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Seite 1 - Reference Manual

DIGITAL CAMERAReference ManualEn

Seite 2 - Convenient Features

viiiIntroductionDo not leave the product where it will be exposed to extremely high temperatures, such as in an enclosed automobile or in direct sunli

Seite 3

74Recording and Playing Back MoviesB Recording Movies• Memory cards with an SD Speed Class rating of 6 or faster are recommended when recording movies

Seite 4

75Recording and Playing Back MoviesFunctions That Can be Set with the d Button (Movie menu)When recording movies, you can set the menu options listed

Seite 5 - About This Manual

76Recording and Playing Back MoviesTap the playback mode icon to enter playback mode.• Movies can be recognized by the movie options (A75) icon displa

Seite 6 - Information and Precautions

77General Camera SetupGeneral Camera SetupIn the setup menu, the settings of the menu options listed below can be configured.Functions That Can Be Set

Seite 7 - About the Manuals

78General Camera Setup* An Internet connection is required (A88). Record location dataAllows you to set whether or not location data obtained by GPS o

Seite 8

79Using Android OSUsing Android OSIndicators on the Home Screen• Press the W button on any screen to display the home screen.• The displayed informati

Seite 9 - For Your Safety

80Using Android OSActivating the Main ApplicationsTap the shortcuts on the home screen to activate the applications listed below. The location of shor

Seite 10 - Introduction

81Using Android OSUsing Status BarThe status bar is the area at the top of the Android OS screen in which notification icons are displayed.You can che

Seite 11

82Using Android OSUsing the Option MenuOn the home screen or applications screen, press the d button to select the options listed below.Using Google S

Seite 12

83Using Android OSEnter text using the on-screen keyboard or the voice typing function. Using the KeyboardTap the on-screen keyboard to enter text.• T

Seite 13

ixIntroduction• Do not handle the plug or Charging AC Adapter with wet hands. Failure to observe this precaution could result in electric shock.• Do n

Seite 14

84Using Android OSOther Keyboard OperationsTap the keys listed below to perform operations such as changing character types, deleting text, and insert

Seite 15

85Using Android OSUsing the Voice Typing FunctionThe camera can recognize speech and enter it as text.• To use voice typing without connecting to the

Seite 16 - DA0087468/12

86Using Android OSOn the home screen, tap Settings to set the options listed below.Using Android OS Setting MenuOption Description AWi-FiConfigure th

Seite 17

87Using Android OS* If you accidentally select the wrong language, press the W button, go to Settings followed by Language & input, and then r

Seite 18

88Using Android OSAn Internet connection is required in order to use online service. Configure the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) network before using the Inter

Seite 19 - Notes About GPS

89Using Android OSB Notes About Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Networks• For more information on configuring a private Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) network, contact you

Seite 20 - Table of Contents

90Using Android OSSetting Up a Google AccountSetting a Google account allows you to install various applications from the Google Play Store and take a

Seite 21

91Using Android OSSharing ImagesYou can share images and movies with other applications.For example, you can upload your images and movies to the Inte

Seite 22

92Using Android OSSharing Multiple Images SimultaneouslyTap A in thumbnail playback mode (A65) to display the image selection screen, and select multi

Seite 23

93Using Android OSUsing Google Play Store (Getting Applications)This service may not be available depending on the country or region.1 Tap (Play Store

Seite 24


Seite 25

94Connecting the Camera to a TV and ComputerConnecting the Camera to a TV and ComputerYou can enhance your enjoyment of images and movies by connectin

Seite 26

95Connecting the Camera to a TV and ComputerB Notes About Connecting the Camera to a ComputerWhen the camera is connected to a computer, you cannot tu

Seite 27 - 13 12 1114

96Connecting the Camera to a TV and ComputerViewNX 2 is an all-in-one software package which enables you to transfer, view, edit and share images.Inst

Seite 28 - Attaching the Camera Strap

97Connecting the Camera to a TV and Computer4 Exit the install.• Windows: Click Yes.• Mac OS: Click OK.Transferring Images to the Computer1 Choose how

Seite 29 - Power Switch

98Connecting the Camera to a TV and Computer2 Transfer images to the computer.• Confirm that the recording medium (memory card or internal memory) of

Seite 30 - Operating the Touch Panel

99Connecting the Camera to a TV and Computer3 Terminate the connection.• If the camera is connected to the computer, follow the procedure below to dis

Seite 32 - Shooting Mode

E1The Reference Section provides detailed information and hints for using the camera.ShootingUsing Easy Panorama (Shooting and Playback) ...

Seite 33

Reference SectionE2Shooting with Easy Panorama* Displayed icon varies depending on the shooting mode.You can select from W Normal (180°) (default sett

Seite 34 - Playback Mode

Reference SectionE33 Move the camera in one of the four directions until the guide indicator reaches the end.• When the camera detects which direction

Seite 35 - Rotating the Monitor Display

xiIntroductionCAUTIONSModificationsThe FCC requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made to this device that are not express

Seite 36 - 3 Close the battery-chamber

Reference SectionE4B Notes About Easy Panorama Shooting• The range of the image seen in the saved image is narrower than that seen in the monitor at t

Seite 37 - B High Temperature Caution

Reference SectionE5Viewing Images Captured with Easy PanoramaIf you switch to playback mode (A26) and display an image taken using easy panorama in fu

Seite 38

E6Reference SectionBefore Editing ImagesYou can easily edit images on this camera. Edited copies are saved as separate files. Edited copies are saved

Seite 39

E7Reference Sectionk Quick Retouch: Enhancing Contrast and Saturation1 Select the degree of enhancement and tap I.2 Tap Yes.• An edited copy is create

Seite 40 - 3 Close the memory card slot

E8Reference SectionI D-Lighting: Enhancing Brightness and Contrast1 Tap I. • The edited version is displayed on the right.2 Tap Yes.• An edited copy i

Seite 41

E9Reference Sectioni Filter Effects: Digital Filters1 Tap the icon of the desired effect.Enter the playback screen (full-frame playback mode) M Select

Seite 42 - 2 Select the language

E10Reference Section2 Adjust the effect.• Color options: Select the color and tap I.• Soft: Tap the area where you want to apply the effect, select th

Seite 43 - C Clock Battery

E11Reference Sectione Skin Softening: Softening Skin Tones1 Tap the degree of enhancement.• The confirmation screen is displayed, and the face with sk

Seite 44 - 2 Check the battery level

E12Reference Sectiong Small Picture: Making Smaller Images1 Tap the desired small picture size and tap I. • The small picture size is 640 × 360 for im

Seite 45

E13Reference Sectiono Crop: Creating a Cropped Copy1 Enlarge the image for cropping (A64).2 Refine copy composition and tap G.• To adjust the zoom rat

Seite 46 - 2 Tap the desired shooting

xiiIntroductionNotice for Customers in CanadaCAN ICES-3 B / NMB-3 BNotices for Customers in EuropeCAUTIONSRISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY

Seite 47 - Available Shooting Modes

Reference SectionE141 Turn off the camera and connect it to the TV.• Make sure that plugs are properly oriented. Do not insert or remove the plugs at

Seite 48 - 2 Frame the picture

E15Reference SectionOperations with TV ConnectionWhile images are displayed full-frame on the TV, the previous or next image can be viewed by dragging

Seite 49 - C Notes About Digital Zoom

Reference SectionE16You can easily transfer images and movies from the camera to your smart device. • To use this function, you must install the Conne

Seite 50 - 3 To add comments to the

E17Reference SectionConfiguring the Connection Settings Between the Camera and Your Smart Device (Simple Setup)Once you perform the simple setup proce

Seite 51 - C Motion Detection

Reference SectionE185 Wait for the camera to detect the smart device.• When using an iOS smart device, the “Activate Wi-Fi and select the camera SSID.

Seite 52 - 1 Tap the playback mode

E19Reference SectionTransferring Images from Camera to Smart DeviceBefore transferring images, make sure that simple setup has been configured for you

Seite 53 - C Viewing Comments

Reference SectionE203 Select the images and movies you want to transfer using the smart device.• When you tap an image or movie to select it for trans

Seite 54 - 4 Tap Yes

E21Reference SectionChanging the Connect to S810c Application SettingsTap the menu icons at the top of the screen shown in step 3 of “Transferring Ima

Seite 55 - 1 Tap an image to add n

Reference SectionE22A Image Mode (Image Size and Quality)Select the combination of image size and compression rate that is used when saving images. Th

Seite 56 - 3 Tap Power off

E23Reference Sectionq/s/r Touch ShootingSelect one of the options listed below.* Available only in A (auto) mode.C Touch Shooting SettingThe touch sho

Seite 57 - C Power Saving Tips

xiiiIntroductionThis product is controlled by the United States Export Administration Regulations, and you are required to obtain permission from the

Seite 58 - 3 Tap F at the top left of

Reference SectionE24C Focus Area That Can Be Set with Touch Shutter or Touch AF/AEThe focus area that can be set by tapping the monitor when using Tou

Seite 59 - 3 Tap i or j to edit or

E25Reference Sectionq Tapping the Monitor to Release the Shutter (Touch Shutter)Tap the desired subject to take a picture.• Do not use force when tapp

Seite 60 - Shooting mode

Reference SectionE26s Focusing on a Moving Subject (Subject Tracking)1 Register a subject.• Tap the desired tracking subject in the monitor.- When the

Seite 61

E27Reference Section2 Press the shutter-release button all the way down to take a picture.• If the shutter-release button is pressed while the focus a

Seite 62 - Vividness

Reference SectionE28r Tapping the Monitor to Focus (Touch AF/AE)1 Tap the subject on which the camera focuses.• u or a double border is displayed at t

Seite 63

E29Reference SectionE ISO SensitivityHigh ISO sensitivity allows images to be taken in low light conditions. A higher sensitivity also allows for fast

Seite 64 - Portrait

Reference SectionE30V ContinuousEnter the A (auto) mode shooting screen M Press the d button M C ContinuousOption DescriptionU Single (default setting

Seite 65 - Tips and Notes

E31Reference SectionB Notes About Continuous Shooting• When a setting other than Single is selected, the flash is disabled. Focus, exposure, and white

Seite 66

Reference SectionE32w White Balance (Adjusting Hue)Adjust white balance to suit the light source or weather conditions in order to make the colors in

Seite 67 - O Pet portrait

E33Reference SectionPreset ManualFollow the procedure below to measure the white balance value according to the light source when shooting.1 Place a w

Seite 68 - Special effects

xivIntroductionCOOLPIX S810c, which is equipped with a DW092 (FCC ID:EW4DW092/IC ID:4634A-3149EC) Wireless LAN Module, has been tested and found to co

Seite 69

Reference SectionE34G AF Area ModeUse this option to determine how the camera selects the focus area for autofocus.Enter the A (auto) mode shooting sc

Seite 70 - 3 End automatic shooting

E35Reference SectionB Notes About AF Area Mode• When digital zoom is in effect, focus will be on the center of the screen regardless of the AF area mo

Seite 71 - • Smart portrait menu (A55)

Reference SectionE36• See “A Image mode (Image Size and Quality)” (E22) for information about A Image mode.• See “q/s/r Touch Shooting” (E23) for info

Seite 72 - Basic Shooting Settings

E37Reference Sectiony Blink ProofC Notes About Blink ProofThe setting may not be changed when using certain settings of other functions.Enter the smar

Seite 73 - 2 Tap the desired flash

Reference SectionE38a Smile TimerThe camera detects human faces and automatically releases the shutter whenever a smile is detected.B Notes About Smil

Seite 74 - C Red-eye Reduction

E39Reference Section• See “Step 6 Delete Images” (A28) for information about l Delete.• See “Editing Images (Still Images)” (E6) for information about

Seite 75 - 3 Frame the picture

Reference SectionE40b Slide ShowPlay back images one by one in an automated “slide show.” When movie files are played back in the slide show, only the

Seite 76 - 4 Press the shutter

E41Reference Sectiond ProtectProtect selected images from accidental deletion. Note that formatting the camera’s internal memory or the memory card pe

Seite 77 - 2 Tap o

Reference SectionE42Protecting Multiple ImagesMultiple images can be protected at a time.1 Add n to the images that you want to protect by tapping the

Seite 78 - 2 Tap or drag the slider to

E43Reference Sectiona Print Order (Creating a DPOF Print Order)If you configure print order settings in advance, you can use them with the printing me

Seite 79 - Default Settings

xvIntroductionPrecautions when Using Radio Transmissions• Always keep in mind that radio transmission or reception of data is subject to interception

Seite 80

Reference SectionE44Creating a Print Order for Multiple Images1 Tap the desired images to print (up to 99) to specify the number of copies (up to nine

Seite 81

E45Reference SectionCanceling Print Order• To remove a print marking from an image, display an image selected for printing in full-frame playback mode

Seite 82 - Shooting Menu Options

Reference SectionE46f Rotate ImageSpecify the orientation in which to display saved images during playback. Still images can be rotated 90 degrees clo

Seite 83 - Simultaneously

E47Reference Sectionh Copy (Copy Between Internal Memory and Memory Card)Copy images between the internal memory and a memory card.1 Tap the copy dest

Seite 84

Reference SectionE48B Notes About Copying Images• Only files in formats that this camera can save can be copied.• Operation is not guaranteed with ima

Seite 85

E49Reference SectionD Movie OptionsSelect the desired movie option to record. Select normal speed movie options to record at normal speed, or HS movie

Seite 86 - Focusing on Subjects

Reference SectionE50B Notes About HS movie• Sound is not recorded.• Zoom position, focus and exposure are locked when movie recording starts.C Playing

Seite 87 - Face Detection

E51Reference SectionA Autofocus ModeSet how the camera focuses in movie mode.• When an HS movie option is selected in Movie options, the setting is fi

Seite 88 - B Notes About Skin Softening

Reference SectionE52Welcome ScreenConfigure the welcome screen that is displayed when the camera is turned on.Tap an option to select it, and tap I.Mo

Seite 89 - 4 Press the shutter-release

E53Reference SectionPhoto InfoShooting mode Playback modeShow infoAuto info(default setting)Some of the operation icons and photo information are hidd

Seite 90 - Playback Features

xviIntroductionPersonal Information Management and Disclaimer• User information registered and configured on the product, including wireless LAN conne

Seite 91 - Thumbnail Playback

Reference SectionE54Print Date (Imprinting Date and Time)The shooting date and time can be imprinted on the images when shooting, allowing the informa

Seite 92 - 3 Tap Add/remove images

E55Reference SectionVibration ReductionSelect the vibration reduction option for shooting. Set Vibration reduction to Off when using a tripod to stabi

Seite 93 - 5 Tap I

Reference SectionE56AF AssistEnable or disable the AF-assist illuminator which assists autofocus operation.Digital ZoomB Notes About Digital Zoom• Dig

Seite 94 - Untitled01

E57Reference SectionShutter SoundWhen o On (default setting) is selected, the shutter sound is produced when the shutter is released.• The shutter sou

Seite 95 - (Timeline Menu)

Reference SectionE58Blink WarningSpecify whether or not the camera detects human subjects that blink when shooting with face detection (A 61) in the f

Seite 96 - Playback menu

E59Reference SectionRecord Location DataWhen using this function, set the options below in Location access (E64) in the Android OS setting menu.• Acce

Seite 97

Reference SectionE60Reset AllWhen Reset is selected, the camera’s settings are restored to their default values.• Some settings, such as those in the

Seite 98 - Recording and Playing Back

E61Reference SectionWi-FiConfigure the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) settings.Basic Settings for the Android OSPress the W button M Settings M Wi-FiOption Des

Seite 99 - 21m 0s

Reference SectionE62Touch SoundsSelect whether or not to make a beep when an item such as a menu option is selected.BrightnessUse the slider to adjust

Seite 100 - B Recording Movies

E63Reference SectionShut-down TimerIn this menu, set the amount of time that elapses in stand by mode (A31) before the camera turns off. The settings

Seite 101 - 29m 0s

xviiIntroductionNotes About Personal InformationAn individual may be identified from still images or movies that have been recorded with location info

Seite 102 - Movie Playback

Reference SectionE64Location Access1An Internet connection is required (A88).2To use these functions, set Access to my location to ON and tap GPS sate

Seite 103 - Shooting menu

E65Reference SectionB Notes About GPS• When positioning for the first time, when positioning was unable to be performed for about 2 hours, or after th

Seite 104

Reference SectionE66Updating the A-GPS FileSelect Update A-GPS file to update to the latest version of the A-GPS file using the methods described belo

Seite 105 - Using Android OS

E67Reference SectionLanguageSelect a language for display of camera menus and messages.RebootReboot the camera.Factory Data ResetUse this option to fo

Seite 106 - C Quitting Applications

Reference SectionE68Refer to the table below if an error message is displayed.Error MessagesDisplay Cause/Solution ABattery temperature is elevated.Th

Seite 107 - Using Status Bar

E69Reference SectionImage cannot be saved.An error occurred while saving the image.Insert a new memory card or format the internal memory or memory ca

Seite 108 - Manage apps

Reference SectionE70All images are hidden.There are no images available for the slide show, etc.–This image cannot be deleted.• The image is protected

Seite 109 - Entering Text

E71Reference SectionImages or movies are assigned file names as follows.• The file names for comments consist of the same identifier and file number a

Seite 110 - Editing Text

Reference SectionE72• Availability may vary with country or region. See our website or brochures for the latest information.Optional AccessoriesBatter

Seite 111

F1Caring for the Product ...F2The Camera ...

Seite 112 - Using Android OS Setting Menu

Convenient FeaturesThe COOLPIX S810c is equipped with a stand by mode that helps to reduce battery power consumption. Select either power off or stand

Seite 113

xviiiIntroductionIntroduction ... iiRead

Seite 114 - 1 Tap the ON/OFF button to

Technical Notes and IndexF2The CameraTo ensure continued enjoyment of this Nikon product, observe the precautions described below in addition to the w

Seite 115 - B Notes About Using Internet

Technical Notes and IndexF3B Turn the Product Off Before Removing or Disconnecting the Power Source or Memory CardDo not remove the battery while the

Seite 116 - Add a Google Account

Technical Notes and IndexF4• If the battery will not be used for some time, insert it in the camera and completely exhaust it before removing it for s

Seite 117 - 3 Select the application for

Technical Notes and IndexF5Memory Cards• Use only a microSDHC/microSDXC memory cards. See “Approved Memory Cards” (F20) for more information about mem

Seite 118 - Using the Internet

Technical Notes and IndexF6CleaningDo not use alcohol, thinner, or other volatile chemicals.StorageTurn the camera off when not in use. Be sure that t

Seite 119 - C Using a Headset

Technical Notes and IndexF7If the camera fails to function as expected, check the list of common problems below before consulting your retailer or Nik

Seite 120 - Connection Methods

Technical Notes and IndexF8Monitor is hard to read.• Adjust the monitor brightness.• The monitor is dirty. Clean the monitor.86, E62F6Date and time of

Seite 121

Technical Notes and IndexF9ShootingWi-Fi (wireless LAN) function turns off and will not turn on.• In some rare cases, the Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) functio

Seite 122 - Your Imaging Toolbox

Technical Notes and IndexF10Bright specks appear in images taken with flash.The flash is reflecting off particles in the air. Set the flash mode setti

Seite 123 - 4 Exit the install

Technical Notes and IndexF11Images appear smeared. The lens is dirty. Clean the lens. F6Colors are unnatural.White balance does not match light source

Seite 124

xixIntroductionStep 5 Play Back Images ... 26Step

Seite 125 - 3 Terminate the connection

Technical Notes and IndexF12PlaybackSaving images takes time.It may take more time to save images in the following situations:• When the noise reducti

Seite 126

Technical Notes and IndexF13Cannot zoom in on image.• The images taken with cameras other than this camera may not be enlarged.• Playback zoom cannot

Seite 127 - Reference Section

Technical Notes and IndexF14Others The image cannot be printed with the correct aspect ratio (horizontal to vertical).• When printing images taken at

Seite 128 - 1 / 250 F3.3

Technical Notes and IndexF15Nikon COOLPIX S810c Digital CameraSpecificationsType Compact digital cameraNumber of effective pixels16.0 millionImage sen

Seite 129 - 3 Move the camera in one of

Technical Notes and IndexF16StorageMedia • Internal memory Spaces available for saving images: approx. 1.1 GB Spaces available for saving applications

Seite 130 - Easy panorama

Technical Notes and IndexF17Interface Hi-Speed USB equivalentData Transfer Protocol Mass storageHDMI output Can be selected from Auto, 480p, 720p, and

Seite 131 - B Notes About Scroll Playback

Technical Notes and IndexF18• Unless otherwise stated, all figures assume a fully-charged battery and an ambient temperature of 23 ±3°C (73.4 ±5.4°F)

Seite 132 - Editing Images (Still Images)

Technical Notes and IndexF19Charging AC Adapter EH-71PB SpecificationsNikon will not be held liable for any errors this manual may contain. The appear

Seite 133 - Quick retouch

Technical Notes and IndexF20Approved Memory CardsThe following a microSDHC/microSDXC memory cards have been tested and approved for use in this camera

Seite 134 - D-Lighting

Technical Notes and IndexF21AVC Patent Portfolio LicenseThis product is licensed under the AVC Patent Portfolio License for the personal and non-comme

Seite 135 - Filter effects

xxIntroductionFunctions That Can be Set with the d Button (Playback Menu)... 70Recording and Playing Back Movies...

Seite 136 - Color options

Technical Notes and IndexF22Trademark Information• Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Co

Seite 137 - 2 Check the enhancement

Technical Notes and IndexF23Symbolsg (Telephoto)... 23f (Wide-angle)... 23R Spe

Seite 138 - Small picture

F24Technical Notes and IndexContinuous L ... E30Copy... 71, E47Creative slider...

Seite 139 - 2 Refine copy composition

Technical Notes and IndexF25IIdentifier... E71Image mode... 56, E22Image review...

Seite 140 - 3 Turn on the camera

F26Technical Notes and IndexPress and hold... 3Press halfway ... 25Prin

Seite 141 - B Connecting the Cable

Technical Notes and IndexF27Timeline view ... 66Touch AF/AE... 56, E28Touch and hold...

Seite 144

No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews), may be made without writ

Seite 145 - Connect to camera

xxiIntroductionReference Section ... E1Using Easy Panorama

Seite 146 - 1001NIKON

xxiiIntroductionThe Movie Menu ... E49D Mov

Seite 147 - Settings

xxiiiIntroductionCleaning and Storage... F6Clean

Seite 149 - C Touch Shooting Setting

1Parts of the CameraParts of the CameraThe Camera Body115 2 3 4 6 758913 12 111410Lens cover closed1 Shutter-release button... 242Z

Seite 150

2Parts of the CameraAttaching the Camera Strap146325810791 Monitor/touch panel...4, 62d (menu) button...

Seite 151 - B Notes About Touch Shutter

3Parts of the CameraUsing the Camera ButtonsUse the method described below.d (menu) button• Press the d button to display menus.The shooting menu or p

Seite 152 - 1 Register a subject

iIntroductionParts of the CameraBasic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackShooting FeaturesPlayback FeaturesRecording and Playing Back MoviesGeneral Camera

Seite 153 - 1 / 250 F3.3

4Parts of the CameraOperating the Touch PanelThe monitor on this camera is a touch panel display operated by finger. Use the method described below.Ta

Seite 154 - 1 Tap the subject on which

5Parts of the CameraSpreading/PinchingSpread two fingers apart/pinch two fingers together.Use this operation to:• Zoom in/out on an image (A64) in pla

Seite 155 - B Notes About ISO Sensitivity

6Parts of the CameraThe information that is displayed in the monitor during shooting and playback changes depending on the camera’s settings and state

Seite 156 - V Continuous

7Parts of the Camera1Icons displayed vary depending on current shooting mode.2After an image is taken, its preview image is displayed.3Each icon also

Seite 157

8Parts of the CameraPlayback ModeIf you tap anywhere on the playback screen other than on an operation icon, the information is hidden regardless of t

Seite 158

9Parts of the Camera1Icons displayed vary depending on the shooting mode.2Icons displayed vary depending on the setting used for shooting.C Rotating t

Seite 159 - 4 Tap Measure to measure

10Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackBasic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Open the battery-chamber cover.2 Insert the battery.• Push the orange ba

Seite 160 - G AF Area Mode

11Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackRemoving the BatteryTurn the camera off and make sure that the power-on lamp and the monitor have turned off, a

Seite 161 - B Notes About AF Area Mode

12Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Prepare the included Charging AC Adapter.If a plug adapter* is included with your camera, attach the plug ada

Seite 162 - The Smart Portrait Menu

13Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback• The power-on lamp slowly flashes orange to indicate that the battery is charging.3 Disconnect the Charging AC

Seite 163 - C Notes About Blink Proof

iiIntroductionIntroductionThank you for purchasing the Nikon COOLPIX S810c digital camera. Before using the camera, please read the information in “Fo

Seite 164 - B Notes About Smile Timer

14Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Turn off the camera and open the memory card slot cover.2 Insert the memory card.• Slide the memory card in t

Seite 165 - 2 Tap I

15Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackRemoving the Memory CardTurn the camera off and make sure that the power-on lamp and the monitor have turned of

Seite 166 - Slide show

16Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackWhen you turn on the camera for the first time after purchase, the welcome screen is displayed. Follow the on-s

Seite 167 - Tap o On

17Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackDate & Time SettingsConfigure the date and time settings on the Android OS setting menu (A86).C Changing th

Seite 168 - 1 Add n to the images that

18Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Press the power switch.• The monitor turns on and the shooting screen is displayed. You can start taking imag

Seite 169 - Print order

19Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackTaking Pictures Immediately After Turning on the CameraWhen you turn on the camera, the monitor turns on and th

Seite 170 - 1 Tap the desired images to

20Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Tap the shooting mode icon.2 Tap the desired shooting mode icon.• A (auto) mode is used in this example.• The

Seite 171 - Canceling Print Order

21Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackAvailable Shooting ModesG Easy auto mode A34The camera automatically selects the optimum scene mode when you fr

Seite 172 - Rotate image

22Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Hold the camera steadily in both hands.• Keep fingers and other objects away from the lens, flash, AF-assist

Seite 173 - 3 Tap the images you want

23Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackUsing the ZoomWhen you move the zoom control, the zoom lens position changes.• To zoom in closer to the subject

Seite 174 - B Notes About Copying Images

iiiIntroductionAbout This ManualIf you want to start using the camera right away, see “Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback” (A10).To learn about the

Seite 175 - The Movie Menu

24Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Press the shutter-release button halfway.• When the subject is in focus, the focus area glows green (multiple

Seite 176 - B Notes About HS movie

25Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackThe Shutter-release ButtonB Notes About Saving Images and Recording MoviesThe indicator showing the number of e

Seite 177 - Y Wind Noise Reduction

26Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Tap the playback mode icon.2 Drag the current image to display the previous or next image.• Tap the shooting

Seite 178 - The Setup Menu

27Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackC Viewing Comments• If comments are added to an image, part of the comments are displayed at the bottom of the

Seite 179

28Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Play back an image to delete, and press the d button.2 Tap l.3 Tap the desired delete option.• If step 1 and

Seite 180 - B Notes About Print Date

29Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackOperating the Erase Selected Images Screen1 Tap an image to add n.• To deselect an image, remove n by tapping t

Seite 181 - Vibration Reduction

30Basic Steps for Shooting and Playback1 Press and hold the power switch for several seconds.• If the monitor is already off, the camera has entered p

Seite 182 - B Notes About Digital Zoom

31Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackPower Saving FunctionBy default, the camera reduces power consumption by automatically entering the modes liste

Seite 183 - Shutter Sound

32Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackAdding Comments when ShootingYou can add comments, such as your impressions or other information about an image

Seite 184 - Did someone blink?

33Basic Steps for Shooting and PlaybackAdding Comments when Playing BackTap h on the playback screen to display the screen shown in step 2 of “Adding

Seite 185 - C GPS Reception Indicator

ivIntroductionInformation and PrecautionsLife-Long LearningAs part of Nikon’s “Life-Long Learning” commitment to ongoing product support and education

Seite 186 - C Resetting File Numbering

34Shooting FeaturesShooting FeaturesThe camera automatically selects the optimum scene mode listed below when you frame a picture, making it even easi

Seite 187 - WPS Pin Entry

35Shooting FeaturesUsed for general shooting. Settings can be adjusted to suit the shooting conditions and the type of shot you want to capture.• The

Seite 188 - C Display Off

36Shooting FeaturesAdjusting Creative SliderTap g in A (auto) mode to display the creative slider.• Tap or drag the slider to adjust the vividness or

Seite 189 - C Shut-down timer

37Shooting FeaturesWhen a scene is selected, the camera settings are automatically optimized for the selected scene.1The camera focuses at infinity.2T

Seite 190 - Location Access

38Shooting FeaturesViewing a Description (Help Information) of Each SceneWhen u is tapped on the scene selection screen, the help selection screen is

Seite 191 - B Notes About GPS

39Shooting FeaturesTips and Notesd Sports• While the shutter-release button is held all the way down, the camera shoots up to about 3 images continuou

Seite 192 - Updating the A-GPS File

40Shooting FeaturesB Notes About Printing PanoramasThe entire image may not be able to be printed depending on the printer’s settings. Additionally, p

Seite 193 - C Formatting the Memory Card

41Shooting FeaturesB Notes About Pet Portrait Auto Release• To change the setting, press the d button and select Y Pet portrait auto release.- o On (d

Seite 194 - Error Messages

42Shooting FeaturesEffects can be applied to images during shooting.Special Effects Mode (Applying Effects When Shooting)Category DescriptionO Soft (

Seite 195

43Shooting Features• The camera selects one or more of nine focus areas containing the subject closest to the camera.• The active focus area can be ch

Seite 196

vIntroductionAbout the Manuals• No part of the documentation included with this product may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retri

Seite 197 - File Names

44Shooting FeaturesWhen the camera detects a smiling face, you can take an image automatically without pressing the shutter-release button (smile time

Seite 198 - Optional Accessories

45Shooting FeaturesFunctions Available in Smart Portrait Mode• Flash mode (A47)• Self-timer (A49)• Exposure compensation (A52)• Smart portrait menu (A

Seite 199 - Technical Notes

46Shooting FeaturesDepending on shooting mode, you can set the following functions by tapping the icons at the left of the monitor. When the icons are

Seite 200 - Caring for the Product

47Shooting FeaturesUsing the FlashYou can set flash mode to match the shooting conditions.1 Tap the flash mode icon.2 Tap the desired flash mode icon

Seite 201 - B Notes About the Monitor

48Shooting FeaturesAvailable Flash ModesC Flash Mode Setting• The setting may not be available with some shooting modes.• The setting applied in A (au

Seite 202 - Charging AC Adapter

49Shooting FeaturesUsing the Self-timerThe camera is equipped with a self-timer that releases the shutter about ten seconds or two seconds after you p

Seite 203 - Memory Cards

50Shooting Features4 Press the shutter-release button the rest of the way down.• Countdown starts. The self-timer lamp flashes while the timer is coun

Seite 204 - Cleaning and Storage

51Shooting FeaturesUsing Macro ModeUse macro mode when taking close-up images.1 Tap the macro mode icon.2 Tap o.3 Move the zoom control to set the zoo

Seite 205 - Troubleshooting

52Shooting FeaturesAdjusting Brightness (Exposure Compensation)Adjust overall image brightness.1 Tap the exposure compensation icon.2 Tap or drag the

Seite 206

53Shooting FeaturesDefault SettingsThe default settings for each function in each shooting mode are described below.Flash mode(A47)Self-timer(A49)Macr

Seite 207 - Shooting

viIntroductionDisposing of Data Storage DevicesPlease note that deleting images or formatting data storage devices such as memory cards or built-in ca

Seite 208

54Shooting Features1a (Auto) (default setting) or W (Off) can be selected. When a (Auto) is selected, the camera automatically selects the flash mode

Seite 209

55Shooting FeaturesWhen shooting images in shooting mode, you can set the menu options listed below by pressing the d button (A3).The settings that ca

Seite 210 - Playback

56Shooting FeaturesShooting Menu OptionsOption DescriptionAA Image modeAllows you to set the combination of image size and image quality used when sav

Seite 211

57Shooting FeaturesSome shooting settings cannot be used with other functions.Functions That Cannot Be Used SimultaneouslyRestricted function Setting

Seite 212

58Shooting FeaturesISO sensitivity (A56) Continuous (A56)When Continuous H: 120 fps, Continuous H: 60 fps, or Multi-shot 16 is selected, the ISO sensi

Seite 213 - Specifications

59Shooting FeaturesB Notes About Digital Zoom• Depending on the shooting mode or the current settings, digital zoom may not be available (E56).• The c

Seite 214

60Shooting FeaturesThe focus area varies depending on the shooting mode.Using Target Finding AFWhen AF area mode (A56) in A (auto) mode is set to Targ

Seite 215

61Shooting FeaturesFace DetectionWhen the camera is pointed at a human face in the shooting modes listed below, the camera automatically detects the f

Seite 216

62Shooting FeaturesSkin SofteningWhen the shutter is released while using one of the shooting modes listed below, the camera detects human faces and p

Seite 217 - B Specifications

63Shooting FeaturesFocus LockFocus lock shooting is recommended when the camera does not activate the focus area that contains the desired subject.1 S

Seite 218 - Approved Memory Cards

viiIntroductionTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety bef

Seite 219 - About Open Source Software

64Playback FeaturesPlayback FeaturesSpread two fingers apart in full-frame playback mode (A26) to enlarge the current image.• You can also zoom in on

Seite 220 - Trademark Information

65Playback FeaturesPinch two fingers together in full-frame playback mode (A26) to display images as thumbnails.• You can also display thumbnails by m

Seite 221 - Technical Notes and Index

66Playback FeaturesDisplay multiple images and comments (A32) in a timeline that resembles a scroll. You can create a timeline for your favorite image

Seite 222

67Playback Features4 Tap the desired image to add n.• Multiple images can be selected. To deselect a selected image, tap the image again to remove n.•

Seite 223

68Playback FeaturesDisplaying Images in Timeline ViewOn the screen shown in step 2 of “Adding Images to a Timeline” (A66), tap a timeline that contain

Seite 224

69Playback FeaturesFunctions That Can Be Set with the d Button (Timeline Menu)When displaying images in timeline view, you can operate the menu option

Seite 225

70Playback FeaturesWhen viewing images in full-frame playback mode or thumbnail playback mode, you can set the menu options listed below by pressing t

Seite 226

71Playback Features1When using thumbnail playback mode, this function cannot be applied. Display the image in full-frame playback mode.2The function c

Seite 227

72Recording and Playing Back MoviesRecording and Playing Back Movies1 Press the shutter-release button all the way down to start recording.• When the

Seite 228 - 6MN27511-01

73Recording and Playing Back MoviesTaking Still Images While Recording a MovieYou can tap the button at the right of the screen during movie recording

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