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Crafted for personal control
35mm SLR
Hybrid Shutter Control System:
Hybrid shutter system providing exposure
automation and the use of all
shutter speeds even if the batteries fail.
In Aperture Priority Auto mode shutter
speeds are controlled electronically and in
Manual mode all shutter speeds are
mechanically timed and requires
no battery power.
Personal Control: Manual mode for
complete control of both aperture and shutter
speed along with Aperture Priority Automatic
when time is not a luxury.
Light Metering: Classic 60/40 Center
Weighted metering. Match needle exposure
display makes it easy to gauge over and
under exposure
Versatile Exposure Extras: Auto
Exposure Lock (AE-L) lets you lock exposure
and recompose the shot as you like.
Exposure Compensation lets you vary
exposure from the metered value from
+/- 2EV in 1/3 EV Steps.
Body Construction: Rugged copper,
silumin aluminum alloy construction
chassis and metal outer body
TTL Flash Metering System:
TTL (through-the-lens) flash exposure
control with 1/250th sec. sync speed
provided when used with compatible Nikon
speedlights. Pressing the TTL Flash
Compensation button reduces flash output
for a balanced fill-flash effect or to avoid
overexposure of subjects against a dark or
distant background Slow Sync Fill-Flash
possible in Manual Exposure Mode
New Brighter Viewfinder: Bright split
image rangefinder and matte surface
focusing screen for critical manual focus.
Shutter Speed and ISO Range:
Super fast 1/4,000 sec. to 1 sec. plus Bulb,
in Manual Mode, 1/4,000 sec. to 8 sec.
(stepless control) in Aperture Priority Mode
ISO 25 to 5000 with DX-coded film; manual:
ISO 12 to 6400
Interchangeable Focusing Screens:
Bright B3 matte / Fresnel screen for close-up
or long telephoto shooting and E3 grid-line
screen for architecture and landscape
Also available in black
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Seite 1 - Crafted for personal control

Crafted for personal control35mm SLRHybrid Shutter Control System:Hybrid shutter system providing exposureautomation and the use of all shutter speeds

Seite 2 - 35mm SLR Specifications:

FM3A™35mm SLR Specifications:1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747 / 1-800-Nikon-USType of camera: Manual focus 35mm single-lens

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