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Seite 1 - FL-3 + FL-4

For Nikon Coolpix L2, L3 and L4Digital CamerasFL-3 + FL-4FL-3 + FL-4OPERATORS MANUAL

Seite 2 - Manual for the

9Using the Fantasea FL-3 and FL-4 housing:Opening The Housing:Observe that the locking mechanism has 2 recessed spring tabs.Place the lower corner of

Seite 3 - Fantasea FL-3 + FL-4 Uses:

10Underwater photographers will probably want to set the flashmode to the flash always setting to insure they always have aflash with every exposure.

Seite 4 - Back Side of Housing Buttons

The L2, L3 and L4 cameras do not have the standard eyepiecebut underwater photographers and outdoor photographers willappreciate the large LCD viewing

Seite 5

Choosing Image Files:There are several image file options to choose from that offer differentresolution and file sizes. This determination must be mad

Seite 6

Using The Flash:The Coolpix has a built-in flash, which will illuminate nearbyunderwater subjects. For subjects that are farther away, an accessorysla

Seite 7

Be sure to use a slave flash that has the ability toignore the built-in pre-flash in digital cameras,and synchronizes with the shutter release.Note!Le

Seite 8 - General Camera Description:

Please reference the Coolpix instruction manual for details onhow to set these camera options, and under what conditions thedifferent choices would be

Seite 9

The Fantasea FL-3 and FL-4 housings require only a minimumamount of care for reliable performance. The following are tipsthat will enable you to get t

Seite 10 - Inserting Camera:

Do not use grease or any other type of lubricant on the gasketwhen closing the housing. It does not increase the ability ofthe gasket to make a proper

Seite 11 - Checking the Gasket:

18It is likewise recommended to visually monitor the housingduring every descent, especially for the first 10 meters/33 ft.If water is observed enteri

Seite 12 - Viewing the Subject:

TABLE OF CONTENTSManual for theFL-3 + FL-4Care & Maintenance: the flash: ...

Seite 13 - Battery life:

General Information:The Fantasea FL-3 + FL-4 housing:Fantasea has specially designed a housing for the Nikon CoolpixL2, L3 and L4 cameras. The housing

Seite 14 - Accessory Slave flash:

Top/Front Side of Housing3421Back Side of Housing Buttons569111210873

Seite 15 - Lens Accessories:

Numbered description below refers to corresponding numberson above graphic.1: Shutter Release button:This is a two stage shutter-release button. Firs

Seite 16 - Quick Review:

7: Menu button:Menus are available for shooting, playback, movies andcamera set up. Press the menu button to display the menus;press again to return

Seite 17 - Camera Standby Mode:

11: Delete button:To delete the current displayed picture in the monitor, pressthe Delete button. Two options appear: No or Yes. Highlightwanted opti

Seite 18

Nikon has expanded its ‘Life’ series of digital cameras with thearrival of the Coolpix L2, L3 and L4. The Nikon L2 has 6megapixels, the L3 has 5.1 meg

Seite 19 - Flood Insurance:

Nikon COOLPIX L2, L3, L4 Feature HighlightsUnique combination of all-round quality, ease of operation,and elegant styling makes COOLPIX L2, COOLPIX L3

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