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Setting Up Your
A Quick Tour of
Your Terminal
Answering and
Placing Calls
Features to Make You
More Productive
Using Your
Voice Mail
Empowered by Innovation
Multibutton Terminal
User Guide
Rev 3, May 2008
Printed in U.S.A.
0913401_rev3-01-high.qxd 5/22/08 2:54 PM Page 1
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Seite 1 - User Guide

Setting Up YourTerminalA Quick Tour ofYour TerminalAnswering andPlacing CallsFeatures to Make YouMore ProductiveUsing Your Voice MailEmpowered by Inno

Seite 2

10Change Your Ring TonesTo change your extension’s incoming ring tones:1. CALL1 + 820.2. Dial 1 to set the Intercom ring or Dial 2 to set the outside

Seite 3 - How To Use This Guide

11To adjust the Ring Volume, Off Hook Ring, Back Light, and Headset:Ring Volume:1. While idle, press the MENU key + Press the VOL L or M key to scroll

Seite 4 - Your Function Keys

12Installing And Using a HeadsetTo install an optional headset:1. Plug the headset cord into the headset jack on the bottom of the terminal.2. The hea

Seite 5 - Using the Fixed Function Keys

13Using A DSS ConsoleFor more call handlingpower and flexibility, the DSS Console provides 60additional Function Keys(and it’s possible to accessa sec

Seite 6 - Outside Calls

14Programming Your Extension’s NameTo program your extension’s name:1. Press idle CALL1 key.2. Dial 800.3. Enter the extension number to be named.4. E

Seite 7 - Terminal Feature Handbook

Additional Quick Reference For Other Features15Features to Make YouMore ProductiveWhile on a call, store a number for easy recalling: Memo Dial Functi

Seite 8 - Place A Call On Hold

16Calling (Logging Into) Your MailboxVoice Maillets callers leave recorded messages for you and lets you leave recorded messages for co-workers.Messag

Seite 9 - Forward (reroute) Your Calls

17Using YourVoice MailReview these basic features before using your mailbox for the first time.To record a greeting for your mailbox:(Callers hear you

Seite 10 - Change Your Ring Tones

18More Mailbox FeaturesWhen you log onto your mailbox, you get your mailbox main menu of options.To record and send a message to a co-worker:1. Press

Seite 11 - Message Waiting

19Using YourVoice MailAfter listening to a message, to have voice mail announce the message sender, as well as thetime and date the message was sent t

Seite 12 - To use your headset:

Installing the Handset And Line CordAdjusting the Five-Position Viewing AngleWhen installing the handset and line cord:1. Plug the handset cord into t

Seite 13 - Using A DSS Console

20Voice Mail Administrator OptionsThe following voice mail administration features are available only at the System Administrator’s extension (normall

Seite 14 - Name Programming Chart

Removing and Reinstalling the FaceplateTo remove the faceplate(if installing a custom DESI label):1. Put your finger in the recessedarea under the fac

Seite 15 - Features to Make You

Your Function KeysSecure Mode, Display and Soft Keys4Secure ModeIP Terminals can be locked to prevent access and ensure security of stored data.Alphan

Seite 16 - * (for quick message)

Setting Up Your Abbreviated Dial Bin KeysUsing the Fixed Function KeysUnderstanding the Ring/Message Lamp5A Quick Tour ofYour TerminalDIAL– Press DI

Seite 17 - Voice Mailbox Basics

6Outside CallsTo answer an outside call:1. Press SPK or lift the handset.2. If you are not automatically connected, press flashing LINE or LOOP key.–

Seite 18 - More Mailbox Features

7Answering andPlacing CallsTo answer an Intercom call from a co-worker:1. Do one of the following:– If you hear a beep, speak toward your terminal or

Seite 19

8Place A Call On HoldTransfer A Call To A Co-workerTo place your call on System (Regular) Hold:(Your co-workers can pick up calls you place on System

Seite 20 - 203-926-5400

9Features to Make YouMore ProductiveTo set up a conference/meeting:1. Place or answer your first call + CONF.2. Place or answer your next call + CONF.

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