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Nikon Film Scanner
Printed in Japan
User's Manual
Manuel de I'utilisateur
Manual del Usuario
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Seite 1 - Manual del Usuario

Nikon Film ScannerEnFrEsPrinted in JapanSB3J00300101(30)6MRA0730--User's ManualManuel de I'utilisateurManual del Usuario(En/Fr/Es)

Seite 2

1Introduction ... 2Parts of the Scanner ... 3Prec

Seite 3 - Product Documentation

2IntroductionIntroductionThank you for your purchase of a Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED fi lm scanner. Read this manual thoroughly before use, and keep

Seite 4 - For Your Safety

3Parts of the ScannerParts of the ScannerFront View1 Status LEDScanner status is indicated as follows:Status LED Scanner statusOnNo operations in prog

Seite 5 - CAUTIONS

4Rear View5 AC connectorThe female end of the AC power cable plugs into this connector.6 IEEE 1394 (Firewire) connectorThe IEEE 1394 interface cable c

Seite 6 - LS-9000 ED

5Precautions for UsePrecautions for UseObserve the following precautions to ensure that the scanner always produces the best pos-sible results. Check

Seite 8 - Table of Contents

7Setup and Scanning Guide... 8Installing Nikon Scan ...10Installing the Sc

Seite 9

8Install software ( 10–19)Imaging applica-tion (e.g., Adobe Photoshop)CD-ROMCD-ROMCD-ROMCD-ROMCD-ROMNikon ViewCD-ROMCD-ROMCD-ROMCD-ROMCD-ROMNikon Sca

Seite 10 - Before You Begin

9Insert fi lm ( 32)FH-835S ( 26–27)35-mm fi lmFH-835M ( 28)35-mm slidesFH-869S ( 28–29)Medium format fi lmElectron microscope fi lmOrganize imagesImag

Seite 11 - Introduction

10Installing Nikon ScanInstalling Nikon ScanNikon Scan software (provided) is required to control the scanner. The installation instructions that fol

Seite 12 - Parts of the Scanner

Nikon Film ScannerUser's ManualBefore You BeginEnSetupBasic ScanningNikon ScanOptional HoldersTechnical Notes

Seite 13 - Rear View

111 Insert the Nikon Scan CD into the CD-ROM driveA language-selection dialog will be displayed. Select a language and click Next. If the Language Se

Seite 14 - Precautions for Use

127 Select the scanner driversSelect LS-4000/8000/9000 and click Next. Device RegistrationWindows 2000 ProfessionalA “Digital Signature Not Found” d

Seite 15

138 Create a shortcut (optional)Click Yes to create a shortcut to Nikon Scan on the desktop. Click No to pro-ceed without creating a shortcut. Sett

Seite 16

14 Viewing the Easy Scanning Guide (Windows)Insert the Nikon Scan 4 Reference Manual/Easy Scanning Guide CD and double-click the easy_guide.exe icon

Seite 17 - Setup and Scanning Guide

15MacintoshTurn the computer on and wait for it to start up. Before continuing with installation, make sure that:• The scanner is NOT connected• No o

Seite 18

161 Insert the Nikon Scan CD into the CD-ROM driveA Nikon Scan 4 CD icon will appear on the desktop. Double-click the icon to open the “Nikon Scan 4”

Seite 19 - Installing Nikon Scan

178 Click Use wizard (recommended)Click Use wizard to choose an RGB color-space profi le with the help of the Color Space Wizard (recommended). The

Seite 20

1810 Select Apple RGBIn the Windows Color Space Wizard, select Apple RGB (recommended) and click OK. For more information on color-space profi les

Seite 21

19 Viewing the Easy Scanning Guide (Macintosh)Insert the Nikon Scan 4 Reference Manual/Easy Scanning Guide CD and double-click the easy_guide_OSX ico

Seite 22

20Installing the ScannerInstalling the ScannerStep 1 — Choose a L ocationChoose a fl at, stable location close to the computer. Installing the Scanne

Seite 23

Trademark InformationApple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Finder is a trademark of Apple Co

Seite 24 - Macintosh

21Step 2 — Connect the Power Cable1 Make sure the power switch is in the “off” positionOn position2 Connect the power cableConnect the power cable as

Seite 25

22Step 3 — Connect the IEEE 1394 Cable1 Make sure that the scanner is off2 Connect the IEEE 1394 cableConnect the supplied IEEE 1394 cable as shown be

Seite 26

23Step 1 — Turn the Scanner On ... 24Step 2 — Place Film in the Holder ... 25Step 3 — Open the Scan W

Seite 27 - Mac OS X Mac OS 9

24 Windows 98 SEIf the dialog shown at right appears the fi rst time the scanner is connected and turned on, the IEEE 1394 driver update has not been c

Seite 28

25Step 2 — Place Film in the HolderStep 2 — Place Film in the HolderThe fi lm holders provided with the scanner can be used to scan 35-mm fi lm, 35-mm s

Seite 29 - Installing the Scanner

262 Place fi lm in the holderFH-835S Holder for 35-mm FilmThe FH-835S can be used with one or two strips of 35-mm fi lm. Each strip can be up to six fr

Seite 30 - Connect the power cable

272.3 Insert masking sheetsWhen scanning a single strip or strips of different lengths, place the fi lm at the left end of the holder and cover any ope

Seite 31

282.2 Insert fi lmPlace fi lm in the holder with the refl ec-tive fi lm base up (matte emulsion sur-face down; 26) and with the end of the fi lm against

Seite 32 - Basic Scanning

292 Flatten the fi lmPlace your fi ngers on the grips and slide them gently outwards. Do not use force. To prevent the fi lm from sliding out of posit

Seite 33 - Step 1 — Turn the Scanner On

30Step 3 — Open the Scan WindowStep 3 — Open the Scan WindowThe scanner is controlled from the Nikon Scan scan window.1 Choose the application in whic

Seite 34 - Choose a holder

i Do not touch exposed partsShould the product break open as the result of a fall or other accident, do not touch the exposed parts. Unplug the power

Seite 35

31The scan window will open. “Nikon Scan Is Unable to Find Any Active Devices”If the message shown at right is displayed when the scan window opens, c

Seite 36 - Masking sheet

32Step 4 — Insert the HolderStep 4 — Inser t the Holde r1 Check the status LEDMake sure that the status LED is glowing steadily. Do not insert fi lm

Seite 37

331 Control area ( 45)Contains frequently used scanning and pre-view controls.2 Information panel ( 46)Lists information on current settings.3 Preview

Seite 38

341 Choose the fi lm typeClick the fi lm-type menu in the scan win-dow control area and choose a fi lm type that matches the fi lm being scanned.OptionPo

Seite 39 - Step 3 — Open the Scan Window

35Step 6 — PreviewStep 6 — Preview1 Open the thumbnail drawerClick the thumbnail drawer tab.Thumbnail drawer tab2 Display thumbnailsTo view the frames

Seite 40 - The scan window will open

364 Click the Preview buttonA preview will be displayed in the preview area.Preview button Rotating and Flipping ImagesThe Layout Tools palette in the

Seite 41 - Step 4 — Insert the Holder

372 Select the Crop ToolStep 7 — Select a CropStep 7 — Select a CropTo scan only part of an image into the host application, use the Crop Tool in the

Seite 42

38 Choosing an Output Size and ResolutionThe “Crop” palette in the Tool Chest is used to specify the size and resolution of the crop when opened in th

Seite 43

39Step 8 — Scan and SaveStep 8 — Scan and Save1 Click the Scan buttonClick the Scan button to begin scanning the crop selected in the preview area. P

Seite 44 - Step 6 — Preview

402 Select the save commandTo save the image in the active window, select Save or Save As… from the File menu in the host application ( 30). If Niko

Seite 45 - Click the Preview button

ii Do not handle with wet handsFailure to observe this precaution could result in electric shock. Handling the power cable and plug• Do not damage, mo

Seite 46 - Step 7 — Select a Crop

41Step 9 — Eject and ExitStep 9 — Eject and Exit1 Eject the holderPress the eject button on the front of the scanner or click the eject button in the

Seite 47

425 Remove the fi lmFH-835S Holder for 35-mm FilmInsert your fi ngers into the holes in the lower portion of the holder and undo the latches. Open the

Seite 48 - Step 8 — Scan and Save

43The Scan Window ... 44The Tool Chest... 48Nikon Sc

Seite 49

44The Scan WindowThe Scan WindowThe parts of the scan window are identifi ed below.Control area ( 45)Progress window( 47)Preview area ( 47)Thumbnail d

Seite 50 - Step 9 — Eject and Exit

451 Eject buttonEjects the holder from the scanner.2 Autofocus buttonClick to focus the scanner. Control-click (Windows) or option-click (Macintosh)

Seite 51

46The Information Panel1 OrientationShows the orientation of the image in the preview area, refl ecting any fl ips or rota-tions that have been performe

Seite 52 - Nikon Scan

47The Thumbnail Drawer TabClick this tab to open the thumbnail drawer. If multiple frames are selected, the selected images can be scanned in a singl

Seite 53 - The Scan Window

48The Tool ChestThe Tool ChestTo display or hide the Tool Chest, click the Tools button in the control area of the scan window. For more information

Seite 54 - The Control Area

49Make adjustments to brightness, contrast, and color targeted to specifi c portions of the tone range (for example, this tool can be used to increase

Seite 55 - The Preview and Scan Buttons

5010 Scan Image EnhancerPerform automatic brightness, color, and contrast adjustment.11 Scanner ExtrasControl features specifi c to the type of scan-ne

Seite 56 - The Preview Area

iii• No part of the manuals included with this pro duct may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into

Seite 57 - The Tool Chest

51FH-869M Holder for Medium-Format Slides... 53FH-869G Glass-Covered Holder for Medium-Format Film... 54FH-869GR Rotatin

Seite 58

52The following optional fi lm holders are available for the SUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED:Film holder Film53FH-869M 120/220 MOUNTED FILM HOLDER 6 × 4.5, 6 ×

Seite 59

53Removing SlidesSlide the mounts out from under the clips that hold them in place. Do Not Use ForceDo not use force when removing slides. Fail-ure t

Seite 60 - Optional Holders

54Inserting Film1 Open the holderSlide the latch in the direction shown and open the holder.FH-869G Glass-Covered Holder for Medium-Format FilmFH-869G


552 Insert fi lmPlace fi lm base up ( 26) between the guides with the left end of the fi lm at the fi lm line. If a masking sheet is used, the start of

Seite 62 - Inserting Slides

56Inserting Film1 Open the holderSlide the latch in the direction shown and open the holder.FH-869GR Rotating Holder for Medium-Format FilmFH-869GR Ro

Seite 63 - Inserting Film

574 Snap the holder closed5 Adjust the fi lm angleLoosen the locking screw by rotating it counter-clockwise. Adjust the angle, us-ing the marks on the

Seite 64 - Removing Film

582 Insert fi lmPlace fi lm in the holder base up ( 26). Align the fi rst frame in each strip with an aperture at the left end of the holder. Use Only

Seite 65

593 Insert masking sheetsWhen scanning one or two strips or strips of different lengths, place the fi lm at the left end of the holder and cover any op

Seite 66

60FH-8G1 Medical HolderFH-8G1 Medical HolderThe FH-8G1 can be used to scan up to three glass microscope slides of prepared tissue samples. Slides mus

Seite 67 - FH-816 Holder for 16-mm Film

ivNotice Concerning Prohibition of Copying or ReproductionNote that simply being in possession of material that has been digitally copied or reproduce

Seite 68

61Maintenance ...62Troubleshooting...

Seite 69 - FH-8G1 Medical Holder

62MaintenanceMaintenanceStorageWhen the scanner is not in use, eject the fi lm holder and turn the scanner off. If the device will not be used for a p

Seite 70 - Technical Notes

63TroubleshootingTroubleshootingIf the scanner fails to function as expected, check the problems described below before con-sulting the original retai

Seite 71 - Maintenance

64Problem Possible causeComputer does not recognize scanner (continued)• Other IEEE 1394 devices are connected and turned onDisconnect the other devic

Seite 72 - Troubleshooting

65Updating the IEEE 1394 Drivers (Windows 98 SE Only)Users of Windows 98 SE must update the IEEE 1394 drivers provided with Windows before they can us

Seite 73

66Installing the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Interface Board1 Turn the computer offTurn the computer off and disconnect all cables.2 Insert the IEEE 1394 (

Seite 74 - NOT insert the

67Windows 2000 Professional, Windows MeClick the My Computer icon with the right mouse button and select Proper-ties from the menu that appears.1 D

Seite 75

68Windows 98 SEThe fi rst time the computer is powered on with the board installed, the “Add New Hardware” wizard will be displayed.1 Click NextClick

Seite 76

695 Click NextThe dialog shown at right will be dis-played. Click Next. The “Insert Disk” DialogIf the “Insert Disk” dialog is displayed, insert the

Seite 77 - Windows 98 SE

70Uninstalling Nikon ScanUninstalling Nikon ScanBefore Nikon Scan can be reinstalled or a new version installed, the existing version must be removed

Seite 78

vTable of ContentsTable of ContentsFor Your Safety...

Seite 79 - Uninstalling Nikon Scan

71 “Authenticate” ( Mac OS X Only)Clicking Easy Install in the software panel displays the “Authenticate” dialog shown at right. Enter the administr

Seite 80

727 Click Continue…The ReadMe fi le will be displayed. Click Continue… to display the “Nikon Scan Installer” dialog.8 Select UninstallSelect Uninstal

Seite 81

73Custom Install (Macintosh Only)Custom Install (Macintosh Only)The Macintosh version of Nikon Scan offers a custom install option that can be used to

Seite 82

74Checking Device Registration (Windows Only)Checking Device Registration (Windows Only)The fi rst time the scanner is connected and turned on followin

Seite 83

754 Check that the scanner is listed as an imaging deviceClick the “+” next to “Imaging devices” (Windows XP, Windows 2000 Profes-sional) or “Imaging

Seite 84

76Specifi cationsSpecifi cationsSUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED (LS-9000 ED)Media Negatives and positives, in color and monochrome35-mm fi lm 1–2 strips of 1–6 fr

Seite 85 - Specifi cations

77* Times for positive fi lm scanned at input resolution of 4000 dpi (2000 dpi when FH-869S is used with Digital DEE) and bit depth of 16 bits (CMS on)

Seite 86 - Supplied Film Holders

78Optional Film HoldersFH-869M 120/220 MOUNTED FILM HOLDERSize and weight 130 × 320 × 17 mm/5.1˝ × 12.6˝ × 0.7˝ (W × H × D), 170 g/6.0 oz. (approx.

Seite 87 - Optional Film Holders

79IndexIndexSymbols2¼˝, see Film, medium format16 -mm, see Film, 16-mm35-mm, see Film, 35-mm120 / 220, see Film, medium formatAAcquire plug-in, 17, 30

Seite 88

Nikon Film ScannerEnFrEsPrinted in JapanSB3J00300101(30)6MRA0730--User's ManualManuel de I'utilisateurManual del Usuario(En/Fr/Es)

Seite 89

viFH-869GR Rotating Holder for Medium-Format Film................. 56Inserting Film .....

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