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^ Pull out the film advance lever (D to unlock the shutter release button (D.The film advance lever doubles as a shutter release button lock.

Seite 3 - Aperture/Focusing index

BASIC OPERATION —continued^ Mount the lens onto the camera. Place the lens onto the camera, lining up the aperture/ focusing Index ® on

Seite 4 - Distance scale i

Q Open the camera back #.Push the camera back lock lever ® counterclockwise with your index finger while lifting the film rewind knob® . Th

Seite 5 - CONTENTS

/Q Install the film cartridge.Position the film cartridge in the film cartridge chamber @ with the film leader pointing towards the tak

Seite 6

BASIC OPERATION »continued4 A Close the cameraback.Close the camera back until it snaps shut, making sure that the perforations are perfectly m

Seite 7

Set the ASA/ISO film speed.Lift the ASA/ISO film speed ring ® and rotate it in either direction until the red ASA/ISO film speed i

Seite 8 - FOREWORD

BASIC OPERATION —• continued-IA y Set the correct exposure.* First, position your main subject at the center (i.e., the 12mm-diameter ci


40 Focus on the subject by rotating the lens focusing ring (§).The FM2 is provided with the Type K2 focusing screen as standard. Look through th

Seite 10 - ® is on B

BASIC OPERATION —continued-4 Q Depress the shutter ' ^ * release button.Look through the viewfinder, and depress the shutter reiease button,

Seite 11 - BASIC OPERATION —continued

A A Rewind the film.Lift the film rewind crank and turn it in the direction of the arrow. At the end of film rewind, you will feel a slig

Seite 12 - Q Open the camera back #

NOMENCLATURE0 Shutter speed/ASA/ISO film speed ring_________@ Shutter release button ® Shutter release fingerguard ® Neckstrap eyelet ® Depth-of-field

Seite 13

CONTROLS IN DETAILFilm advance lever (DThe film advance lever also functions as a lock for the shutter release button. The shutter release

Seite 14 - BASIC OPERATION »continued

Frame counter ®The additive type frame counter is graduated from S- -1 2 4— up to 36 in even numbers with odd numbers indicated by white d

Seite 15 - Hold the camera and

Shutter release button (DThe shutter release button also serves to activate the FM2's bullt-ln exposure meter. When the film advan

Seite 16 - BASIC OPERATION —• continued

slower, it is advisabie to attach the camera to a tripod and use a cable release to release the shutter; this will prevent camera sha

Seite 17 - 40 Focus on the subject

CONTROLS IN DETAIL —continuedASA/ISO film speed dial ®The ASA/ISO scale on the dial has numbered settings for speeds from ASA/iS012 to 6400.

Seite 18

Fast shutter speed


CONTROLS IN DETAIL ~ continuedSetting the apertureThe lens aperture determines the amount of light reaching the film plane. Generally, whe

Seite 21 - Frame counter

The amount of light reaching the film plane is determined by a combination of the shutter speed and the lens aperture. A shutter s

Seite 22 - Shutter release button (D

Exposure displayThe LED exposure indicator iamps can be seen on the right side of the viewfieid frame within the viewfinder. The shutter spee

Seite 23

1 Depth-of-field indicators/Lens mounting ring1 Aperture/Focusing index) infrared compensation indexI Meter coupiing shoeI Meter coupiing ridge) Hot-s

Seite 24 - CONTROLS IN DETAIL —continued

CONTROLS IN DETAIL —continuedMetering range of exposure meterWhen there is a proper combination of lens aperture and shutter speed, o lights up, indic

Seite 25 - Fast shutter speed

This exposure measurement method is used when the diaphragm on the iens does not link with the meter coupiing lever ® on the camer

Seite 26 - Slow snutter speea

' Lens without automatic diaphragm (PC-Nikkor lens)First, determine the correct exposure by adjusting the shutter speed and aperture.

Seite 27

CONTROLS IN DETAIL —continuedExposure measurement in special casesThe exposure meter of the Nikon FM2 adopts the center- weighted exposure measurement

Seite 28 - Exposure determination

Duplication work and photomicrographyIn copy work, slide duplication, and photomicrography, you cannot obtain correct exposure by simply re

Seite 29

CONTROLS IN DETAIL —continuedInside the viewfinder;1. Fine matte/Fresnel outer field2. Microprism collar3. Split-image rangefinder spot4. I2mm-diamete

Seite 30

Split-imagefocusingMatte outer field focusingOut of focusMicroprism grid focusingIn focusOut of focus In focus27

Seite 31

CONTROLS IN DETAIL—continuedDepth-of-field preview lever ®What depth of field isWhen you focus on your subject at a certain aperture, you w

Seite 32

Lens set at f/1.4Only major subject is in focus.

Seite 33

Lens set at f/16Most objects near to far are in focus.29

Seite 34 - +2 stops

Distance scale iFocusing ringAperture scale (Aperture ring (ADR scale iShutter speed Index (Shutter speed dial iMultiple exposure lever (Frame counter

Seite 35

CONTROLS IN DETAIL —continuedDepth-of-field preview lever ®When a lens with an automatic diaphragm is used, the image in the viewfinder i

Seite 36 - Out of focus In focus

Multiple exposure lever @Taking a picture of different subjects or two or more of the same subject on the same frame means multipie exposure. To make

Seite 38 - Lens set at f/1.4

CONTROLS IN DETAIL —continuedMemo holder ®To remind yourself of the film type and number of exposures on the roll of film in use, clip off the

Seite 39 - Lens set at f/16

Flash photographyA Nikon electronic flash unit will prove very convenient for indoor or nighttime shooting or for use in the daytime

Seite 40

The FM2, provided only with an X-contact for synchronization, synchronizes with the speedlight when the shutter speed set is 1/250 sec. or slo

Seite 41 - Multiple exposure lever @

CONTROLS IN DETAIL—continuedReady-light @When the SB-28, SB-27, SB-26, SB-25, SB-24, SB-22, SB-20, SB-19 or SB-16B is attached to the FM2,

Seite 42

Ready-Light Status Per Shutter Speed Dial SettingShutter speed dialSpeedlight charging Speedlight chargingsettingcompleteincomplete1/4000 sec. ~ 1/500

Seite 43

Combination Chart of Nikon FM2 and Nikon SpeedlightsSpeedlightConnectionCamera'sready-lightoperatesUsable flash modesSB-21 A*Via AS-6 coupleYesMa

Seite 44 - Flash photography

ACCESSORIESInterchangeable focusing screensThree different types of focusing screens are usable with the Nikon FM2. The Type K2 screen

Seite 45 - I ^ Cannot be used


Seite 46 - Ready-light @

To change focusing screens, follow this procedure:1. Remove the lens from the camera body.2. Slip the small tip of the special tweezers (that come w

Seite 47 - Shutter speed dial

Focusing Screen Selector GuideType 1 Name/styleFeaturesSplit-image range- finder/microprism systemSuitable for general photography.Has microprism col

Seite 48

iiType K2clear-matte screenType K screenCaution: Type K2/B2/E2 focusing screens have a notched tab. If you use the Type K/B/E screen, you m


ACCESSORIES ^continuedClose-up equipmentThe following are some of the accessories you can use for close-up photography.1) Close-Up Lenses No

Seite 50

Note: Non-A! extension rings such as the PK-1, 2, 3, PN-1, etc. cannot be attached to the FM2.Auto Extension RingsOO 'Ciose-Up Lense

Seite 51 - Features

Motor Drive MD-12The use of the MD-12 motor drive unit with the FM2 enables automatic film advance when the unit’s trigger button is presse

Seite 53 - ACCESSORIES ^continued

ACCESSORIES —continued-Nikon SpeedlightsNikon speedlights are convenient for shooting in dim light or taking backlit portraits, as well as fo

Seite 55 - Motor Drive MD-12

Data Back MF-16To keep track of when photos were taken, the FM2 accepts the slim, lightweight Data Back MF-16. This back attaches in place

Seite 56

ACCESSORIES...36—44Interchangeable focusing screens...36—37Clos

Seite 57 - ACCESSORIES —continued

I íw>U!S I V/I îïïK^l i»«®'--.IMF-1641

Seite 58

ACCESSORIES ^continued—Anti-Cold Battery Pack DB-2In cold weather, use the Anti-Cold Battery Pack DB-2, which accepts two AA-type batterie

Seite 59 - Data Back MF-16

piece correction iens most suitabie for you only after actually trying out various models at the camera shop.Cable Release AR-3The screw-type

Seite 60 - I îïïK^l i»«®'

FiltersAs is shown on the table, Nikon filters are broadly divided into the screw-in, drop-in, and bayonet type. Because the FM2 inc

Seite 61 - ACCESSORIES ^continued—

( ) s f/stop compenasttonFilm Type DesignationFllteDaylightfactorTungsfeniglil39Sc52rew58In a 62ad72IW77diS2iË96i)\z^1«Prop-lnSeiteaUHw-iiintweBawnatS

Seite 62 - Cable Release AR-3

ACCESSORIES —continued-camera casesSemi-soft cases, such as the CF-27, CF-28 and CF-29, are available. The CF-27 case accommodates the

Seite 65

TIPS ON BATTERY USE• Keep batteries away from infants and small children. In case a battery is accidentally swallowed, call a doctor

Seite 66

TIPS ON CAMERA CAREAlthough the FM2 is a tough and durable camera, bear in mind that is a precision optical instrument, and that careles


' Do not touch the shutter curtains.> Clean glass surfaces such as the lens or the finder eyepiece with a blower-type brush; av


Caution: Please note that the use of a spray-gun type blower to clean the lens may cause possible damage to the glass (especially when ED glass Is us

Seite 70

' Clean metallic parts with a blower-type brush or with a dry, soft cloth.> Before using the camera, it is a good practice to check i

Seite 71

SPECIFICATIONSType of camera:Usable film:Picture format:Lens mount:Shutter:Shutter speed settings: Self-timer:Viewfinder:Viewfinder display:Focusing

Seite 72

Film advance;Automatic film advance; Multiple exposure lever; Frame counter:Film rewind:Flash synchronization:Ready-light: Exposure meter:Lever pr


Film sensitivity range: Power source:Exposure meter switch:Battery power check:Camera back:Dimensions (W x H x D):(camera body only) Weight:(camera

Seite 75 - X 3.5 X 2.4 in

IMPORTANT!The Nikon FM2 is an Al-type (Automatic Maximum Aperture indexing) camera which performs fuli-aperture metering with Ai-type

Seite 76

No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical: articles or reviews), may be made without wri

Seite 77 - IMPORTANT!

FOREWORDThank you for your purchase of the Nikon FM2 and welcome to Nikon’s world of photography. The Nikon FM2 offers many special features including


BASIC OPERATION4 Remove the battery chamber lid ® .Use a coin to unscrew the lid in a counterclockwise direction.A Install the battery.Wipe the bat

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