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OPERATION OF CAMERA CONTROLS Setting the Shutter Speed The Nikon F2S8 Photomic camera can be set to the de-~ired shutter speed either before or af

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Film-Advance Lever The film-advance lever simu ltaneously advances the film, cocks the shutter and operates the frame counter. It also switches on th

Seite 4 - CONTENTS

OPERATION OF CAMERA CONTROLS-continued T-L Fingerguard The shutter-release button of the Nikon F2SB Photomic camera is fitted with a fingerguard th

Seite 5 - FOREWORD

UNLOADING FILM When the frame counter indicates that the last exposure has been made, or when the film-advance lever can no longer be stroked, t


HOLDING THE CAMERA Camera shake is one of the most common causes of un-sharp pictures, especially at slow shutter speeds. Learn to hold the c

Seite 7 - "0"

SHUTTER RELEASE OPERATION For sharp pictures, correct shutler releasing is just as im-portant as steady camera ho lding. After advancing the film to a

Seite 8 - - continued

FOCUSING 16 Focusing isdone at full aperture with Nikkor lenses fitted with an automatic diaphragm. This technique provides the brightest pos

Seite 9 - Setting the Film

Ou t of focus In focus 17

Seite 10 - Setting the Aperture

FOCUSIN G-continued I nfrared Photography The plane of sharpest focus for infrared light is slightly more distant than its counterpart for visibl

Seite 11 - Frame Counter

DEPTH OF FIELD Depth of field refers to the zone of acceptable focus ex-tending in front of, and behind, the plane of sharpest focus. Within this

Seite 12 - CONTROLS-continued

2 NOMENCLATURE Shutter-speed dial Extra-long exposure scale Shutter-speed scale Mirror lockup lever Depth-of-field preview button Self-timer Timer ind


DEPTH OF FIELD-continued Depth-of-Field Indicators Depth of field can be read directly from the distance scale in meters or feet with the aid o

Seite 14 - HOLDING

Lens at f/8: Depth of field extended in front of/behind the main subject. Lens at f/16: Sharp focus is extended to encompass the entire foreground an

Seite 15 - Operation via Cable Release

EXPOSURE MEASUREMENT The exposure meter of the Nikon F2SB Photomic camera's finder features a center-weighted TT L metering system coupled to th

Seite 17

EXPOSURE MEASUREMENT-continued Exposure Control The amount of light reaching the film plane is deter-mined by a combination of the lens aperture and

Seite 18 - G-continued

Extreme Low-Light Metering Time Exposures The meter built into the Niko~ F2SB camera is capable To make an exposure longer than 10 seconds,

Seite 19 - DEPTH OF

EXPOSURE MEASUREMENT-continued Eyepiece Shutter Operation The camera's Photomic finder is fitted with an eyepiece shutter for special unmanned s

Seite 20 - FIELD-continued

• Metering with a bright area in the center will cause underexposure of the main subject. -'!::"~ ... - ----- , I I I I I I I I I I I

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STOP-DOWN EXPOSURE MEASUREMENT 28 With some Nikkor lenses, full-aperture exposure mea-surement is not possible, either because the lens has n


For automatic diaphragm lenses with no coupling prong, such as the Zoom-Nikkor 200-600mm f/9.5 lens and super-telephoto lenses using Nikon focus

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F ocusi ng ri ng Aperture/Distance scale index Depth-of-field ind icators Meter coupling prong Distance scale Finder release lever Aperture ring ASA

Seite 24 - Metering Range

EXPOSURE COMPENSATION ADJUSTMENTS 30 Adjustments for Focusing Screens Light transmission properties vary somewhat with focus-ing screen type, thu

Seite 25 - Exposures

Fisheye Widungle NOfmdl Telephoto Zoom Renex TeJcpholo h~=<Ti;,-----31

Seite 26 - MEASUREMENT-continued

EXPOSURE COMPENSATION ADJUSTMENTS-continued 32 Adjustments for Film Compensation Some exposure correction may be necessary when cer-tain types

Seite 27 - + 0 - 60

MULTIPLE EXPOSURES Intentional multiple exposures for creative effects can be made with the Nikon F2SB Photomic camera. To take a mUltiple exposu

Seite 28 - STOP-DOWN

FLASH SYNCHRONIZATION 34 The N ikon F2SB Photom ic camera is designed to syn-chronize with most types of flashbulbs at almost all shutter spee

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READY -LIGHT FINDER ILLUMINATOR The camera's Photomic finder has a ready-light built in When shooting under low-light levels, the finder'


36 TIPS ON CAMERA CARE Good camera care is primarily common-sense care. Treat your Nikon F2SB Photomic camera as you would any other precision opti

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situations, always dry the camera thoroughly (and slowly) at room temperature and, then, store in a cool, dry location. Remember that failure to dry o

Seite 32 - ADJUSTMENTS-continued

CHANGING THE LENS To remove the lens from the camera, press the lens re-lease button and, holding the button depressed, twist the lens to the right


Maximum Aperture Indicator As the lens' aperture ring is turned to the maximum aperture position at the completion of lens/finder cou-pling and


4 CONTENTS Foreword ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 5 Preparation for use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Installing th


CHANGING THE VIEWFINDER In addition to the F2SB Photomic finder included with the camera, six other interchangeable viewfinders are available. To

Seite 36 - CAMERA CARE

CHANGING THE FOCUSING SCREEN Nineteen d ifferen t types of focusing screens are avai l-able for use with the Nikon F2SB Photomic camera, e

Seite 37

CHANGING THE FOCUSING SCREEN-continued Focusing Screen Selector Guide D 42 Type A. L Type A: Matte Fresnel field with 3mmq>.circul"r split-

Seite 38 - CHANGING

Focusing Screen Selector Chart = Excellent ~'''" = Acceptable The image is brilliant from edge to edge, but the central rangef

Seite 39 - [2:6]-2.5

ACCESSORIES Lens Hoods The use of a lens hood is recommended at all times to prevent extraneous light from striking the lens surface and c


Eyepiece Correction Lenses The nine eyepiece correction lenses are designed to permit nearsighted and farsighted users to view and focus without thei

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FEATURES/SPECIFICATIONS Type of camera: 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) Picture format: 24mm x 36mm (35mm film format) Lens mount: Nikon F mount (bay

Seite 42 - I astra

THE NIKON WARRANTY The Nikon Worldwide Service Warranty Registration Card which identifies your F2SB Photomic camera by its· serial number


FOREWORD The Nikon F2SB Photomic camera offers the serious photographer the ultimate in quality, performance, con-venience and versatility. At the s

Seite 45 - Finder Eyecup

6 PREPARATION FOR USE Installing the Batteries Checking the Batteries The exposure meter in the Photomic finder is powered by two high-performan


Loading the Film Fold out the OIC key at the baseplate of the camera and turn it counterclockwise 1800 until the arrow points to the "0"


8 PREPARATION FOR USE- continued Prior to Shooting Fold out the rewind crank and turn it gently in the di-rection of the engraved arrow until yo

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Memo Holder A special holder is provided on the camera back for con-venient storage of information pertinent to the photo-graphy. A piece of

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