FAX configuration” screen. (Refer to the page 5-10.) 2 Clic

Seite 34 - 5-8 Network Interface

5.6.5 Registering or editing a one-touch number ...5-135.6.6 Registering or editing a speed-dial number ...

Seite 35 - 5-9Network Interface

5-14 Network Interface5.6.6 Registering or editing a speed-dial number 1 Open the “Internet FAX configuration” screen. (Refer to the page 5-10.) 2 Cl

Seite 36 - 5-10 Network Interface

5-15Network Interface5.7 Internet fax transmission5.7.1 Using numeric keys 1 Switch to the Fax mode by pressing [COPYFAXSCAN]. 2 Load the document

Seite 37 - 5-11Network Interface

5-16 Network Interface 5 Use the numeric keys to enter the three-digit identifier for the speed-dial number you want to dial. The machine shows the na

Seite 38 - 5-12 Network Interface

5-17Network Interface5.8 Internet fax reception5.8.1 Receiving e-mail from a POP serverAs a default setting, your machine will query the POP server fo

Seite 39 - 5-13Network Interface

5-18 Network Interface

Seite 40 - 5-14 Network Interface

6-1Network Interface6. Troubleshooting6.1 Troubles in network printer and scannerSymptom Possible Cause RemedyCannot print Has the machine been turned

Seite 41 - 5.7 Internet fax transmission

6-2 Network Interface6.2 Troubles in TCP/IP environmentSymptom Possible Cause RemedyPort cannot be added in Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows X

Seite 42 - 5-16 Network Interface

7-1Network Interface7. Appendix7.1 SpecificationsSpecificationsStandard Compliance 10 Base-T Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet (IEEE 802.3u

Seite 43 - 5.8 Internet fax reception

7-2 Network Interface7.2 Entering charactersTo enter letters or other characters, use the following guidelines:By pressing the numeric key repeatedly,

Seite 44 - 5-18 Network Interface

7-3Network InterfaceTo change upper and lower casePress [ ] to toggle upper case and lower case.Your Name ;Upper_ Your Name ;Lower_The word

Seite 45 - Symptom Possible Cause Remedy

Network Interface 1-11. Getting ready1.1 System requirementsThe following operating environment is required in order to use the network interface.Item

Seite 46

7-4 Network Interface

Seite 47 - 7. Appendix

1-2 Network Interface

Seite 48 - 7.2 Entering characters

2-1Network Interface2. Installation2.1 Cable connection∗ To connect the machine to an Ethernet network, a LAN cable (twist pair cable with RJ-45 type

Seite 49 - 7-3Network Interface

2-2 Network Interface2.2 Setting the IP AddressAn IP address is required to install the network driver and use your machine as a network printer and n

Seite 50 - 7-4 Network Interface

2-3Network Interface2.3 Installing the driver 1 Insert the CD supplied with your machine into your CD-ROM drive. The CD-ROM main menu will be display

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