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Nikon Laser IRT 4-12X42
Instruction Manual
Congratulations on your choice of a Nikon Laser IRT. Your new scope is the finest
example of Nikon’s rugged and durable construction and precision bright optics;
important qualities for a serious shooter’s riflescope.
Whether you use your scope for hunting or for target shooting, the procedure for
mounting is identical. After mounting the scope on your riflescope, follow the
procedures for reticle alignment.
When setting the reticle for hunting, you should determine your standard range and
then adjust the reticle based upon that reading distance. For targets which vary
from that standard distance you may simply adjust the position of the reticle in
relation to your target, or you may wish to use the procedure for trajectory
compensation. It’s up to your personal preference.
We hope that you will enjoy your new Nikon Laser IRT for many years to come.
Enjoy using it, and above all, always follow safe shooting procedures!
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Nikon Laser IRT 4-12X42 Instruction Manual Congratulations on your choice of a Nikon Laser IRT. Your new scope is the finest example of Nikon’s rugg

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When maximum magnification (12x) is selected. *(at minimum magnification) – (at maximum magnification) ** moa = minute of angle *** The battery cham

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Target range cannot be obtained • Be sure that nothing, such as your hand or finger, is blocking the laser emission aperture and laser detector. • B

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• Be sure the target shape and condition is appropriate to reflect the laser beam. • Be sure that nothing, such as leaves or grass, is between the L

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correct usage accompanying the product. Keep this manual within reach for easy reference. ! WARNING This indication alerts you to the fact that a

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• Do not leave the Nikon Laser IRT in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays and excessive heat may negatively affect or even damage the unit. • When the

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• Install battery with the + and – poles positioned correctly. • Battery should be removed when exhausted or during extended periods of non-use. •

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Please observe the following guidelines strictly so you can use the equipment properly and avoid potentially hazardous problems. Before using this p

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• Waterproof design (NOT designed for underwater usage) • Invisible/Eyesafe FDA Class I Laser • 8-second results display • Compact, ergonomic desi

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Status of the Internal Display Changing Battery • Type of battery Scope – 3V CR2 Lithium Battery Remote control unit – 3V CR2025 Lithium Battery

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Battery condition Scope Y flashing: Battery charge is low and battery should be replaced. Remote control unit No information Install the

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Be sure your eye is positioned within proper alignment and proper eye relief otherwise the view will “black out”. (2) Point the objective end of the s

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3. Measuring

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Specifications MODEL 4-12x42 SCOPE Actual magnification 4x-12x Objective diameter (mm) 42 (in) 1.65 Exit pupil (mm) 3.5

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