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Printed in China
No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in
part (except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews),
may be made without written authorization from NIKON
User's Manual
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Seite 1 - User's Manual

Printed in ChinaSB4A03(11)6MVA7211-03No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles

Seite 2 - Table of Contents

viii• When the battery is not in use,attach the terminal cover and storein a cool, dry place.• The battery may be hot immedi-ately after use or when t

Seite 3

84nStorageIf the camera will not be used for an extended period, removethe battery and store it in a cool, dry area with the terminal coverin place. T

Seite 4

85nDo not drop: The product may mal-function if subjected to strongshocks or vibration.Keep dry: This product is not water-proof, and may malfunction

Seite 5 - Movie-record button

86nStorage: To prevent mold or mildew,store the camera in a cool, dry,well-ventilated area. If you areusing an AC adapter, unplug theadapter to preven

Seite 6 - About This Manual

87nBatteries: Batteries may leak orexplode if improperly handled.Observe the following precautionswhen handling batteries:• Use only batteries approve

Seite 7 - The Reference Manual

88n• Do not use the battery at ambienttemperatures below 0°C (32°F) orabove 40°C (104°F); failure toobserve this precaution coulddamage the battery or

Seite 8 - For Your Safety

89nIf the camera fails to function as expected, check this list of com-mon problems before consulting your retailer or Nikon repre-sentative.Battery/D

Seite 9

90nShooting (All Modes)MoviesThe camera takes time to turn on: Delete files or format the memory card.The shutter-release is disabled:• The battery is

Seite 10

91nPlaybackMiscellaneous“Tall” (portrait) orientation photos are displayed in “wide” (landscape) orientation:• Select On for Rotate tall (0 71).• The

Seite 11

92nThis section lists the error messages that appear in the display.Error MessagesMessage Solution(Shutter-speed or aperture display flashes)If the su


93nMemory card is full.• You may be able to record additional imagesif you reduce image quality or size.• Delete unwanted images.• Insert another memo

Seite 13

ix• No part of the manuals includedwith this product may be repro-duced, transmitted, transcribed,stored in a retrieval system, or trans-lated into an

Seite 14

94nNikon 1 S2 Digital CameraSpecificationsTypeType Digital camera with support for interchangeablelensesLens mount Nikon 1 mountEffective angle of vie


95nShooting modesC auto; w creative, with a choice of the follow-ing options: P, S, A, M, 4 creative palette, 5 HDR,q soft, r miniature effect, s sel

Seite 16

96nFocusAutofocus Hybrid autofocus (phase-detection/contrast-detect AF); AF-assist illuminatorLens servo • Autofocus (AF): Single AF (AF-S); continuou

Seite 17 - Introduction

97nMovieMetering TTL metering using image sensorMetering method • Matrix• Center-weighted: Meters 4.5 mm circle in center offrame• Spot: Meters 2 mm c

Seite 18 - Parts of the Camera

98n• Unless otherwise stated, all figures are for a camera with a fully-charged bat-tery operating at the temperature specified by the Camera and Imag

Seite 19 - The Camera Body (Continued)

99nMH-29 battery chargerRated input AC 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 0.2 ARated output DC 8.4 V/0.6 ASupported batteries Nikon EN-EL22 rechargeable Li-ion batt

Seite 20 - The Monitor

100nSpecifications subject to change without notice. Nikon will not be held liablefor damages that may result from any mistakes that this manual may c

Seite 21 - The G Button

101nATrademark InformationMac and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the UnitedStates and/or other countries. Microsoft, Windows, and Win

Seite 22

102nBattery LifeThe number of shots or movie footage that can be recorded withfully-charged batteries varies with the condition of the battery,tempera

Seite 23

103nSymbolsC (Auto mode) ... 6, 17w (Creative mode) ... 6, 26u (Best moment capture mode) . 6, 47v (Advanc

Seite 24 - The & (Feature) Menu

xNotice for Customers in the U.S.A.Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Frequency Interference StatementThis equipment has been tested andfou

Seite 25 - The & Menu

104nDetailed display ... 4Dust shield ...84, 85EExposure indicator ...

Seite 26 - First Steps

105nSlow sync ...68Smart Photo Selector ...51Soft ...

Seite 29

Printed in ChinaSB4A03(11)6MVA7211-03No reproduction in any form of this manual, in whole or in part (except for brief quotation in critical articles

Seite 30

xiNotice Concerning Prohibition of Copying or ReproductionNote that simply being in possession of material that has been digitally cop-ied or reproduc

Seite 31


Seite 32

xiiiDUse Only Nikon Brand AccessoriesOnly Nikon brand accessories certified by Nikon specifically for usewith your Nikon digital camera are engineered

Seite 34

1ssIntroductionConfirm that the package contains the following items:Memory cards are sold separately.Package ContentsBF-N1000 body capNikon 1 S2 digi

Seite 35 - Focus area

2sTake a few moments to familiarize yourself with camera controlsand displays. You may find it helpful to bookmark this sectionand refer to it as you

Seite 36 - Viewing Photographs

3sThe Camera Body (Continued)* Camera does not support TA-N100 tripod mounting spacer.2110113457689J buttonPress the multi selector up, down, left, or

Seite 37

Getting the Most from Your Camera ...iiiAbout This Manual ...

Seite 38 - Deleting Pictures

4sThe Monitor* Available only when Detailed is selected for Display > Shooting in thesetup menu (0 75).Note: Display shown with all indicators lit

Seite 39

5sThe G ButtonThe shooting mode and most shooting,playback, and setup options can beaccessed from the camera menus. Pressthe G button to display the m

Seite 40 - Live Image Control

6s❚❚ Choosing a Shooting ModeTo display the shooting mode menu,press the G button, highlight Shoot-ing mode, and press J. Use the multiselector to hig

Seite 41

7s❚❚ Using the Menus1Select an item.2Select an option.Use the multi selector (0 3) to navigatethe playback, shooting, movie, imageprocessing, and setu

Seite 42 - Choosing a Creative Mode

8sThe & (Feature) Menu1Select an item.2Select an option.To display the feature menu and adjustcamera settings or access playbackoptions, press &am

Seite 43

9sAThe & MenuThe & menu is context-sensitive: its contents vary with camera settingsor the type of image displayed; options that are currently

Seite 44

10s1Attach the camera strap.Attach the strap securely to the two camera eyelets.2Charge the battery.Insert the battery into the charger q and plug the

Seite 45

11s3Insert the battery and a memory card.The camera stores pictures on microSD, microSDHC, andmicroSDXC memory cards (available separately; 0 83).Befo

Seite 46 - Continuous Shooting

12s4Attach a lens.Be careful to prevent dust from entering the camera whenthe lens or body cap is removed.Remove the rear lens capRemove the camera bo

Seite 47

13sIf the lens supports vibration reduction (VR), vibration reduc-tion can be controlled from the camera (0 73, 0 74). ADetaching the LensBe sure the

Seite 48 - 16,000 s or as slow as 30 s

iOther Shooting Modes 47u Choosing the Moment (Best Moment Capture) ... 47Choosing a Shot Manually (Active Selection)...

Seite 49 - 3 EV Overexposed by over 2 EV

14s5Turn the camera on.Press the power switch to turn thecamera on. The power lamp willbriefly light green and the monitor willturn on. If the lens is

Seite 50 - The Creative Palette

15s6Choose a language.ALenses with Retractable Lens Barrel ButtonsThe camera will turn on automatically when the retractable lensbarrel lock is releas

Seite 51

16s7Set the clock.8Check the battery level and memory card capacity.Check the battery level and numberof exposures remaining in the moni-tor (0 4).Use

Seite 52 - Selective Color

17zzTaking and Viewing PhotographsThis chapter describes how to take, view, and delete photo-graphs in auto and creative mode.Follow the steps below t

Seite 53 - Cross Process

18z3Ready the camera.4Frame the photograph.Hold the camera securely with bothhands, being careful not to obstructthe lens, AF-assist illuminator, ormi

Seite 54 - Recording and Viewing Movies

19z5Focus.Press the shutter-releasebutton halfway to focus. Ifthe subject is poorly lit, theflash may pop up (0 65)and the AF-assist illumina-tor (0 2

Seite 55

20zViewing PhotographsTo end playback and return to shooting mode, press the shutter-release button halfway.AThe Framing GridA framing grid can be dis

Seite 56 - Snapshot modes

21zAThe & (Feature) Menu (0 8)The following options can be accessed by pressing & when a photo isdisplayed:1 Start slide show ...

Seite 57

22zDeleting PicturesTo delete the current picture, press O. Note that once deleted, pic-tures can not be recovered.1Display the photograph.Display the

Seite 58

23zAFace PriorityThe camera detects and focuses on portraitsubjects (face priority). A double yellow bor-der will be displayed if a portrait subject i

Seite 59

iiTechnical Notes 82Optional Accessories ...82Approved Memory Cards ...

Seite 60 - Viewing Movies

24zLive Image ControlLive image controls let you preview howchanges to each control will affect thefinal photograph. To choose a live imagecontrol for

Seite 61 - Deleting Movies

25zMotion control: Suggest motion by blurringmoving objects, or “freeze” motion tocapture moving objects clearly.Freeze motionBlur motionFreeze motion

Seite 62

26zChoose creative mode to match settings to the subject or situa-tion, take photos using special effects, or control shutter speedand aperture.1Selec

Seite 63 - Other Shooting Modes

27zChoosing a Mode That Matches the Subject or SituationChoose a creative mode according to the subject or situation:Option DescriptionProgrammed auto

Seite 64

28zAThe & (Feature) Menu (0 8)Pressing & in creative mode displays the items listed below. The itemsavailable vary with the option selected fo

Seite 65

29zTaking Photos in P, S, A, and M ModesP, S, A, and M modes offer varying degrees of control over shutterspeed and aperture. Choose a mode and adjust

Seite 66

30z❚❚ S Shutter-Priority AutoIn shutter-priority auto, you choose the shutter speed while thecamera automatically selects the aperture that will produ

Seite 67 - (Smart Photo Selector)

31z❚❚ AAperture-Priority AutoIn aperture-priority auto, you choose the aperture while thecamera automatically selects the shutter speed that will prod

Seite 68

32z❚❚ MManualIn manual mode, you control both shutter speed and aperture.Choosing Shutter Speed and ApertureAdjust shutter speed and aperture withrefe

Seite 69 - Smart Photo Selector

33zAThe Exposure IndicatorWhen shutter speeds other than “Bulb” areselected, the exposure indicator showswhether the photograph would be under-or over

Seite 70 - K button

iiiGetting the Most from Your CameraTake photos with the shutter-release button.See page 6 for more informa-tion.Shutter-release buttonShoot movies wi

Seite 71

34zThe Creative PaletteChoose a creative effect. Rotate the multi selector to choose theeffect while previewing the results in the monitor. The effect

Seite 72 - (Motion Snapshot Mode)

35zHDRDetails in highlights and shadows are preserved using HDR (highdynamic range). Each time the shutter-release button is fullypressed, the camera

Seite 73

36zSelective ColorTake black-and-white pictures in which one hue appears in acolor.1Choose Select color.2Choose a color.3Take pictures.Press the shutt

Seite 74

37zCross ProcessSelect a base hue to take pictures with modified colors.1Select Hue.2Choose a color.3Take pictures.Press the shutter-release button al

Seite 75

y38yRecording and Viewing MoviesUse the movie-record button to record movies in auto, creative,and advanced movie mode.1Turn the camera on.2Choose a s

Seite 76 - Deleting Motion Snapshots

39y4Start recording.5End recording.Press the movie-record button tobegin recording. A recording indica-tor, the time elapsed, and the timeavailable ar

Seite 77 - More on Photography

40y❚❚ Shooting ModeMovies can be recorded in the shooting modes listed below.Movies can not be recorded in best moment capture or MotionSnapshot modes

Seite 78

41y❚❚ Advanced Movie OptionsIn v (advanced movie) mode, the fol-lowing options can be accessed by press-ing & and selecting Advanced movie inthe &

Seite 79 - Self-Timer Modes

42yAThe & (Feature) Menu (0 8)Pressing & in advanced movie mode displays the items listed below.The items available vary with the type of movi

Seite 80

43yTaking Photographs During Movie RecordingPress the shutter-release button all theway down to take a photograph withoutinterrupting movie recording.

Seite 81 - The Built-in Flash

ivFor a complete guide to using your digital camera, see the Refer-ence Manual (page v). To get the most from your camera, pleasebe sure to read this

Seite 82

44yViewing MoviesMovies are indicated by a 1 icon in full-frame playback (0 20).Press 3 to start playback.The following operations can be performed:1

Seite 83 - Manual Pop-up Modes

45yDeleting MoviesTo delete the current movie, press O. Aconfirmation dialog will be displayed;press O again to delete the movie andreturn to playback

Seite 84

46yASee AlsoThe Edit movie option in the playback menu can be used to trimunwanted footage from existing movies (0 71).Use the Frame Size/Frame Rate

Seite 85

47RROther Shooting ModesIn addition to the modes described above, the camera offersu (best moment capture) mode to help with hard-to-time shotsand a z

Seite 86

48R1Select u mode.2Choose Active Selection.3Frame the photograph.Press the G button to display themenus. Highlight Shooting modeand press J, then high

Seite 87 - Menu Options

49R4Begin buffering photographs.5Shoot.6Select up to 10 frames.7Save the selected frames.Press J to save the selected frames to the memory card. Theme

Seite 88 - ❚❚ Shooting Menu Options

50RAActive SelectionAt default settings, the frame recorded at the moment the shutter-release button was pressed all the way down is automatically mar

Seite 89 - ❚❚ Movie Menu Options

51RLetting the Camera Choose the Moment (Smart Photo Selector)The Smart Photo Selector helps you capture a fleeting expres-sion on the face of a portr

Seite 90

52R2Choose Smart Photo Selector.3Frame the photograph.4Begin buffering photographs.Press & (feature) to display the &menu. Highlight Best mome

Seite 91 - ❚❚ Setup Menu Options

53R5Shoot.Smoothly press the shutter-releasebutton the rest of the way down. Thecamera will compare shots recordedto the buffer both before and after

Seite 92 - Connecting to a Computer

vFor more information on using your Nikon camera, download apdf copy of the camera Reference Manual from the website listedbelow. The Reference Manual

Seite 93 - System Requirements

54R❚❚ Viewing Photos Taken with the Smart Photo SelectorChoosing the Best ShotPress K and use the multi selector to dis-play photographs taken with th

Seite 94

55R❚❚ Deleting PicturesPressing O when a picture taken with theSmart Photo Selector is selected displaysa confirmation dialog; press O again todelete

Seite 95 - Transferring Pictures

56RRecord brief movie vignettes with your photographs. Each timethe shutter is released, the camera records a still image andabout 1.6 s of movie foot

Seite 96

57R3Begin buffering.4Shoot.Smoothly press the shutter-releasebutton the rest of the way down. Thecamera will record a photograph,together with about 1

Seite 97 - Viewing Pictures

58RAThe & (Feature) Menu (0 8)Pressing & in Motion Snapshot mode displays the following items:1 Shooting mode...

Seite 98 - Technical Notes

59R❚❚ AudioTo record about four seconds of soundwith Motion Snapshots beginning at thestart of movie recording, use the multiselector and J button to

Seite 99 - Approved Memory Cards

60RViewing Motion SnapshotsDeleting Motion SnapshotsTo delete the current Motion Snapshot,press O. A confirmation dialog will be dis-played; press O a

Seite 100 - Storage and Cleaning

61ttMore on PhotographyThis section describes other features you can use when takingpictures.Shoot a continuous series (burst) of photographs.1Display

Seite 101

62tDContinuous ModeOnly one picture will be taken if the flash fires when I is selected; atsettings of 10, 20, 30, and 60 fps, the built-in flash will

Seite 102

63tThe self-timer is used to delay shutter release until 10 or 2 sec-onds after the shutter-release button is pressed all the waydown.1Display release

Seite 103

viTo prevent damage to your Nikon product or injury to yourself or to others,read the following safety precautions in their entirety before using this

Seite 104

64t5Frame the photograph and shoot.Note that the timer may not start or a photograph may not betaken if the camera is unable to focus or in other situ

Seite 105 - Troubleshooting

65tUse the built-in flash for additional lighting when the subject ispoorly lit or to “fill-in” (illuminate) back-lit subjects. The built-inflash is a

Seite 106 - Shooting (All Modes)

66t❚❚ Flash ModesThe following flash modes are available in C (auto), q (soft),r (miniature effect), s (selective color), 6 (cross process), and7 (toy

Seite 107 - Miscellaneous

67tManual Pop-up ModesWhen P, S, A, or M is selected in w (creative) mode, the flashmust be raised manually. The flash will not fire if it is not rais

Seite 108 - Error Messages

68t❚❚ Flash ModesThe following flash modes are available when P, S, A, or M isselected in w (creative) mode:• N (fill flash): The flash fires with eve

Seite 109

69tDRaising the FlashWhen using the flash, be sure it is fully raisedas shown at right. Do not touch the flash dur-ing shooting.ALowering the Built-in

Seite 110 - Specifications

70tAUsing the Built-in FlashIf the flash is fired multiple times in quick succession, the flash andshutter may be temporarily disabled to protect the

Seite 111 - 16,000 –30 s in steps of

71UUMenu Options❚❚ Playback Menu OptionsTo display the playback, shooting, movie,image processing, and setup menus,press the G button. Following menuo

Seite 112

72U❚❚ Shooting Menu OptionsOption DescriptionReset shooting optionsReset shooting options to default values.Creative Choose a creative mode.Best momen

Seite 113

73U❚❚ Movie Menu OptionsHueChoose base hue for pictures taken with Cross process selected in creative mode.Toy camera effectAdjust saturation and vign

Seite 114 - 4-in. (ISO 1222)

viiAFollow the instructions of airline and hos-pital personnel. This camera transmitsradio frequencies that could interferewith medical equipment or a

Seite 115

74U❚❚ Image Processing Menu OptionsSlow motionChoose a frame rate for slowmotion movies recorded in advanced movie mode (0 41).Frame size/ frame rateC

Seite 116

75U❚❚ Setup Menu Options* Available only when optional WU-1a wireless mobile adapter is attached.Option DescriptionReset setup options Reset setup men

Seite 117

Q76QConnecting to a ComputerInstall the supplied software to copy pictures to your computerfor viewing and editing. Before installing the software, co

Seite 118 - Battery Life

77QSystem RequirementsThe system requirements for ViewNX 2 are:WindowsCPU• Photos: Intel Celeron, Pentium 4, Core Series; 1.6 GHz orbetter • Movies (p

Seite 119

78QMacCPU• Photos: Intel Core or Xeon series• Movies (playback): Core Duo 2 GHz or better; Intel Core i5 orbetter recommended when viewing movies with

Seite 120

79QTransferring Pictures1Choose how pictures will be copied to the computer.Choose one of the following methods:• Direct USB connection: Turn the came

Seite 121

80Q2Start the Nikon Transfer 2 component of ViewNX 2.If a message is displayed prompting you to choose a pro-gram, select Nikon Transfer 2.3Click Star

Seite 122

81QViewing PicturesPictures are displayed inViewNX 2 when transfer is com-plete.❚❚ Retouching PhotographsTo crop pictures and performsuch tasks as adj

Seite 123

n82nTechnical NotesRead this chapter for information on compatible accessories,cleaning and storing the camera, and what to do if an error mes-sage is

Seite 124

83nApproved Memory CardsThe following cards have been tested and approved for use inthe camera. Cards with class 6 or faster write speeds are recom-me

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