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Seite 1 - DX-TL4516E


Seite 2 - Caution and care

10How to set the menus (continued) Inputting numbersUsing the front buttons of the unit: step1. Press the camera number buttons (0 to 9) to input and

Seite 3 - Beginning

11How to set the menusENGLISH Symbols in the menusSome symbols appear in the menu screens. The meanings are as follows. (Help) When you press the H

Seite 4 - Caution and care (continued)

12Setting the time and date Time/Date SettingThis item is used to set the present date, time, and auto day-light saving. Auto daylight saving functio

Seite 5 - Contents

13Basic operationsENGLISH Basic multiplexer functionsThis function is used to activate multiplexer functions using the buttons on the front p

Seite 6

14Controlling the cameraThis function is used to control the cameras connected via RS-232C or RS-422/485 terminal. PTZ control using the men

Seite 7 - Software License Agreement

15Basic operationsENGLISH Basic manual recordingThis function is to setup the recording parameters of recording setting pattern A to start re

Seite 8 - How to set the menus

16 Basic playbackThis function is used to playback recorded data. This unit allows recorded data to be played back using various meth

Seite 9

17Basic operationsENGLISH Basic searchThis function is used to search the start point of needed picture. This unit is equipped with 5 searc

Seite 10 - Setting parameters

18 Search by Alarm ListThis unit stores the start time of alarm recording and emergency recording in the alarm list when such recordi

Seite 11 - Symbols in the menus

19Basic operationsENGLISHCopying the recorded dataThis item is used to copy the data from the main device to a copy device. Copy Data to Copy 1 Drive

Seite 12 - Setting the time and date


Seite 13 - Basic multiplexer functions

20 Copy Data to Copy 2 Drive/Set Copy 2 DriveThis item is used to copy the data to Copy 2 device by speci-fying only the start point. The point

Seite 14 - Controlling the camera

21Basic operationsENGLISH Copying the data of this unit to a video cassetteThis function is used to copy the data of this unit to a video cassette

Seite 15 - Basic manual recording

22Copying the recorded data (continued) Field Reverse Click to display a still picture one field before. Stop Click to stop playback. Audio, if re

Seite 16 - Basic playback

23Basic operationsENGLISH In synchronized audio playback, the frequency of picture refreshing is reduced depending on the processing power of PC. Wh

Seite 17 - Searching the desired picture

24 LoginStart up the Microsoft Internet Explorer and log in.step1. Start up the Microsoft Internet Explorer and enter the IP address of the r

Seite 18 - Search by Alarm List

Communications by Web Browser25step3-1. (If you make an error in entering the user ID or password • • • )• The “[Caution]” screen

Seite 19 - Copying the recorded data

26 Live MonitoringRetrieves live pictures and displays the pictures on the PC screen.step1. Select “Live Monitoring” and left-click.• The

Seite 20 - 4. Select “Execute.”

Communications by Web Browser27 PlaybackRetrieves, plays back and searches for pictures that have been recorded by the recorder.step1. Selec

Seite 21 - Basic operations

28 Alarm List SearchClick “Alarm List” and the “Alarm List Search” screen appears in the sub-screen.step1. Set the desired date/time and number

Seite 22 - Playback software

Communications by Web Browser29 User RegistrationThis is the screen for changing the settings for registered user authorization, and for del

Seite 23

3BeginningENGLISHNote: This symbol mark is for EU countries only.This symbol mark is according to the directive 2002/96/EC Article 10 Information for

Seite 24 - Communications by Web Browser

30 Recorder Title & Camera TitlesThis is the screen for setting or changing the recorder and the camera titles.step1. Select “Recorde

Seite 25 - Main Menu

Communications by Web Browser31 To view the attached picture: In the PC with DX-PC55E (version 2.1 or later) installed, click or double click the file

Seite 26 - Live Monitoring

32 Clock SetupThis is the screen for setting the clock of the recorder via PC.step1. Select “Clock Setup” and left-click.• The “[Clock Setup]” scre

Seite 27

Communications by Web Browser33 LogoutIn this screen, assign “Logout” settings to end the job.step1. Select “Logout” and left-click.• The “[Logout]

Seite 28 - Configuration Menu

34If problems with the unit persist even after you’ve followed the suggestions below, disconnect the power cord and contact the retailer from whom you

Seite 29

Troubleshooting35ENGLISHOTHERSPERIPHERAL RECORDING DEVICEConsult the followingDescription of problemThe unit does not perform playback.The copy device

Seite 30

36 Warnings and their appropriate countermeasures #1 Options in the CALL OUT output column: • Selectable: Selects to output CALL OUT signal or not

Seite 31

Warnings and CALL OUT output37ENGLISHWarning DisplayCALL OUToutput#1Cancellingthe warningLog numberCountermeasure###LOG54 #7LOG13 #8LOG33

Seite 32

4INSTALLATION LOCATION AND HANDLING• Place this unit horizontally and in a stable place. If this unit is not placed correctly and used in an unstable

Seite 33

5BeginningENGLISHContentsHow to read this manualViewing displays (Refer to this information when operating):Reference information concerning operation

Seite 34 - Troubleshooting

6NoteThank you for purchasing Mitsubishi digital recorder DX-TL4516E (hereinafter referred to as “Product”). Before using this Product,

Seite 35

7BeginningENGLISHThis Software License Agreement (“Agreement”) is an agreement between you (“User”) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (

Seite 36 - Warnings and CALL OUT output

8How to set the menus Setting the menusThe operations of this unit can be set via a menu displayed on OUTPUT A monitor. You can select and set the me

Seite 37

9How to set the menusENGLISH Displaying a menu screenstep1. Press the SET UP button or click the left button on the mouse to display a menu.• The &l

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