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Seite 1 - User’s Manual


Seite 2 - For Your Safety

3Introduction : Performs same function as corresponding camera control. See camera Guide to Digital Photography for details.MENU button( 13; )Mode

Seite 3

Introduction4 Insert the Camera ( 8–11)OverviewFollow these steps when using the waterproof case: Check for Leaks ( 6–7)To prevent water damage t

Seite 4 - Cautions

5Introduction Check for Leaks Again ( 12) Take Pictures ( 13–14)1. Turn the camera on2. Adjust settings3. Take picturesIf water enters the case, c

Seite 5

Check for Leaks6 Check for LeaksBefore placing the camera in the case, be sure that the camera is function-ing normally and that the case does not lea

Seite 6 - Table of Contents

7Check for LeaksTest the shooting controlsImmerse the case and operate the controls under-water for two to three minutes, checking whether any bubbles

Seite 7

Insert the Camera8 Insert the Camera1. Ready the CameraInsert the battery and memory cardBefore using the camera, check the battery level and number o

Seite 8

9Insert the Camera2. Insert the CameraTurn the camera offInsert the cameraPosition the camera in the camera guides with the lens in the lens window.Re

Seite 9 - Parts of the WP-CP2

Insert the Camera103. Insert Desiccant4. Perform a Final Check• Is the O-ring cracked or damaged?• Is the O-ring twisted or out of position?• Is the O

Seite 10 - Introduction

11Insert the Camera5. Close the CaseClose the caseAfter making sure that the O-ring is in place, slowly close the case, being careful not to pinch you

Seite 11 - Overview

Check for Leaks Again12 Check for Leaks AgainBefore use, be sure that the camera is functioning normally and that the case does not leak. Failure to

Seite 12

iFor Your SafetyTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in their entirety b

Seite 13 - Check for Leaks

13 Take PicturesPress the power switch on the waterproof case. The camera power-on lamp will light and the monitor will turn on.1. Turn the Camera On

Seite 14 - Check for Leaks

Take Pictures143. Take PicturesReady the cameraHold the case steadily in both hands. Don’t Block the ShotKeep fi ngers and other objects away from the

Seite 15 - Insert the Camera

15Clean the Case Clean the CaseWash the case in fresh waterThe case should be cleaned immediately after use. Before opening the case and removing the

Seite 16 - 2. Insert the Camera

Clean the Case16Wipe dryDry the case thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use a cloth to which salt has adhered.Let the case dry in the shadeLea

Seite 17 - 3. Insert Desiccant

17MaintenanceCaring for the O-ringThe WP-CP2 uses an O-ring to form a watertight seal. Improper handling of the O-ring can produce leaks. Check the

Seite 18 - 5. Close the Case

Maintenance18Grease the O-ringIf the O-ring is not properly greased, it may crack or peel, causing leaks. If the bottom of the O-ring appears dry, pl

Seite 19 - Check for Leaks Again

19Maintenance/Technical NotesStorageStore the case in a cool, well-ventilated area, leaving the case open to prevent the O-ring from deteriorating. W

Seite 20 - Take Pictures

ii Do not dive while holdingTo prevent injury caused by the case striking the body, do not jump or dive into water while holding the WP-CP2. Do

Seite 21 - 3. Take Pictures

iiiCautionsTo ensure continued enjoyment of your Nikon product, observe the following precautions when storing or using the device.Preventing LeakageW

Seite 22 - Clean the Case

ivTemperatureDo not leave the case in areas exposed to high temperatures, such as inside a car, near a heater, on a beach, or in direct sunlight. Fai

Seite 23 - Clean the Case

vTable of ContentsFor Your Safety ... iCautions ...

Seite 24 - Maintenance

viNotices• No part of the manuals included with this product may be reproduced, trans-mitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated

Seite 25 - Cleaning

1IntroductionIntroductionThank you for your purchase of a WP-CP2 waterproof case for Nikon COOLPIX 5200 and 4200 digital cameras. The WP-CP2 is water

Seite 26 - Technical Notes

Introduction2Parts of the WP-CP2O-ring / O-ring guide ( 17) Front coverCamera guides ( 9)Rear cover Watertight channel ( 10, 17)Shutter-release bu

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