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Seite 3 - COOLPIX 900

1OverviewOverviewThank you for buying a Nikon COOLPIX 900 digital camera. TheCOOLPIX 900 is a full-featured digital camera with optical and digitalzo

Seite 4 - ✔ Caution

2Overviewfound in “Nikon View 900,” which also describes how to install the AdobeAcrobat Reader software you will need to view the manuals on CD-ROM.P

Seite 5

3Parts and Accessories: What’s in this PackageParts and AccessoriesThe chapter identifies the parts of the COOLPIX 900 and lists the itemspackaged wi

Seite 6 - Safety Precautions

4Parts and Accessories: Parts of the COOLPIX 900Parts of the COOLPIX 9005.8-17.4mm1:2.4-3.6ZOOMNIKKORFINENORMALBASICAUTOSLOWCARDRECRECAPLAYMOFFAFNiko

Seite 7 - Other Cautions

5Parts and Accessories: Parts of the COOLPIX 900[ 1] Speedlight (flash)[ 2] Red-eye reduction lamp[ 3] Photocell[ 4] Lens[ 5] Control panel[ 6] Conne

Seite 8

6Parts and Accessories: Parts of the COOLPIX 900The Color LCD MonitorWhen the selector dial is set to A-REC or M-REC, the color LCD monitorshows the

Seite 9 - Contents

7Parts and Accessories: Parts of the COOLPIX 900Camera settings (A-REC, M-REC)Recording information (PLAY)MeteringExposure compensationWhite balance

Seite 10

8Parts and Accessories: Parts of the COOLPIX 900Through the Viewfinder[1][2][3][1] Macro close-up field-of-viewUse this frame when composing photogra

Seite 11 - Overview

9First Steps: Attaching the Camera StrapFirst StepsThis chapter guides you through the steps you will take after removing thecamera from the box, fro

Seite 13 - Parts and Accessories

10First Steps: Putting Batteries in Your CameraPutting Batteries in Your Camera1. Turn the camera offWhen putting new batteries in your camera, firs

Seite 14 - Parts of the COOLPIX 900

11First Steps: Putting Batteries in Your Camera CautionsBatteries may leak or explode if improperly handled. Observe the follow-ing precautions when

Seite 15 - The Control Panel

12First Steps: Inserting and Removing Memory CardsInserting and Removing Memory CardsThe COOLPIX 900 records photographs on compact flash-memory card

Seite 16 - The Color LCD Monitor

13First Steps: Checking the Battery LevelChecking the Battery LevelBefore using your camera, you should check the battery level to be surethat the ba

Seite 17 - Recording information (PLAY)

14First Steps: Choosing a Language for the MenusChoosing a Language for the MenusFor the display of messages and menu items in its LCD monitor, theCO

Seite 18 - Through the Viewfinder

15First Steps: Setting the Time and DateSetting the Time and DateThe camera’s clock-calendar is not set at the factory. When you first turnon your c

Seite 19 - First Steps

16First Steps: Setting the Time and DateDATEYMD9198.01.0100: 00SET ➔SHUTTERADJ. S➔▼▲ZOOM▼▲WPress the zoom-out switch (W/▼) until the DATE item is sel

Seite 20

17First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographTaking Your First PhotographThe COOLPIX 900 offers a choice of two modesfor recording photographs: automa

Seite 21

18First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographNote: To save battery power, the camera will automatically turn the colorLCD monitor off if no operations

Seite 22

19First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographFraming photographsin the color monitorSelf-portrait modeStep 4—Ready the cameraThe COOLPIX 900’s color LC

Seite 23 - Checking the Battery Level


Seite 24

20First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographStep 5—Compose a photographFrame your subject in the viewfinder or the color LCD monitor. Press thezoom-i

Seite 25 - Setting the Time and Date

21First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographStep 6—Half-press the shutter-release buttonWhen the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, the camera

Seite 26

22First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographStep 7—Take a photographTo take a photograph, press the shutter-release button all the way down.The autofo

Seite 27 - Taking Your First Photograph

23First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographStep 8—Play the photograph backTo play a photograph back, turn the selector dial toPLAY. An hourglass ico

Seite 28 - Flash (auto)

24First Steps: Taking Your First PhotographStep 9—Turn the camera offWhen you have finished using the camera, be sure to turn the selector dialto OFF

Seite 29 - Self-portrait mode

25Nikon View 900: Connecting the Camera to a ComputerNikon View 900This chapter describes how to connect yourCOOLPIX 900 to a Macintosh or IBM PC/ATc

Seite 30 - Zoom indicator

26Nikon View 900: Connecting the Camera to a ComputerAttach the other end of the cable to the computer’s serial port (IBMcompatibles) or printer or m

Seite 31

27Nikon View 900: Connecting the Camera to a ComputerOnce the camera has been connected to your computer, you can use NikonView to browse the content

Seite 32

28Nikon View 900: Software InstallationSoftware InstallationThis section describes how to install the NikonView 900 software provided with your camer

Seite 33

29Nikon View 900: Software InstallationStep 2—Install Adobe Acrobat ReaderTo install Adobe Acrobat Reader, follow the installation instructions foryo

Seite 34

iiCautions• The reproduction of all or part of this manual is prohibited save in casesin which Nikon’s prior permission has been obtained.• The inform

Seite 35 - Nikon View 900

30Nikon View 900: Software InstallationOnce you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader,you are ready to read the on-line documentationfor the COOLPIX 90

Seite 36 - Macintosh

31Nikon View 900: Software InstallationMacintoshPlace the Nikon View CD in the CD-ROM drive. The folder shown belowwill open on the desktop .Double-

Seite 37

EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITYWeName: Nikon Europe BVAddress:Schipholweg 321, 1171 PL Badhoevedorp, The Netherlandsdeclare that the productProduct Name:

Seite 38 - Software Installation

ERKLÄRUNG ÜBER EG-NORMENGERECHTHEITWirName: Nikon Europe BVAnschrift:Schipholweg 321, 1171 PL Badhoevedorp, The Netherlandserklären hiermit, daß das f

Seite 39

iiiFederal Communications Commission (FCC) RadioFrequency Interference StatementThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for

Seite 40 - Nikon View900

ivSafety PrecautionsBe sure to observe the following safety precautions when using and storingyour COOLPIX 900. Do not look directly at the sun throug

Seite 41

vOther CautionsTo ensure that you can continue to enjoy the use of your COOLPIX 900,you should observe the following precautions.✔ Do not touch the le


viNotice concerning prohibition of copying or reproductionNote that simply being in possession of material which has been copied orreproduced by means

Seite 43

viiContentsSafety Precautions ................ ivOther Cautions .........

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