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User’s Manual
Wireless Transmitter
Read this manual thoroughly before using the camera.
To ensure proper use of the camera, be sure to read For
Your Safety (page v).
After reading this manual, keep it in a readily accessible
place for future reference.
Printed in Japan
No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for
brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without written
authorization from NIKON CORPORATION.
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Seite 1 - User’s Manual

User’s ManualWireless TransmitterEn Read this manual thoroughly before using the camera. To ensure proper use of the camera, be sure to read For Yo

Seite 2 - Control multiple cameras

xiAvailable ChannelsThe WT-6 is available in four versions, each destined for use in a different region in compliance with local regulations governing

Seite 3

xii5GHz bandThe channels available for 5GHz band are listed below.Version Location ModeChannelsW52 W53 W56 W5836–48 52–64 100–140 149–165WT-6IndoorInf

Seite 11

6A Network GuideFor information on using a wireless network once the camera and WT-6 are connected, see the Network Guide.D Choosing a Power SourceTo

Seite 12

iiiNikon User Support for India and AustraliaContact a Nikon representative for technical assistance with the operation of your Nikon product or produ

Seite 13

7Step 1: Getting ReadyAfter starting the computer and logging in, ready the camera and WT-6 as described below.1 Insert a memory card.Turn the camera

Seite 14

8Step 2: Enable Camera WirelessReady the camera for connection to a wireless network.1 Select Choose hardware.In the setup menu, select Network, then

Seite 15

93 Start the connection wizard.Highlight Connection wizard and press 2 to start the connection wizard.4 Choose a connection type. (03) Highlight a con

Seite 16

106 Choose a connection method.Highlight the connection method used by the network and press J. More information can be found on the pages listed belo

Seite 17

11❚❚ Search for Wireless NetworkSelect Search for wireless network in Step 6 on page 10 to choose from a list of the networks (wireless LAN access po

Seite 18

123 Choose your next step.The message at right is displayed when a connection is established. Your next step depends on the connection type selected i

Seite 19

133 Choose your next step.The message at right is displayed when a connection is established. Your next step depends on the connection type selected i

Seite 20 - 3 Turn the camera on

14❚❚ PIN-Entry WPSChoose PIN-entry WPS in Step 6 on page 10 if the wireless LAN access point uses PIN-entry WPS.1 Enter the PIN for the wireless LAN a

Seite 21 - 2 Select Create profile

15❚❚ Direct (Access Point)Selecting Direct (access point) in Step 6 on page 10 enables access point mode, in which the camera serves as a wireless acc

Seite 22 - Name the new network profile

19❚❚ Image Transfer, Camera Control, and HTTP ServerIf you choose any of the above options in Step 4 on page 9, follow the steps below to connect to a

Seite 23 - 6 Choose a connection method

ivTrademark InformationMac, OS X, and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Windows is either re

Seite 24 - 2 Enter the encryption key

203 Connect the camera to the computer.When prompted, connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable supplied with the camera.A RoutersConnect

Seite 25 - 3 Choose your next step

214 Start the Wireless Transmitter Utility.When prompted, start the copy of the Wireless Transmitter Utility installed on the computer (06). Pairing w

Seite 26

22AppendicesAfter creating a network profile, turn the camera on and follow the steps below to access the camera from a computer or iPhone.Windows 8.1

Seite 27

233 Enter the encryption key and click Next.4 Connect.When the message “Do you want to find PCs, devices, and content on this network, and automatical

Seite 28 - ❚❚ Direct (Access Point)

24❚❚ Windows 71 Click the Internet Access icon in the taskbar.2 Select the network name (SSID) and click Connect.3 Enter the encryption key and click

Seite 29 - 2 Confirm the IP address

25❚❚ Mac OS X1 Click the Wi-Fi icon and select Turn Wi-Fi On.2 Click the Wi-Fi icon and select the network name (SSID).3 Enter the encryption key and

Seite 30 - 3 Connect the camera to the

26❚❚ iPhone1 Tap Settings in the iPhone “Home” screen.2 Tap Wi-Fi.3 Enable Wi-Fi and select the network name (SSID).

Seite 31 - 6 Exit the wizard

274 Enter the encryption key and tap Join.5 Confirm that the connection is successful.A check appears next to the network name when a connection is es

Seite 32 - Appendices

28Creating Network Profiles with the Wireless Transmitter UtilityNetwork profiles can be created using the Wireless Transmitter Utility installed on t

Seite 33 - 4 Connect

294 Click Next.5 Select Wireless LAN (WT-5/WT-6) and click Next.

Seite 34 - ❚❚ Windows 7

vFor Your SafetyTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety be

Seite 35 - ❚❚ Mac OS X

306 Select Add/edit profiles and click Next.A “Setup Picture Folder”To choose the destination for images uploaded to the computer in image transfer mo

Seite 36 - 2 Tap Wi-Fi

317 Select Add new profile and click Next.8 Enter the following information and click Next.• Profile name: Enter a name of up to 16 characters.• Conne

Seite 37

329 Select Manual setup (for advanced users) and click Next.

Seite 38 - 2 Turn the camera on

33A “Automatic Setup”When connecting to an infrastructure network for the first time, select Automatic setup (recommended). The following dialog will

Seite 39 - 4 Click Next

3410Enter the following information and click Next.• Network name (SSID): Enter the name of the network on which the host computer or ftp server is lo

Seite 40 - A “Setup Picture Folder”

35• Key index: If WEP64 or WEP128 is selected for Encryption, choose a key index (the default index is 1). A key index is not required when None is se

Seite 41

3611Enter IP address information and click Next.If the network is configured to supply IP addresses automatically using a DHCP server or Auto IP, sele

Seite 42

3712Enter ftp settings and click Next.The following options will be displayed if you selected FTP upload in Step 8 (0 31). If you selected another opt

Seite 43 - A “Automatic Setup”

3813Confirm that settings are correct and click Next.14Select Finish wizard and click Next.15Turn the camera off and disconnect the USB cable.

Seite 44

3916Connect the WT-6.Insert a memory card in the camera, connect the WT-6, and turn the camera on.17Display network profiles.Select Network in the cam

Seite 45

viA Do not remain in contact with the camera for extended periods while the device is on or in useParts of the device become hot. Leaving the device i

Seite 46

40TroubleshootingProblem Solution PageExcessive radio interference.Adjust the position of the wireless access point or host computer.—The camera displ

Seite 47 - A Firewall Settings

41Transfer is interrupted before all photographs are sent.Transfer will resume if the camera is turned off and then on again.—No connection is establi

Seite 48

42SpecificationsType WT-6/WT-6A/WT-6B/WT-6CWirelessStandards WT-6/WT-6A/WT-6B/WT-6C: 802.11a/b/g/n/acCommunications protocolsIEEE802.11a: OFDMIEEE802.

Seite 49

43* With large antenna at wireless LAN access point. Range varies with signal strength and presence or absence of obstacles.† Maximum logical data rat

Seite 50 - Troubleshooting

44IndexAAccess point... 6, 10, 15, 34Automatic setup...33CCamera control...

Seite 52 - Specifications

User's ManualWireless TransmitterEn• Read this manual thoroughly before using the camera.• To ensure proper use of the camera, be sure to read “F

Seite 56 - User's Manual

viiNotices• No part of the manuals included with this product may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated

Seite 58

viiiNotice for Customers in the U.S.A. and CanadaThis device complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules and Industry Canada’s licence-exempt RSSs. Operation i

Seite 59

ixCompliance with FCC requirement 15.407(c)Data transmission is always initiated by software, which is the passed down through the MAC, through the di

Seite 60

xNotice for Customers in EuropeR&TTE DirectiveWe, the manufacturer (Nikon Corporation) hereby declare that this Wireless Transmitter (WT-6) is in

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